Gaddafi Dead-Pics and Video (Graphic)

On Twitter Barry Malone (Reuters) asked an important question. Who is actually responsible for the final blow that took Gaddafi out? NATO had been targeting a “rogue” convey in Sirte and the rebels (TNC) was on the ground. So did Libya’s Trans-National Council (TNC) actually kill Gaddafi or did NATO. Malone stresses this is an important distinction; and it is.

The Pics.

The one currently circulating on the internet was either taken with a digital video camera or a cell phone video. (Most are reporting a cell phone but the on screen widgets look more like a digital video camera). So below is the picture circulating on the internet and the other is a slightly clearer resolution shot without the on-screen widgets taken from a different device (havent seen online yet)

Better resolution-No camera On-Screen Widgets (less popular)

One circulating online (From Video)

The Video

I just saw the raw video and I am debating whether or not to post it. There is just something about holding up a body, smiling, laughing, and then tossing it back down that kind of bothers me. If I decide to put the video up it will be here below shortly.

UPDATE 10:36 a.m.

Al-Jazeera released their own video of Gaddafi. This is not the video from the pics above; it is actually quite tame compared to that one. I may still publish that one (haven’t decided yet) Caution-Graphic content