“Do not bring them back alive” Sudanese Governor tells soldiers.

Al-Jazeera has just released the video below which shows Ahmed Harun, Sudanese governor who also has a warrant from the International Criminal Court (ICC), outlines his directions to his soldiers that encourages the killing of anyone they come across. They are told to take no prisoners, “Do not bring them back alive.” Naturally there was an immediate response from Harun’s representatives that he had been taken out of context. Right. Just like Joseph Kony was taken out of context. Since he was smiling the Sudan government says that Harun wasn’t being literal but rather offering a morale booster to the troops. Seriously, they said that. But if this was just to boost morale than there would be an understanding amongst his troops. If such consensus did exist then Harun would never have had a warrant issued on him from the ICC.

Sudan is a mess and it has been for some time. And no good news has come from the region in quite some time. Make sure to check out my related post entitled “Obama waives prohibition on child soldiers in the Sudan”

Invisible Children Director Arrested for Publicly Releasing His Potential Children

Russell, director of Invisible Children, detained for public masturbation, vandalism, and being under the influence.


What an odd story. It looks like the director of the critically acclaimed documentary Invisible Children has been arrested in San Diego for public masturbation; or as it is colloquially known, the Pee-Wee prosecution. Jason Russell, 33, has been detained by authorities for allegedly vandalizing vehicles, “possibly under the influence”, and masturbating in public. As fun as all those things are one would think that Russell could have at least scheduled the last activity in a more remote area.

Russell’s film, Invisible Children, had helped bring awareness to a large audience in the civilized world of the unimaginable plight facing children in the Sudan. He, along with two other friends, had originally arrived in Africa as a sort of extemporaneous Wanderlust. It was only by accident did they discover “the night commuters”; children who journeyed every night away from dangerous areas controlled by rebels. Their night commute would bring them to various safe houses, some of which were quite a long distance from their home towns. And it was in these safe houses where the children would study for school throughout the night only to wake up early the next morning and make the journey back home. Leaving the area was necessary because guerrilla leaders like Joseph Kony would come to the villages during the night and kidnap these children and force them to serve in his army.

The stories of children whom had been taken by Kony and other warlords were beyond belief. Children would be forced not only to kill their own family members but in some instances were forced to cannibalize their victims or be killed themselves. So horrific were these stories that myself, my readership, liberals whom I have almost nothing in common with, were shocked beyond belief when the Obama Administration had given the green light for the use of child soldiers in the Sudan. To this date it is the most popular post on this blog. Entitled “Obama Waives Prohibition on Child Soldiers in Sudan” it has drawn persons of completely opposite ideologies together, as one would expect it should, and left us absolutely speechless. I encourage you to read the post and leave a comment and pass it along to a friend. This is a terrible but true scenario that rises above ideology and political alliances.

And, as always, if you plan on vandalizing cars and being under the influence, try to set a different public location for your masturbation.

UPDATE: TMZ.COM has obtained surveillance footage of Russell totally naked in broad daylight. Click pic for video

Click for Video-Will take you to TMZ.COM


Russell's other Invisible Children

The Flop: Child Soldiers and WH policy versus State Department

If you have your crack pipe handy hit it now; its the only way this is going to make sense. On May 4, 2011 the UN’s Global Classroom kicked off its annual event. Previously, in 2009, Hillary addressed the group and brought them together on topics they all seem to be fighting for.

Hillary and the crowd were against the militarization of children in armed conflict; or so the video seems to show. (at 2:40) They responded in kind with their applause to Hillary’s condemnation. However, Hillary Clinton was silent just one year later when President Barack Obama waived the restrictions on child soldiers being used in the Sudan. The measure was put in place by George W Bush and was immediately waived by Obama. Have you seen a press release from Clinton yet denouncing this action?

From November 2010 (click pic for story)

Totally against it but silent

When did Officials know?!? Al-Qaeda Steals Libyans Missiles

Someone is not being totally honest. On March 25, 2011 AFP  (via Breitbart.com) reported a story of Justice Secretary Ken Clarke warning of another Lockerbie style attack. This was a very specific warning considering the broad scope of possible threats to civilians. Thats because Clarke and other officials had already received the report of Al-Qaeda stealing nearly 100 Surface to Air Missiles from Libyan munition dumps. That was reported by AFP today, March 26. Instead of just telling us-he dropped a hint based on the intel. Thanks for nothing mate!

Should have just told us Ken-Instead of dropping Hints

The original story was cautious and specific due to the report they received. It would have stayed that way had it not been for at least 3 individuals now confirming the theft excluding people already named in the two reports.

Stolen or Given to Al-Qaeda?

