The Unfortunate side-effect of anecdotal racism

“I better not, I usually don’t try grass” – Kingsley Zissou


David Fagan, a contributor to the Huffington Post, has a revealing new opinion post on military service being responsible for racism. Fagan has been able to deduce that since his uncle holds prejudiced beliefs, and also served in the NYPD, the two are not just linked by happenstance. Matter of fact, its correlation and causation. For the author (term used loosely here), no citation to any study is needed to confirm that going to a job with marginally acceptable benefits is the foundation of racialist views. I must beg your pardon here, they lead to racialist viewpoints of the individual. Fagan uses the anecdote of his uncle’s personality and time in the NYPD, and the handful of veterans providing security to AltLeft National Socialists (aka Nazis), to draw the conclusion: Serving in the armed services leads to becoming a white supremacist.

Let us first take Fagan’s statement as true for argument sake and accept his premise as it stands. The first very fatal flaw of this logic appears instantly. And since he has the luxury of using only anecdotes to form his opinion, I do not. According to Pew Research:

Racial and ethnic minority groups made up 40% of Defense Department active-duty military in 2015, up from 25% in 1990

Fagan of course is really only trying to pin military service writ large on the growth of the “White Nationalists”. These are the politically homeless AltLeft – the ones dishonestly categorized as “right wing” or “far right” in our media. And this mindless drivel from Fagan is just one, of many, of the h20 molecules needed to help turn that massive hydro-turbine of torment that has become our gilded class of keyboard cucks.

Does the author realize that a disproportionate amount of black men join the armed services? If so, is the author brave enough to make that claim to non-white Americans, that the job they chose has turned them into racialist pigs? I bet he is not willing to do that. I will go a step further and say this is when the HuffPo editorial board would finally reject publication without citation; as they should have been done with this post. Yet we know the AltLeft (especially Antifa and OWS types) have claimed for a long time that the United States intentionally targets poor, under-served communities of color in all their dastardly schemes. And look, they must be successful. Statistics dont lie. The numbers of non-white entrants are sky-rocketing. We haven’t seen this type of bulge in government since Weinergate (thats right, still small but 40% bigger).

It’s actually very hard to determine Fagan’s thought process on this whole thing. Even harder is trying to determine the editorial staff’s professional behavior. Personally, I would’ve sent this back to him for additional citation and a total rewrite. Even after all that I think I would’ve just paid him a kill-fee and thrown it away. (Does the HuffPo actually pay anyone yet?). After all, that is what any editor worth their salt would do.

So, the gist of Fagan’s article is this:

  1. People who serve are prone to PTSD
  2. Upon returning home a very small percentage act as security for White Nationalist AltLeft groups
  3. Serving in the military leads to PTSD and/or racism because Fagan’s uncle is prejudiced

Fucking rock solid logic right there. And it is quite literally just that. And I ask you to please read his post and take necessary precautions (ie wear a helmet). Since this is only a blog post I wont tear on for too long and make a case study over this. But in the spirit of Fagan’s logic Ive deduced something troubling about my own life. Ive listed it below and it is air-tight according to HuffPo and Fagan style train of thought:

  1. My uncle has been to many times
  2. His son is familiar with the The Muppets
  3. He is a crack-cocaine addict
  4. Davis Fagan is responsible for the plight of all addicted to crack-cocaine (an unfortunate side effect of David Fagan’s influence on society)

Read his article with caution.


PS: Update on live show coming soon. Seems like I can never really escape

PPS: Maybe we should come up with a derogatory name on this style of logic and name it in honor of Fagan. I am waiting for someone to say “But hes spoken at Harvard”. Yeah, so has Richard Trumka. Call me when he turns down an invite. Ive edited Harvard grads. They aren’t impressive any more.



Guccifer 2.0 DNC’s servers hacked by a lone hacker

(repost from Guccifer 2.0 – Full Docs in Link below) Worldwide known cyber security company CrowdStrike announced that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers had been hacked by “sophisticated” hacker groups. I’m very pleas…

Source: Guccifer 2.0 DNC’s servers hacked by a lone hacker

September Clinton Emails [Preview] -David Rothkopf willingly pimps himself gratis to Hillary

I said that I wouldnt do it; diving into this cesspool of round-robin blowjobs. But I couldnt resist. I am going to do another full list of the emails. But for now, here’s a basic guide on how to pimp yourself to the Clintons. This is from Foreign Policy’s David Rothkopf. Now, since the emails are out of order, and certain conversation pieces are duplicated, its easy to blow right past emails that are obviously connected. But if you read these in the order below, you’ll see exactly how a propaganda piece transpires:

First: The David Rothkopf piece. An unsuspecting reader might think he came up with these ideas. But notice the date of the email…

Because three days earlier the exact same points are outlined by State…

Gag me with a spoon, below we can see the praise for Rothkopf’s piece as the “best piece” coming out of the press

Stay tuned, better stuff to come. Parts redacted by State are so easily deciphered its laughable


Like I said, Huma is the key to unlocking the Hillary vault

Via Fox News:

Senate GOP asking new questions about emails for Clinton and Abedin

See previous post below

The Huma emails. Fingers crossed

UPDATE 3/23: Seems like Dick Morris just rolled out of bed and decided to hop on the bandwagon; urging his readers to look into Huma’s emails. Morris claims that Hillary can’t (or won’t) type.

[Original post date: 3/18/15]

While every person following the Clinton Email fiasco, demanding that all of Hillary’s emails be produced, I could actually care less. Primarily because Hillary’s emails are not what interest me nor are they the place where you will find anything legally questionable. And that is because Hillary gives orders face to face. And she gives her orders to #2, Huma Abedin.

During the press conference, where Hillary wore her traditional Mao-style suit – updated with current print of course – I was on about Huma’s emails. Those are the most important. And they are important only because the Clintons try not to leave paper trails. So, everyone down the chain of command has an explicit paper trail. That is by design. Plausible deniability. Just because its not believable doesn’t mean the practice is abandoned.


The AP had already moved with a lawsuit to request Hillary’s emails; that’s to get this pesky little problem out of the way early in order to clear the air for the ’16 run.

But at least John Cook is smart enough to sue for the Huma emails. Filing three days after the press conference (March 13) Cook (Gawker) included the request for the Huma emails from the server. Smart. Especially since they have not been able to get any sufficient response for years now; the timeline is detailed in the latest filing below

Cook/Gawker Filing Here

Now, how many “insiders” told me that Huma didnt have a address? If I was mad I’d publish those convos and embarrass a few people.

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