State Department to Meet with Muslim Brotherhood; Egypt’s Future Fundamentalists to get an Audience of Approval

Today officials at the State Department were asked if they would be meeting with the delegates of the Muslim Brotherhood while the are in Washington. And the State Department offered a resounding and telling affirmation to that question. But that was not the original answer; which is odd. Lets take the answer from Victoria Nulland at today’s press conference:

QUESTION:Members of the Freedom and Justice Party, which is the political arm of the Muslim Brothers, and one of them is a member of the parliament, are in town. It’s the first level – this level visit to Washington that will meet different people. Is there any meeting going on – to take place in this building or not?

MS. NULAND: I don’t know whether we’re meeting this delegation at any level in this building. Let me take that one as well. We’ll get back to you.

And here is how they got back to them. A big strong “yes” of course we are going to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood. After all, we put all the tools in place to make this possible…

The final answer from the State Department

Question: Will any State Department officials be meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood delegation that is currently in Washington?

Answer: The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is hosting a conference in Washington titled “Islamists in Power: Views from Within” on April 5. Some of the conference participants will meet with State Department officials while in town. Deputy Secretary Burns will meet with Vice President for Studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Dr. Marwan Muasher and some of the participants in the Carnegie conference on April 4. Some of the Carnegie Endowment conference participants will also meet with Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Robert Hormats and Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman.

If you havent been following this blog or my Yahoo News stories on this topic please leave a comment that says “Doug, I am not aware of any of the details of this ongoing story that you broke on nationally syndicated radio and number nationally rated tv shows, please send me the links” and I will. Also I will update this post with the related links for good measure tomorrow morning.



Breitbart: Beck is a “Coward”. And a long overdue thank you…

I even stole Greg Gutfeld's look

Most riffs between public figures are short lived and usually die out slowly with an uneventful fizzle. But the Glenn Beck problem seems to be getting worse and the only person holding him accountable, regarding anything substantial, is Andrew Breitbart.

“He’s dead to me” – Breitbart regarding Beck

Take a listen to Breitbart’s appearance on Stephen K. Bannon’s Victory Sessions excerpt here. While I usually do not endorse the circular firing squad Andrew is, and has been, totally justified on the topics he addresses. And to date Beck has not had the integrity to even attempt to set the record straight.

The latest issue with Beck comes from comments he made regarding Tea Party support for Newt Gingrich on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch. Beck makes the comparison that since Gingrich is a Progressive, much like Obama, then the only justification for this support is obviously based on race. It is truly despicable. I advise you to watch the video at here at Big Government. Andrew also rails on Beck, and rightly so, for throwing him under the bus regarding the Shirley Sherrod incident as well as revisiting the slimeball tactics of stealing bloggers work and giving no attribution. This part of the story affects me personally as I was one of the bloggers that Beck didnt just borrow my work but straight out plagiarized seven paragraphs from my article with no reference to the source.

The expose was done by The Daily Caller’s Matthew Boyle and listed off an embarrassing number of incidents where Beck had lifted material from others. All your favorites are listed as victims: Pajama’s Media, Rebel Pundit, Media Research Center (MRC), Mandy Nagy (Liberty Chick), Verum Serum, Pamella Geller, and yours truly. [You can read about Beck and Staff plagiarism here] Two days prior Glenn Beck had featured my article regarding the collusion between the State Department and Egyptian activists on his nationally syndicated radio show [Video Here]. This was the only time he gave any attribution; after that is was plagiarism and low level ripoff. Furthermore my series on Egypt and the State Department’s activities in fomenting a revolution showed that others were concerned their actions would trigger such an event. It was so explosive that it formed the foundation of Beck’s week-long tv special. There again my work was lifted with no attribution. It was a terrible shame because I couldve advised them and covered important details that they missed.

