“Do not bring them back alive” Sudanese Governor tells soldiers.

Al-Jazeera has just released the video below which shows Ahmed Harun, Sudanese governor who also has a warrant from the International Criminal Court (ICC), outlines his directions to his soldiers that encourages the killing of anyone they come across. They are told to take no prisoners, “Do not bring them back alive.” Naturally there was an immediate response from Harun’s representatives that he had been taken out of context. Right. Just like Joseph Kony was taken out of context. Since he was smiling the Sudan government says that Harun wasn’t being literal but rather offering a morale booster to the troops. Seriously, they said that. But if this was just to boost morale than there would be an understanding amongst his troops. If such consensus did exist then Harun would never have had a warrant issued on him from the ICC.

Sudan is a mess and it has been for some time. And no good news has come from the region in quite some time. Make sure to check out my related post entitled “Obama waives prohibition on child soldiers in the Sudan”