Ron Brynaert described need to have a blog just for his “non-violent” posts

“…this will be the place to read all of my nonviolent rabble-rousing” -Ron Brynaert

“Fuck the Neo-cons!
Fuck the Fascists!
Fuck the Media!” – Ron Brynaert

I use to believe that Ron Brynaert probably started out well and with good intentions and somewhere along the way something went terribly wrong. My gut feeling was wrong. The above quote is from one of Ron’s first attempts at blogging; (freeze page here) And while he is unable to be honest with anyone he interacts with of late, I get a minimal amount of relief knowing he can be honest with himself. At least he knows of his violent intentions and expresses to his audience the need and sensibility of separating the rational side of his rants from the emotional, and most likely, extemporaneous rants.

And there is a pattern. I hate to be over critical of a respected NEWZ editor but Ron is the first one that I have met that has ever felt the need to threaten to shit on an Assistant DA’s wife.

It begs the question, why didn’t Ron just have a separate sock account for violent “rabble-rousing”? Or does he :)(that’s for another post)

Other email addresses, accounts, and useful info on Ron Brynaert – Contributor with “tas” on the now defunct website. Use the WayBack Machine (Here) to view the site Where he made a review on IMBD with and also used to sign Media Matters first petition to “Stop Rush” and get him yanked from armed services radio. (4th signature-with comment). was used for (freeze page here) and, where, again, we see the slightly rational side of Ron. He gives fair warning to his readers that his opinions “may be a tad bit tyrannical”

Vindictive behaviour against ex-employer Raw Story where he reports them for plagiarism. This one is a little more tricky. After opening the link use ctrl-f for “raw” and then hover over the link. It will give the description that Ron has reported this as plagiarism.

Flickr – registered using as well


And there will be more soon. While at Raw Story there was an incident that identically mirrors the context, events, and actions, that were taken against Mike Stack and Patterico in the beginning of Weinergate. An individual targeted and harassed…and Raw Story was right there publishing the persons personal info. Odd. However, Stacks smear didn’t come from Raw Story, they came from The Smoking Gun’s Bill Bastone. Would it have started there had Ron still been working there at the time? We shall find out.

My desire to address the Brynaert problem is due to the growing frustration with Ron’s dishonest and unethical behaviour. I am still sour on his tweet to Patterico. Also, he has outright lied about a personal event in my life and even though I had corrected him politely and respectfully (at the time) he still continues to publicly lie about it. Many people just say “Ron is crazy”. They are wrong. He understands his violent tendencies and previously tried to separate them from his pure thoughts. So we now know that when Ron says something violent, or is a complete lie, that he is doing it intentionally and is totally aware of it. If he was crazy the behaviour could be excused and chalked up to illness. But now we see that that excuse is immediately defeated in light of evidence. Which leaves us with only one possible solution: he’s a huge dick.

Until we meet again, a song that reminds me of Ron and should be redone with his tweets.