A Special Thanks to Andrew

I wanted to thank Andrew for two reasons. First and foremost for taking the time to give me an interview on his book “Righteous Indignation.” My page views and the payment I received for the interview from Yahoo News made up for the page views I lost due to Beck’s plagiarism. However, I think the best part of our conversation came when Andrew told me exactly what he was thinking when it came down to brass tacks. He stood up for his writers, and other writers that he did not even know, because it was the right thing to do. He could’ve easily brushed aside Becks trespasses, lies, and ethical violations to absorb a possibly larger following by just hopping out from underneath the Beck Bus and getting on board. Instead he pulled himself out from underneath the bus and chased it down the street punching the windows out. The audience can get his feelings about this verbatim from the 4th part of our conversation here. (Included is the video of Beck’s immature response-a must see)

More importantly I wanted to thank Andrew for keeping up the fight. This has been going on for nearly a year now. With the way that Andrew addresses these issues you would think it happened yesterday. And every time he he revisits these injustices from the “coward” he brings all of us who have been wronged along with him and relights the fire. For me to address my issue alone sounds like another blogger whining; something I have done fairly well with avoiding here. With Andrew sticking to his guns he fights along side of me and the others who had the displeasure of crossing paths with Beck and his dishonest campaign to make himself the center of attention; at any cost. And that is where the difference lies. Beck’s fight is to save face and maintain the facade of an influential personality in the political spectrum. Andrew is the true influential personality because no facade would suit him nor would there be time to construct one proper. He is too wrapped up in fighting the good fight all while leading with his chin. This thank you was long overdue.


Dems Walkout on Super Committee: Deadlock? Predicted back in August

Its the lead story on Drudge Report right now. Senator Rand Paul talked with Sean Hannity and told him that the Democrats on the Super Committee have walked away from the negotiations. In other words, it looks like a deadlock for now.

Flashback to August: My Yahoo News commentary predicted deadlock and took Mike Miller (Reuters) to the mat. Miller was wrong, I was right. In the commentary I address all of the issues before the super committee and discuss how and why they will deadlock over it. Miller should’ve tapped out and saved himself the brutal beating. Check it out; its not even that long.

And the last paragraph of the commentary…

I predict deadlock. Any other outcome is political suicide. The best possible outcome is for them to be split six and six and let the other automatic cuts be triggered. Every member of every party can then enter the 2012 campaign with one less charge to defend against. This goes for committee members as well as the parties writ large.

Night Watch Ep. 3-Declassified CENTCOMM Report clears McChrystal

Tonight on Pat Dollard’s “Night Watch” we discuss the recently declassified CENTCOMM report regarding Gen. Stanley McChrystal and the charges and concerns risen during Rolling Stone’s “investigative” report The Runaway General. It turns out that after more than a year Gen. McChrystal and team were absolved of any wrong-doing. Rolling Stone was wrong? You dont say! We also debunk Rolling Stone’s “Kill Team” article and offer a follow up to the original debunking: “Anti-Government Forces the Real ‘Kill Team’ in Afghanistan”

Click picture or here for direct link to Podcast

Night Watch Ep. 3 (Click to listen)

Rolling Stone Lied to get McChrystal Fried: Declassified CENTCOMM Investigation Report

Special thanks to private security contractor Timothy Krause, Science magazine, William G Webster LTG US Army for doing a spectacular job investigating this issue, and Yahoo News.

McChrystal & Team cleared of any wrong-doing. NO PSYOPS as Rolling Stone claimed. Declassified Report Below

In March of this year Rolling Stone published a piece of “investigative” journalism that dubbed a small group of US soldiers in Afghanistan the “Kill Team”. It was disgustingly dishonest and was written for the sole attempt to smear our troops writ large by emphasizing the questionable behavior of just 4 men. Their claims of this modern day “Wild Bunch” didn’t stand up to the statistics. In order to combat Rolling Stone’s “yellow journalism” I published a brief piece on Yahoo News that made short work of their claims. “Anti-Government forces the real ‘Kill Team’ in Afghanistan” ran on March 31 of this year. It was so popular that it was the only commentary on Yahoo News to ever be resurrected from the Yahoo News archives (which gets a url “…” after a few days) And now it is relevant once again.

Now the official investigation has been declassified showing that not only did our soldiers conduct themselves professionally but it was revealed that Rolling Stone lied about certain individuals being involved in PSYOPS campaigns against people in Afghanistan. The full declassified report is available below. CLICK HERE TO TAKE YOU TO REPORT

END NOTE: Exhibits and report Enclosures will follow. I will put them into a .zip file and make it available for download. Right now all of the related information is located in different places and can be tedious to find. I’ll do the work for you. Stay tuned