The Ultimate Source that no one wants to tell you about

Have you ever wondered how Glenn Beck and bloggers dig up their dynamite material? The truth is they don’t! And most people love to keep excellent sources to themselves. That ends now-youre welcome!

Two of the best resources on the web today come to us from the far corners of the Earth…New Zealand. This is where Trevour Loudon sits upon his throne overlooking a kingdom built on hard to find documents and videos. The two sites New Zeal and Key Wiki make short change of the left daily with unbelievable accuracy and depth. It is like being a fly on the wall in the meetings and gatherings of those contemptible swine.

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And if that isnt enough Mr. Loudon has also compiled a list of 100 files/posts naming names to who Obama surrounds himself with. It is a list of cronies that no one can top

When my browser opens three tabs open with it. They are as follows, Drudge Report, New Zeal, and Key Wiki. I suggest you do the same (well add my blog in there too if you havent already!) You have now received a significant upgrade to your artillery-use it wisely and get to work!