Class Warfare becomes law under Dodd-Frank Financial Reform

No Barney we destroy them

Hey Barney, tell your boyfriend to take the weekend off, we're going to busy screwing 300 million Americans

Historically Democrats have made class warfare an important piece of their ideology. But what if it became law? Whether the issue is health care reform or sweeping energy taxes through cap and trade schemes the message is perfectly clear; we need your help to destroy the producers of products and services that you need. Somehow this is supposed to enhance the lives of their constituents. Of course it is never explained how this actually works…because it doesnt. Rather it becomes an emotional issue devoid of all logic. But the childish message is always clear-We are going to do our best to destroy others…for you.

The beautiful thing about our country is that any public official or regular citizen can make the argument for class warfare. And everyone has the opportunity to analyze the argument and in either support it or reject it. Until now. The Dodd financial reform bill now takes freedom of expression (and freedom of rejection) to a whole new level. Class warfare is now law under the recently passed bill.

The Financial Times reports today that under the newly passed Dodd-Frank financial reform law will require companies to disclose and regularly publish CEO salaries and make comparisons to the median salaries at that given company or firm. Read that again and give it a minute to sink in.

What is so disturbing about these type of measures is that it was done with precision calculation. Even though, when asked, Chris Dodd admitted that he wasnt sure how his financial reform bill would actually work, they still took the time to deliberately create a measure to keep a sliver of their increasingly unpopular ideology alive. Looking back on recent “landmark” legislation passed by this congress their argument was based on class warfare; and those ideas were rejected by the public at large.

The Democrat’s policies were wildly unpopular and were only able to pass through kickbacks and bribes. It is the first time in our history that our congress along with the President put all their efforts into governing against the will of the people.

But how lazy can these tribal leftists be? Obviously too lazy to keep pitting people against each other based on their labor…So they just make it law