The Federalist Papers Translated-Into Arabic

Recently there have been updated English to English translationsof The Federalist Papers. As important as this new volume to these wonderful discussions are, there is one new particular translation that is equally, if not more important.

Courtesy of Screed of Momus and Jay Batman you can now find and redistribute the Arabic translation of these important founding documents that helped shape our republic. No other collection does a better job of making the argument for individual liberty and making man the ruler of government; not the subject of it.

On the same blog hungry minds can also find the works of Frederic Bastiat, Ludwig von Mises, and one of the best researchers and Leftist head-cracker, Liberty Chick.

Given the current situation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and the velocity of the the uprising, philosophy is crucial to setting the oppressed in the right direction. I ask you to share this information in any way possible.

Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, a random blog post, or comment on a story-if this reaches just one more Arabic speaking friend they may have a chance of avoiding the invisible shackles that come with a simple majority rule democracy i.e. authoritarianism (in one of its many forms)

Thank You and Please Make an Effort to Share