Newtown/Sandy Hook Massacre: Wild Inconsistency over Guns Used

UPDATE AT BOTTOM (May have resolved the whole discrepancy)

Greg, at Your Daddy’s Politics, found an interesting video that I am going to repost here. The Medical Examiner claims that every person that was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was shot with the .223 Bushmaster rifle. However, video evidence shows that that gun was never in the school and was in fact retrieved from the car that the shooter drove to the school.

The media always does a terrible job with these shootings. They havent adapted well to the 24/7 Twitter news demand and the result is they botch all the important details. Remember NPR reporting that Gabby Giffords had died?

The video takes the audience through the discrepancies regarding the reports on the actual guns. First, it was 2 handguns and 1 assault rifle, then it was 4 guns. What is the “official” claim now? But the bombshell is when the Medical Examiner says everyone was killed with the .223 Bushmaster, the weapon that never made it into the school; according to videotape showing the police taking it out of the trunk. Watch below and turn your speakers up. The audio of the Medical Examiner is a little lower than the rest of the video.

At least this time ABC didnt come on air and say they had found someone in the Tea Party with the same name. But that isnt because they learned their lesson from doing that on Aurora, there just wasnt a matching name of any Tea Party member this time.

UPDATE: @tahdeets may have solved it. The gun in the trunk of the car may have been a shotgun. In the video above you see the officer cocking it repeatedly. That could be to unload/cycle the shells