Gov. Scott Walker Responds to our Contributor Rachael Jimenez

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been in the news a lot lately mostly due to his budget proposals to close the state’s budget deficit. In the interest of preserving jobs the state was faced with the reality that public employees should contribute to their own health care and retirement benefits. Naturally leftists were outraged and likened his plan to the Holocaust. Those rational leftists trashed the capitol and eventually lost the battle. But now the state can start to get back to a condition, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, as “normal”.

But wait one second; what is this? Ameristroika contributor Rachael Jimenez still has questions for Governor Walker which he addressed via youtube:

And it didnt end there. If you know Rachael like I do there is always that “Thank you but…” moment that will inevitably follow any response. And that is why she is a contributor here. It takes here all of about 30 seconds to point out the “Newspeak” contradiction in his response. But I’ll let you discover that for yourself. Read Rachael’s response on her blog here…

Chicago Socialist Rally Ignored by Media and for Good Reason

Special thanks to Rebel Pundit for extraordinary work on this story.

March 19, 2011 Chicago. Losers Serious Socialists rallied downtown for the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. The main stream media was nowhere to be found, and for good reason. As the wave of social justice sweeps the world the details of the ideology are best left underneath the nearest rock. The media just crosses their fingers and hopes they don’t crawl out.

But crawl out they did. Advocating for Middle East style revolution, with guest speakers whose house was just raided by the FBI for allegedly having links to terrorism, really helped encapsulate the principles of the far left.

Organized by The Answer Coalition the rally was a true and clear look of just how the despicable spend their free time. The same tiresome rhetoric and baseless propaganda we all heard during the Wisconsin protests was echoed again. In tow were unfortunate looking men, ass-fisting lesbians, and a no-talent rapper named Philip Morris. Asked to perform on short notice Philip Morris placed an overnight order of “skillz” which apparently didnt arrive in time for the protest. But that didnt stop him from taking to the stage.

In one of his singles “The Same Ones and Zeroes” he claims he is “self-sufficient” and his bills are paid. But then thanks anyone who provided shelter because he just needs to “break even at decent altitude” (aka economic justice). Mobb Deep’s Prodigy has sickle cell and looks healthier than Philip Morris. I dont know why, he said he had “no apparent health conditions”. Give this man an Obama Care waiver! (cue to 1:38)