Dems Walkout on Super Committee: Deadlock? Predicted back in August

Its the lead story on Drudge Report right now. Senator Rand Paul talked with Sean Hannity and told him that the Democrats on the Super Committee have walked away from the negotiations. In other words, it looks like a deadlock for now.

Flashback to August: My Yahoo News commentary predicted deadlock and took Mike Miller (Reuters) to the mat. Miller was wrong, I was right. In the commentary I address all of the issues before the super committee and discuss how and why they will deadlock over it. Miller should’ve tapped out and saved himself the brutal beating. Check it out; its not even that long.

And the last paragraph of the commentary…

I predict deadlock. Any other outcome is political suicide. The best possible outcome is for them to be split six and six and let the other automatic cuts be triggered. Every member of every party can then enter the 2012 campaign with one less charge to defend against. This goes for committee members as well as the parties writ large.

Gov. Scott Walker Responds to our Contributor Rachael Jimenez

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been in the news a lot lately mostly due to his budget proposals to close the state’s budget deficit. In the interest of preserving jobs the state was faced with the reality that public employees should contribute to their own health care and retirement benefits. Naturally leftists were outraged and likened his plan to the Holocaust. Those rational leftists trashed the capitol and eventually lost the battle. But now the state can start to get back to a condition, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, as “normal”.

But wait one second; what is this? Ameristroika contributor Rachael Jimenez still has questions for Governor Walker which he addressed via youtube:

And it didnt end there. If you know Rachael like I do there is always that “Thank you but…” moment that will inevitably follow any response. And that is why she is a contributor here. It takes here all of about 30 seconds to point out the “Newspeak” contradiction in his response. But I’ll let you discover that for yourself. Read Rachael’s response on her blog here…

$10k Challenge to the GOP

Its in escrow beeyatches!

Its official. The jackass in chief that runs this blog has put up a Ten Thousand Dollar challenge to the North Carolina GOP to prove him wrong. Lets look at the timeline and see what Captain Load Blower learned from Andrew Breitbart.

1) First Release got the GOP on the defensive

2) Second release smashed them to pieces

3) Stewart issued the $10K challenge to prove him wrong (via Twitter)


So the losers at the NC GOP, and at My NC Senate (run by the GOP) havent responded. Stewart has vowed to stop speaking to them in English. His (Stewart’s) logic is ill-formed. After all, if they are having trouble understanding English in America then talking to them in other languages isnt going to help. I understand English and I apply it to Indian multi-media.

EDITORS NOTE (5/14/2011): I am leaving Ben Grier’s (Doctor Warbucks) submission as he originally submitted it. But this is a prime example of why it is a bad idea to give your friends the password to your blog.

Obama Newest Health Care Appointee-Ties to Radicals

Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin announced today the appointment of Jeffrey Levi Ph.D. to head up a new Advisory Board created under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Dr. Levi comes to us from the “non-partisan” Trust for America’s Health. The Surgeon General says she is “looking forward to the guidance of this non-federal member advisory group.” So its like help from non-partisans in the private sector right?

Dr. Levi answers 5 question on Obama Care in a video courtesy of The Robert Wood Johnson Fund which also teamed up in funding Games for Change. Michelle Horstman, the ultimate authority on the topic, has recently divulged the ties between Games For Change, The Alliance of Youth Movements, and other youth oriented groups that have been instrumental in recent uprisings across the globe.

The video in which Jeffrey Levi appears was done by the Robert Wood Johnson Fund who also teamed up with The Tides Foundation, The Woods Fund Chicago (Bill Ayers), Fry Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, CAIR, and AAAN as revealed here. AAAN is the the foundation allied with Rashid Khalidi (Ex-PLO member an acquaintance of President Obama, CAIR, and the SEIU.

Games for Change designs politically slanted games to help youngsters think correctly. Our post here on the topic generated an instant response from Games for Change CEO Asi Bukar. See post for details

Games For Change hosts a game called “The Curfew”. Partly funded by George Soros’ Human Rights Watch, part of Open Society Institute.

Game Description: In 2027 in an authoritarian security state, British Citizens must abide by government security measures and are placed under curfew at night. The player must navigate this complex political world and engage with the characters they meet along the way to decide who to trust in order to gain freedom.

Open Call to Withdraw

Just like Asi Burak instantly responded to my post I am aware that your group and associated groups will be reading this tomorrow morning Tuesday April 12, 2011. I expect your emails again. However, there is nothing to talk about. Withdraw your influence or I will release sensitive information relating to your funding to the FBI. And I dont just have meeting minutes and transcripts of conference calls. Do you really want to explain al-Qaradawi in Congressional Hearings?

Van Jones-New/Old Audio Emerges: George Allen “Old Racist Idiot”, We have the Power to get YOU Eco-Everything!

11-12-2006: Van Jones was still learning how to drop the radical pose and it shows. He refers to “old” George Allen as a “racist idiot” then gives a racist speech on the new environmentalist movement. His remarks on a “pro-democracy movement” sound much like the lofty rhetoric thrown around today in light of the Middle East and North Africa uprisings.

According to Jones not even the Democratic Party deserves credit for their movement. They aren’t far enough to the left. Jones takes the time to slam the Clinton Administration for eliminating “welfare rights” and lets the audience know that this is “the first time many of us that have been on the fringe have a clear pathway into the center.”

Ironically after Jones calls Allen a racist, and denouncing authoritarianism, he launches into a 30 minute race-baiting diatribe while laying out his own authoritarianism. “We can get you Eco-Everything.” Followed by “Thats where we’re trying to go, and thats what we have the power to get you.”

I accidentally sat on this audio for a little over 4 years-sorry. The audio file below is only the first 12:30. I uploaded the full 30 minute audio here.

The Audio and Key Points

Follow Along

1:30 – Mentions they are involved in a “pro-democracy movement”.

2:30 – Rips Clinton Admin; says they “Eliminated Welfare Rights”

3:00 – Building a “pro-democracy movement” to “defeat these authoritarians”

4:00 – Refers to “Old” George Allen as a “Racist Idiot” (Ironically the whole speech he delivers is racist)

4:30 – “For the first time many of us on the fringe (i.e. socialists, communists, and militant environmentalists) have a clear pathway into the center”

6:30 – Praises Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”. Notes that something “that looked very disturbing” emerged and it seemed that “White Polluters & White Environmentalists subconsciously started working together to put all the pollution into the black and brown neighborhoods”

8:50 – Eco-Apartheid. Claims that we call “economic growth” and economy that turns “beautiful living things into dead things”. States we only have until 2050. After that the economy dies along with “all life”

10:00 – If its not “green its immoral”

10:50“We can get you Eco-Everything.” Followed by “Thats where we’re trying to go, and thats what we have the power to get you, and the people in this room have the power to get it for you.” Who were those people? Earlier in the speech Jones had crowd participation when he asked “Who are we taking with us?” The answer: “Everyone.” the next question to the crowd was “Who are we going to leave behind? “No one” was the response.

So this was in fact about defeating “these authoritarians” in place of new authoritarians.

And this is cop killer supporter, and communist, that has a special place in NYC Human Rights Curriculum for our children to learn all about. (Courtesy of Bunkerville)