Anonymous Members Arrested-Sabu Turns. Where’s the Money?? Wikileaks Prosecution Next? OWS?

Well we have a lot of very specific points to address regarding the arrest of Anonymous members all thanks to one of the groups leaders, Sabu, turning on them. If you havent heard the story is here. TL;DR. Sabu got fingered eight months ago and got others vanned. But now the real work begins. And in order to even start we need to take a look back at some important details that were lost in the drama and vanity of the story at large. Oh how easy it is to woo a fool. The mindless followers of Sabu and the participants “ops” had mistaken broken wind from their hero’s backside as a whiff of romance in the air. (Sabu court documents here)

Where’s the Money? A new Indictment for Wikileaks?

From Topiary’s last chat before he got V&

Saturday July 16, 2011

   [01:32am] S0cket: where is sabu?
[01:33am] marduk: iuno he should be back later, he had something for me
[01:33am] S0cket: oooh
[01:33am] S0cket: new leak?
[01:33am] alex: sabu should appear soon
[01:33am] S0cket: Knice
[01:33am] S0cket: Where did rum go?
[01:33am] alex: idk
[01:33am] S0cket: he went after ryan?
[01:34am] S0cket: or joepie.
[01:34am] S0cket: he is gone
[01:34am] S0cket: i want my frikandellen
[01:34am] Topiary: Project Inception already began with that, alex, I already laundered like $65,000
[01:34am] Topiary: do you want more?
[01:34am] S0cket: What
[01:34am] S0cket: 65K?
[01:34am] marduk: joepie is busy with normal stuff
[01:34am] S0cket: Ah thats why
[01:34am] Topiary: S0cket, Project Inception, did I not tell you about that?
[01:34am] S0cket: No  tell me!
[01:34am] alex: $65k’s enough for now
[01:35am] S0cket: Are we going to buy ferraris and go to ryan?
[01:35am] alex: haha
[01:35am] S0cket: Yeah we need a l33tm33t
[01:35am] Topiary: where my BitCoin gobbler takes 0.1 from every transaction and shifts it off as transaction fee/lost in verification
[01:35am] S0cket: What
[01:35am] S0cket: EPIC
[01:35am] S0cket: Mtgox again?
[01:36am] Topiary: no, some internal infodox we got from someone’s email attachments
[01:36am] S0cket: Wow.
[01:36am] Topiary: we got a worm inside the client and it spreads instantly through the entire network
[01:36am] S0cket: Winning!
[01:36am] S0cket: what we doing with the cash?
[01:36am] S0cket: for wikileaks right?
[01:36am] S0cket: or does sabu get his ass-dildo?
[01:36am] Topiary: anyway, my BitCoin trader knows, you know the thing about Silk Road anyway I’m sure
[01:37am] S0cket: yeah sure
[01:37am] Topiary: so I cash out $1500 segments into PayPal
[01:37am] S0cket: and the rest into … pot?
[01:37am] Topiary: it’s spread around, yes

So here is Topiary admitting that at least some of the Bitcoins that they stole are being cashed out and being “spread around”. Notice he doesnt deny that some of the cash is going to Wikileaks. Continuing on with the conversation Topiary also acknowledges Sabu’s involvement in the Bitcoin scam (Operation Inception) and a few other side projects they have going on.

Wikileaks had had a strong defense against the US Department of Justice to begin originally. But if they have taken any of that money and all along Sabu was involved and working with Law Enforcement then Wikileaks basically pwned themselves by not vetting their funding sources. You dont need to pass the bar to understand that the Department would gladly pursue this. After all, they got Capone for tax evasion. Let the real Lulz begin. And guess what? There is a good chance that LulzSec itself was really only done to jam up Wikileaks legitimately. And that would be some lulz right there.

Unfortunately there is also the possibility that Occupy Wall Street as well as some labor unions might have also been the recipients of that stolen money. There is no secret of the support from labor unions large and small for the OWS movement; many even had formal press releases addressing this. So now we will see where that money went, how it was laundered, and who ended up with it. And this is just the beginning.

And the left cheered on Cass Sunstein and his idea that the government should infiltrate movements and protest groups. They cheered when it was in reference to the Tea Party. How come they arent cheering now?

