Banana Phone: The Ron Brynaert Communication Logs. Exposure Starts Now

Shitting on a D.A.'s wife-Every editor makes these comments

Ron Brynaert is the former editor of Raw Story and you can follow him on Twitter @ronbryn. However, I advise you to exercise caution if you decide to follow him or interact with him in any way. He is a “former editor” for a reason.

In the above picture you can see the perfectly rational, logical, and sane communication from Ron to Patterico. Ron Brynaert believes that if anyone investigating a topic, that he is also investigating, if they do not tell him every little detail then they are operating in secrecy. Mr. Brynaert believes that not only is that wrong but the others obviously have something to hide. However, that tends to be more of a projection by Mr. Brynaert because it is actually himself who has something to hide.

He not only operates in secrecy but he also creates roadblocks and distractions for people that are actually researching specific topics. At this point you must be thinking “Why would he do that?” and their are only two answers. The first is that he is ill and can not stay focused on a certain topic without flying off into left field on wild tangents. That would be innocent enough. But my opinion is inline with the second possibility; he is actually involved and a suspect in the topics he pretends to be researching.

Ron (not fucking Roy) has a strong opinion of those that, according to him, operate in secrecy. As a potential suspect in various cases he demands that info be shared with him. This would be similar to a murder suspect on The First 48 crying and moaning that the police havent kept him in the loop regarding their investigation into him. Furthermore, when Ron does not get others to cooperate he then proactively starts claiming that those whom have ignored him are [sic] “coming after him”.

So I will fulfill Ron’s wish according to HIS standards by publishing his irrational emails. After all, if I keep them private than I am doing something wrong. Stay tuned. We’ll handle Ron’s emails first then we will move onto and publish all the other communications with some other persons of interest.

All the best,

Banana Phone