Stephanie Cutter: Embassy attack only an issue because Romney & Ryan politicized it

How does anyone interview Stephanie Cutter in a serious capacity? She has proven to be one of the most dishonest political operatives in a town full of liars. (Here, Here, Here, and just google “stephanie cutter lie” to have your mind blown) Today’s Cutter incident isn’t really a lie but a rather disgustingly pitiful statement regarding the fate of Americans who were hunted down inside our embassy in Benghazi. According to Cutter, this is only an important issue because it is a “large part” of Romney and Ryan’s stump speeches. The problem with leftists is that because they could care less about the fate of Americans in service to the country, and because they only use those people as political pawns, it leads them to believe any genuine concern from their opponents is done for political gain as well. The story comes to us courtesy of Washington Free Beacon (click picture for story)


Outstanding right? Last night on Conservative Report Radio we featured the audio from the House Intelligence Committee, specifically from Trey Gowdy. (Today Rush Limbaugh had featured a piece of that audio as well). His impassioned questioning and statements were not the result of Romney and Ryan’s stump speeches. The administration dropped the ball. Libyan officials as well as Embassy staff had warned of the increasing likelihood of some sort of targeted attack. Obama denied, Americans died.

Take a listen to “Blowout in Benghazi” with Conservative Report Radio from last night that focused almost exclusively on this topic.



Gaddafi Dead-Pics and Video (Graphic)

On Twitter Barry Malone (Reuters) asked an important question. Who is actually responsible for the final blow that took Gaddafi out? NATO had been targeting a “rogue” convey in Sirte and the rebels (TNC) was on the ground. So did Libya’s Trans-National Council (TNC) actually kill Gaddafi or did NATO. Malone stresses this is an important distinction; and it is.

The Pics.

The one currently circulating on the internet was either taken with a digital video camera or a cell phone video. (Most are reporting a cell phone but the on screen widgets look more like a digital video camera). So below is the picture circulating on the internet and the other is a slightly clearer resolution shot without the on-screen widgets taken from a different device (havent seen online yet)

Better resolution-No camera On-Screen Widgets (less popular)

One circulating online (From Video)

The Video

I just saw the raw video and I am debating whether or not to post it. There is just something about holding up a body, smiling, laughing, and then tossing it back down that kind of bothers me. If I decide to put the video up it will be here below shortly.

UPDATE 10:36 a.m.

Al-Jazeera released their own video of Gaddafi. This is not the video from the pics above; it is actually quite tame compared to that one. I may still publish that one (haven’t decided yet) Caution-Graphic content

Having it both ways

What a mixed message! In one breath the Honorable James Steinberg says about Qadhafi (and his family) that they “must go so that the Libyan people can determine their own future.” Towards the end he says “Qadhafi knows what he needs to do. The violence must end and the threats must stop. His troops must withdraw from the cities they have entered“. That is flimsy at best and offers no clear result oriented goal.

So should Qadhafi first command the decline of the assault and then step down? Just because the defections have been numerous there is no reason to believe the assaults on civilians wont continue in his absence. What are you advocating for sir? If Qadhafi goes there is no guarantee the assaults will stop. However, only if he stays can he actually command the forces to stop striking civilians. You can’t have it both ways. And I humbly beg your pardon my dear sir. TRANSCRIPT HERE (read it if youre lost) and the video is below. Also can we finally agree on a proper spelling of his name?

Leaked Saif Gaddafi Video Shows Polar Opposite of Image Projected Through Media

What happened to the soft-spoken son of Muammar al Gaddafi? New leaked video taken by a Gaddafi supporter shows Saif whooping up a crowd, assault rifle in hand, vowing to arm his supporters to take back lost ground.

Calling the protesters “nothing” and referring to them as “bums, brats, and druggies” Saif al Islam vows to return with more weapons so that they can sweep Tripoli clean of protesters. Gaddafi also hints at having them equipped in police gear and entering the protests undercover (very Cass Sunstein of him) Translation available in the description on youtube.

What happened to the respectable Saif al-Islam Gaddafi that was presented to us through the lens of the mainstream media?