Stay tuned.

PS-Even while they had their own ops going on, running around and proud to be “legion”, they are still bothered by and obsessed with th3j35t3r. Why? Read further on in that transcript and you’ll see they are still pushing for a j35t3r OP. Lets get some things straight right now. Between him and Ceaxx they had Sabu pegged-thats it, end of story. But I do find it funny that even when they had the whole world watching them and seemingly had their hands full, they still seek fail as if it were “last call” tail.


Al Qaeda’s New Missiles; Courtesy of Qaddafi. On AIr with Strictly Right Radio

You know the deal. I’ve been tracking stolen SAM’s (Surface to Air Missiles) from Libya by Al Qaeda Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) for 5 months. Strictly Right Radio was the only one to cover this topic as it happened. Now, for the first time, hear Ben Swenson and I talk about it on Strictly Right Radio. Clicking Image will open in new tab to Take That Media

The segment on Al Qaeda’s Libyan missiles starts around 18:00. But its Strictly Right, you should be listening to the whole show! And that’s exactly why I didnt edit it and cut it down 🙂

Behind the Scenes

Originally, a 90 minute podcast on this was supposed to be done on Pat Dollard’s Night Watch. Guess what? An hour before the show we got new intel. We then felt that we should push the show back so we could cover all of the new info we received. But once again we are scooping the mainstream media; months in advance. Stay tuned!!

PS: To Wikileaks-You suck. I’m one guy with a phone and a computer. You are a worldwide organization with hundreds of thousands of (stolen) intelligence docs in your possession. I can do more to make the world a more open and safer place by noon than you have done in your entire history. Your implosion is a shining example of why we don’t let asshats like you obtain intel.

Wikileaks Attacked: Twitter Account Claims “Presently under attack”

Wikileaks is experiencing some butthurt. According to their Twitter account that have been “Digi-Raped”. Oh well. They tried out for the big leagues and were cocky enough to give themselves the motto “We open Governments”. They do nothing of the kind. Instead they use their State Department cables to control information in the same way that governments do.

During the height of their fame Wikileaks dun goofed a few times. Now it is time for them to go the way of all failed wannabe intel operations. Rather than be a central force in a new world of open information the world is finally starting to see them for what they are. Two bit crooks who know nothing about how to handle intelligence.

The Big League

I just want to welcome Wikileaks to the real world and remind them they did not purchase a ticket for this ride; nor do they meet the height requirement. It wont be long now until they are forced to leave the park. No cotton candy, no souvenirs.

The first big goof came when they republished a cable and claimed it was newly released. Unfortunately we had covered that cable inside and out. Wikileaks lied (as they do frequently). And their staff members who sign a voluntary $12 million pound gag order does not respect them anymore. One of their staff has leaked info to me while shrugging his shoulders and saying “fuck it” in regards to their gag order. For reference, these posts are of importance and will start to tell the story of Wikileaks falling apart.

Wikileaks republishes cables, claims they are new, then lies while changing the publishing date (note the last paragraph-a special note to Wikileaks staff)

Black Market Nukes in Bulgaria (the predecessor to the story above)

Wikileaks leaks names of innocents and endangers them

It is only a matter of time now. Wikileaks will slowly implode and fall apart. They are already at the point where they realize that the remaining cables they have are not as precious as the hype has portrayed them to be. Ciao baby! See you in hell; I have reserved a room next to the ice machine and water fountain. And you may not loiter in front of my room. Enjoy the heat


Over the next few days I will be releasing the intel regarding Surface to Air (SAM) missiles stolen from Libya by Al Qaeda Islamic Meghrab (AQIM). Friends of Wikileaks had leaked the name of a key operative tracking these missiles in real time. I will outline this whole ordeal within 24 hours. Stay tuned…

Wikileaks leaks names-Endagers the Innocent, Changing Dates on Cables…Leaked Intel Site Falling Apart

Wikileaks, best known for its ongoing leak of more than 250,000 State Department cables, is literally falling apart. Der Spiegel has reported that the careless staff has leaked cables without redacting the names of certain individuals therefore putting them in danger. Wikileaks as of late has become increasingly reckless.

