HHS warns against feeding children batteries-Claims dangerous to consume

The Department of Health and Human Services has released a new and urgent message regarding children and batteries. Much to my surprise it appears that it is unwise to feed them to children. This leaves only one obvious question: Where do children get all their energy from? Just watching them makes me tired.

I did some quick work on Google and found that HHS is correct. Batteries only need to be changed in children. And since Google is so close with the Federal government now it seems that we are all on our way to becoming a much better, but slightly more shallow and gullible, collective.

Does it still poop if you take the batteries out?


End Note: The Pelvic Revolution is in full swing. It seems that only those need to be reminded that batteries are bad for children are reproducing faster than those that do not need to be told the obvious. The dull and slightly dim are winning the race of procreation. And maybe thats ok. I was of the belief that in order to return to a free society the current system must fail. But that will be impossible as long as there remains a small percent of rational people left in the country. I am now of the belief that idiocy must be a super-majority leaving only a handful of reasonable people left. Only then can we convince the masses to swallow all the batteries left in the country and have them march into Mexico. And then we start over.