Inside of Anonymous Headquarters via Krypt3ia

The example below of the transcripts for #HQ show that these characters though, are a little high on themselves after the hack on HBG… And you know what happens when you don’t pay attention to the hubris factor. You get cocky and you get burned. As you can see below, some of them are at least nervous about being popped or infiltrated.. Those would be the smart ones…Krypt3ia

Almost missed this one. On 3/20 Krypt3ia put up a great post entitled “Anonymous #HQ: Inside The Anonymous Secret War Room” Featured are some of the chat logs in between the now well known “Sabu” and “Topiary” with the other squishy players as well like Lauralei (a trap)

No further analysis is needed from me on this matter. Just go check it out for yourself and remember from my earlier post of transcripts. Now there are serious questions now about money laundering and the recipients of said stolen (hacked) money; which they speak openly about in their chats. If you missed that check it out here and stay tuned for some great updates on that topic (*cough* labor unions)