Dems Walkout on Super Committee: Deadlock? Predicted back in August

Its the lead story on Drudge Report right now. Senator Rand Paul talked with Sean Hannity and told him that the Democrats on the Super Committee have walked away from the negotiations. In other words, it looks like a deadlock for now.

Flashback to August: My Yahoo News commentary predicted deadlock and took Mike Miller (Reuters) to the mat. Miller was wrong, I was right. In the commentary I address all of the issues before the super committee and discuss how and why they will deadlock over it. Miller should’ve tapped out and saved himself the brutal beating. Check it out; its not even that long.

And the last paragraph of the commentary…

I predict deadlock. Any other outcome is political suicide. The best possible outcome is for them to be split six and six and let the other automatic cuts be triggered. Every member of every party can then enter the 2012 campaign with one less charge to defend against. This goes for committee members as well as the parties writ large.