Chat Logs 2 and 3 (of hundreds) for TeamPatriot/TundraEatsYou

Tonight’s installment includes the celebration of knocking me off twitter. This is when Twitter’s TundraEatsYou, a lonely hardcore LARPer, gets together with the groypers and pepes.

Ironically, the two key people he’s talking to are journos. They have one beat: The alt-right on social media. Tundra includes them in the OP and then invites them into the larger and supposedly vetted chat room. So today was hectic. A virtual orgy of calls and emails. These brave folks had to get avatars changed fast, scrub posts, get clearance from their higher ups (as this is all technically property of someone else).

See last nights post here for background on Tundra aka “Louise Mensch’s dildo”

Lets move on shall we?

As usual the full res images will be on imgur

Thursday morning, 12/14, they realize Im knocked off twitter. It took a while. It likely took a  couple weeks since they started immediately after I posted the Blocktogether info via twitter and before I posted about it here on 11/29

Faux Celebration: You’ll notice the notepad document up as one of the journos was documenting this. Tundra seems awfully comfortable with these groypers and pepes. Is he jsut following orders or is this who he really is? Also, no vetting was needed to get them into the larger group for the more important Microchip ops. This will be important later.


So the chatroom is called “Jewp Die Pie”. I have no idea what that means. A distortion of Pew Die Pie is my only guess.

Image is zoomable opening in a new tab or directly here

And on Imgur here

Close up of them celebrating and summoning Tundra


“Crying on his blog” refers to the post I made immediately after getting suspended. I needed to have someone DM the group and I was hoping they remembered my blog.

But wait it gets worse…

See, building rapport is supposed to go in the direction of the “groypers” gaining Tundra’s trust. Well, in a perfect world thats how it should work. Here, Tundra is trying to build HIS rapport with them as if to signal “Im one of you”. Irony because they are undercover journos. You can facepalm yourself in a few seconds.

Tundra gets the alert and hops in to celebrate and build rapport in one swoop.


Oh, youre coming back are you?

Want a close up of that for posterity?


Full size image available here

And on Imgur here

Tomorrow we will move onto Tundra coordinating the Micro ops with the larger group. And how they use their tactics against Resistance. Thats whats important. Oddly enough, it seems the group is very conscious of staying populist first. And of course their leader wants total control of everyone underneath her. But the division amongst Resistance was almost the effect of the inability to gain control. You’ll see. Even Tundra doesnt understand it fully. But that doesnt matter. He is just happy to be part of a group and is glad to take orders.

Note: After tonight youre not going to like what you see. The chat logs that I have span different social media platforms. They cover a lot of topics. A lot of it is irrelevant to our immediate concerns but are definitely very relevant to others.

Tomorrow I have to go through the process again. Back and forth with the journos and their editors, see what I can be allowed to use, etc. But Im ready to roll as soon as I get the green light. Sorry I made everyone wait since noon.