Irony. Rev Jackson gets Cadillac stripped attending UAW Green Jobs event

Please mount a solar panel on my forehead. Green Jobs FTW!

Before we start, I just want to let Rev. Jackson know that Eric Holder wants his mustache back.

While attending the UAW’s “Jobs, Justice, and Peace” (Green Jobs) event the good Reverend’s Cadillac Escalade was stolen and stripped of its wheels.

Technically the suspect was doing a “job”, went about it in relative “peace”, and must have thought that the ever expanding definition of “justice” justified his actions. I’m quite sure Jesse wont be pressing charges.

The true irony here is captured by the author Henry Payne in the link above. Jesse was in town promoting “Green” jobs. Well, what is more green that being forced to ride home in a more fuel efficient cab instead of your Escalade? Seems like the thief shares the same environmental goals as Jesse as well as the ability to screw people out of what they earn.

Recently Mayor Dave Bing’s Yukon Denali was also stripped of its wheels and found resting on bricks near the West Village of Detroit and not far from the Canadian/American waterline border. This is actually a fairly nice area to live with tons of community oriented activities.

An unnamed teenager is being question about the incident. I hope they didnt profile this teenager based on race. I am sure that Jesse and the Mayor would vehemently oppose that strategy and speak out against it

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