How to Defund a Non-Profit with minimal effort

So, you are just like the majority of America. You have a non-profit organization in mind that you completely loath and wish they would go bankrupt. However, they are so large that you know that any attempt on your behalf will be futile. Not so fast…a small donation can go a long way to funding their demise.

Non-Profit organizations operate differently from a “For Profit” organization (I know you know this already but stick with me). Non-profits, like PETA, spend a minimum of $160 per year on direct mailing to their donors. A maximum estimate is over $500 per year. Due to the fact that they live off your donations any “gift” immediately gets you on their list for life. Furthermore, these organizations share (or sell) their mailing lists with other organizations with similar interests.

In other words, a one time donation of $10-$20 will require the organization to spend upwards of $500 per year attempting to get more of your money. Not to mention the cost of the efforts accrued with the organizations they share/sell their lists with. Think about it…you can get a lot of bang for your buck by donating a little.

So go ahead and drop a few bucks in that envelope of your most hated non-profit…within a year they will be in the red trying to keep you donating. Then you can truly be bi-partisan; You now have the ability to interact on a socially superior level with people on both sides of the aisle. And all for a relatively low investment. Remember, this can be done with the DNC as well! So use your imagination and open your wallet. Grab a Jackson and pop it in the mail to the Non-Profit that makes you throw up in your mouth-Just remember they will soon be broke trying to get more of your earnings.

Update: 05/03/10 6:43 pm est-References listed in regards to comment left:

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