Breaking all the Rules: Blame Bunkerville

When we started this blog we had one rule: All original research, original sources, and no citing other blogs.

We have decided to break that rule and allow one exception-for good reason.

The number of blogs we follow can be counted on one hand with 4 fingers left untouched. While blogs and websites appear in our blog roll they are never cited as sources or references. That changes today. From here on out we will only be citing One Blog and reprinting excerpts and our thoughts on it here.

So join us on our stroll around Bunkerville and lets recap what they have been researching.

Soros and the New Bretton Woods Conference

There is plenty of George Soros conspiracy theories and new world order rhetoric flying around the web. Haven’t you had enough? Yeah, we share that sentiment. But a hop and skip away from that deranged world brings us into the very real world of the billionaire financiers actions.

“While our attention is drawn to other matters, the march toward the merging of a world-wide financial system is almost complete”.

By the way that quote was from last week. Since then Bunkerville has done additional research on this topic. Duct tape your head and read away.

Hezbollah Recruitment Ring Busted…In Tijuana!

Right. Everyone that has been ringing the bell on this issue has been brushed aside as conspiracy theorists. Well, its not a “conspiracy” and its not a theory. Bunkerville cites this just to make sure it doesn’t slip into the backdrop of the border debate. However, I think he is setting us up for a vicious “I told you so” later! Even though video is provided it is not the staple in the argument; his sources are the central point in the discussion.

We have just begun to bring you the priceless info that Bunkerville posts daily. Now do you understand why it is the only blog that we follow?