From Der Spiegel:

A WikiLeaks file containing the original leaked US State Department cables has inadvertently been released onto the Internet. The documents have not been edited to protect sources, meaning that the lives of informants could be at risk.

However, maybe using the term “reckless” is too forgiving. Wikileaks has turned into a failed intel operation on all levels. Just a few weeks ago they republished a cable as “new”. The problem was that I had already covered the cable almost a year earlier and offered criticism on it. Due to the fact that their staff is nothing more than wannabe intel operatives they didnt think anyone would catch this. You can see my post on the topic here. Public intel alerted the world to the selling of black market nuclear warheads. But does Wikileaks think it is imprtant to publish the cables concerning that? No. Our cables regarding this topic were not published even though Wikileaks has them. So the open information advocates made the choice not to publish this intel. Therefore they are not about “opening governments” at all. They want to control the information just like governments they detest to serve their own agenda.

My Wikileaks Contact and the Infamous Gag Order

In the above linked posted I made a reference to something that only the Wikileaks staff would know. (Hint: It is contained in the last paragraph) I did this intentionally to let them know that their £12 million NDA/Gag Order was not respected by even their own staff. One staff member Daniel Domscheit-Berg has already spoken out against it. But it doesnt end there. Domscheit-Berg is not alone and nor will this be the last we hear from current and former Wikileaks staff. As I have told Wikileaks directly “No one respects your gag order”, and I meant it. This isnt the only time Wikileaks has selectively edited their cables either. See entire category of “Censorship by Wikileaks”. First they were dangerous, then they were dishonest, now they are both.

Now I am just waiting for Wikileaks to hang themselves. The rope was provided and it is slowly falling apart. They will tie the noose themselves and take to the only high tree limb in the wide open and barren wasteland they chose to occupy. Mr Assange will know what it feels like to be a true superstar. His organization will finish out its existence like any rockstar worth their salt. Cobain, Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, and you can throw Amy Winehouse in for good measure. After that glorious day Wikileaks will be no  more and after a week no one will remember them; even less will care that they are gone. Maybe th3j35t3r was right after all by adding them to the list of jihadi recruitment sites and making them a feasible target.  Stay tuned…

Time Traveling? Or is Wikileaks Re-Publishing Cables in attempt to stay relevant

Marty, fuck the Libyans! We need to screw with Wikileaks

In December 2010 we published a criticism on Wikileaks publishing secret and confidential cables regarding the Bulgarian organized crime rackets. It had already been documented that nuclear warheads were being sold to the highest bidder; backed up with video and related news articles. The criticism was that Wikileaks chose not release the most important cables regarding black market nukes. So a comparison was made between the cable Wikileaks released and pieces of publicly available intel from Bulgaria. Now Wikileaks has republished the cable with a release date of 7/20/2011. Odd

Watch this: Here is the original post entitled “Wikileaks is a Lie”. Notice the date? December 7, 2010. In the second section the bold link titled “released tonight” takes you to this cable-which now has a release date of July 20, 2011. They may change the release date back so here is a screen cap with the new publish date in case they do

So what happened? Here are a few possibilities:

1) I traveled forward in time, downloaded the cable, came back to 12/10, hacked into Wikileaks, and made a working link. All so I could create this post today

2) Wikileaks is desperately trying to stay relevant and has nothing of use left to publish

3) They are as incompetent and dishonest as the governments they detest

In WordPress you can go back and make changes and the original publish date will stay the same. (I was also tipped off that this would be their defense). Its a good thing I have people like Greg at Your Daddy’s Politics. We tag-teamed this topic and cross-referenced the posts. For posterity you can see him referencing them much early than the new Wikileaks publish date. First on Feb 13, 2011, and the follow up May 2, 2011

Their is one last thing that needs to be said and I will say it directly to the staff of Wikileaks. In my first post one of the sections is labeled “My other house is in Bulgaria” Odd right? Especially since I made no mention of “owning” a house in Bulgaria. One of your trusted staff knows exactly what this is in reference to. It seems that open information advocates are not entirely open.

You dun goofed

Peace Out


Special thanks to Greg @ Your Daddy’s Politics and Strictly Right host Mr. Simple C. Sense