Outlawing the camera…for the greater good

In a world becoming increasingly familiar with drone aircrafts, high resolution video phones, and the ability to look directly into neighborhoods via Google Earth, three states have expanded the definition of eavesdropping laws to prosecute amateur videographers who may record police interactions. If you happen to record an interaction with the police in Maryland, California, or Illinois watch your ass-you may be heading to the “Clink” where you can convert to Islam, learn how to make a tattoo gun out of a pen and a Walkman motor, and get drunk off pruno.

Thankfully Washington state does not have these laws. Yesterday a confrontation between to young girls and the police escalated to the young girl catching a knuckle sandwich from the police officer. What was the original charge being investigated you ask? Jay Walking! A bystander caught it on video

It should be noted as well that the three states that have taken these bold steps to prosecute private citizens photographing in public are traditionally liberal states. However, this is for the greater good. After all, how can we maintain order and civility if there is another side to the story readily available to the public via the Intertubes? If we could just outlaw public photography of public officials and public employees then Bob Etheridge (D-NC) wouldnt have had to apologize for this yesterday