DEVELOPING. Remember that Gaddhafi has spent more time letting the world know that Al-Qaeda forces have teamed up with the rebels against him. However, munitions depots have been opened to arm his supporters whom in turn have been captured and/or killed by rebels. Some upon capture have defected. Retaliation is likely. Conducting an attack in the conflicted area has a zero percent probability. Again this is why we got the “Lockerbie” warning from Ken Clarke. (This section will be updated as new intel is confirmed)

Where are they heading? Where will they Fire from?

DEVELOPING. Recent communications suggest the number of (stolen) Surface to Air Missiles is lower than 100k. Possibly as low as 30k (text msg translation error)19k may have made it into hands of Al-Qaeda but unconfirmed. There is still a question of distinction between RPG’s and SAM’s.(NOTE: SAM models have not been identified-high numbers indicate shoulder fire rockets-NOT large Vehicle mounted units) While Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s territory operates more comfortably just south of Libya and more towards Western Africa; security has already been heightened in those areas.

Moving East allows them to easily transport SAM’s into states that are currently having trouble maintaining security(ie Egypt, Sudan, and Somalia). It also give them access to many international commercial flight paths (more than central Africa) and multiple targets. Serious security flaws exist in both the East Africa as well as West Africa. Snippets from Sudanese revamp of Air Traffic Control.

The sudan air space as big as it is consist of an important flight segment that one determined by the African political landscape due to its international alliance during the cold war era the pre-U SSR brake up were most of the European in and out traffic to Africa forced to fly Sudan Air Space and ovoid the Libyan and Ethiopian FIR s .

The same wide diversion away from Libyan airspace is happening now and it is also why radicals are heading east. Compromised ground security, flaws in air traffic control make areas mentioned above most likely strike points.

Today, with the new technology, especially satellite navigation, we are no longer dependent on ground-based navigation aids, so commercial aircraft no longer need to make frequent contact with the ground

RE: Intel Confirmation-Continuing process and will add updates as they become available.

Obama waives prohibition on Child Soldiers in Sudan

Foreign Policy is not my area of expertise and I will not pretend it is. However, there is something that has surfaced that is rather disturbing. It is something that I believe that everyone can, and should, make a judgement on.

Sudan is at a turning point. It will either break into a civil war dividing the country or possibly fall into the type of tribal religious warfare seen in Uganda. No Alice Lawkena or Joseph Kony is needed to help prod this troubled nation into pure despotism. I invite you to read Child, Victim, Soldier by Donald Dunson if you are not familiar with the atrocities committed by men transforming children into killers.

The President Ok’s continued recruiting of Child Soldiers

This took us totally by surprise and was a complete shock to everyone working in the field – Jesse Eaves policy advisor at World Vision

In order for the Sudan to continue to receive funding from the US there were stipulations. They needed to stop recruiting child soldiers for the Southern Ugandan Army. However, because so much of their forces are made up of the innocent they were not able to comply on time. But no worries, instead of cutting their funding or putting pressure on the southern army, the President has taken it upon himself to waive the sanctions against countries using child soldiers. The Child Soldier Protection Act was originally passed in 2008 under the leadership of the guy that Kanye West said “didn’t care” about black people.(More on this and official State Dept Report below) For now, the document is available on the White House website here. If that gets removed you can click the picture below

Reports from the State Department

The law allows for proffesionalization of these militaries, so these waivers are really disappointing and add insult to injury – Rachel Stohl Associate Fellow at Chatham House (DC)

In the June 2010 report on Human Trafficking Sudan is specifically named (pg 11) as an area that is red-flagged for using Child Soldiers and also as an area that will not receive any funding if the practice of recruiting isnt stopped. It also states that the only exception will be by a Presidential National Interest Waiver. Well, they got it. And Children can be trained to kill for at least another year. Or possibly indefinitely.


This is the first year it’s being enacted, so to waive everyone right out of the gate sends exactly the wrong message – Jo Becker Advocacy Director of Children’s Rights at Human Rights Watch

Why would the White House issue any exemptions to the 2008 Child Soldier Prevention Act? The White House has responded by saying that this is a one year waiver (much like the one year waivers on 1.2 million Americans being able to keep their health care). But the main justification was (get ready for this) is that they couldn’t guarantee that the offending countries would abide by the rules. So in other words, the countries we support can recruit the child soldiers because the bad guy(s) is doing it anyways.

On this area of such a terrible topic I can only hypothesize as to how and why an administration could view innocent children as potential fighters for any given cause. But maybe this is more than a hypothesis; maybe the writing is, or was, on the wall. Leftists throughout history have always looked to incorporate children into their affairs-can you think of a time that they havent? So this is the natural tendencies of men who are the true believers of the ends justifying the means.

Rahm’s Pledge for Childrens’ Compulsory Service

Obama Youth Brigade