O’Donnell Devours Weiner

Isn’t it beautiful when the left turn on their own? When I see things like this I always wonder why the right is afraid to stand up to the left. While they consistently attack the right, they are never more vicious than this. So Republicans should’ve learned to brave the liberal media storm by now.

And the reason the attacks are so vicious is because someone like Weiner, hurts the liberal brand. Their good name is in jeopardy, which gives them the inspiration to really dig their talons in tight. Republicans are seen like the hyena that walks to closely to the lion cubs; the mother will snap and chase them off. But, when the make lion comes near the cubs, their lives are certainly in danger…and the mother will fight to the death. O’Donnell is protecting his precious cub.

Here it is…14 minutes of unparalleled glory released within 24 hours of the polls opening in the NYC Mayoral race.

Liberal Cowards make fake 911 call to get even with enemies

During the fallout of the Weinergate scandal a few things became clear from the very beginning. The first fact that became clear was that that was in fact Anthony Weiner’s junk in the picture. But the next thing that became transparent was that there were players in the background who were nothing more than a mirage. Fake online personas created to either throw off the scent to those investigating the matter, or they could step in, if need be, and throw a monkey wrench into someone’s life at will.

Since those players were unsuccessful in throwing off the scent they turned instead to pure intimidation. Mike Stack, whom I have gotten to know quite well since this past summer, was one of their targets. His crime? He retweeted the Anthony Weiner picture. So those on the left decided it was time to shut him up. Cowards all of them are. And rather than confront him one on one they instead made a fake 9-1-1 call to his address, posed as Mike Stack, and told the operator that he had shot his wife. Not only is Mike Stack not married but they needed to make three separate calls to three different locations. Apparently “Mike Stack” didnt know where he himself lived. Below is the end of the phony 9-1-1 call made to police. The person making the call will not sound familiar to you. But we know who it is. Unfortunately they have had their voice recorded before; and I think they forgot ūüôā [Original post on Crying Wolfe here]


Think about it. You’re a regular guy on Twitter and you happen to retweet Anthony Weiner’s weiner. Next thing you know you are being dragged out of your house by police with guns at your head. This is the epitome of the “ends justifying the means” strategy of the political left achieving their goals. If you can’t confuse them try to shut them up; by any means necessary. He, as well as others, were warned/threatened that if they continued to pursue this that their safety could not be guaranteed. And they gave it their best. After this “lesson” Mike Stack was supposed to shut up.

But Mike Stack did not shut up. Most people, after going through something similar, give up…they just want to return to their normal life. What Stack’s opponents did not expect was that he would regroup and come back with everything he had. Rather than become reclusive he reached out and in doing so gained the momentum and strength it took to see this through to the end. Stack will always be humble enough to immediately suggest that he could not have done it without a ton of help. Us, on the other end, will immediately try to convince you that we couldnt have seen this through to the end if Stack didnt regroup and handle this with a level head. In this respect the “help” is more correct than Mike Stack.

And now the end is here. Slowly but surely each player and their involvement will be revealed. This is still foreplay. For those who thought the police report didnt exist; its now been published. Those same people thought the audio of the 9-1-1 call didn’t exist. Well, here it is. Those on dry land sometimes never feel an earthquake on the nearby ocean floor. The first sense of danger comes when the tide recedes. And before you know it the killer wave of a tsunami is upon you. Deep breath! Pray you emerge.

PS-Why do I keep running into machines with a certain operating system every time I break down the details of a threatening comment left on someone’s site regarding this issue?

And there is so much more. Details to come-Stay Tuned…


Anthony Weiner “Hacked”-Follow up with formal complaint to FBI (Weinergate)

Salvador Dali was asked once if it was hard to paint a picture. His reply was “No, it is either easy or it is impossible”.

Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has claimed that his Facebook and Twitter¬†account¬†had been hacked after an underwear¬†picture¬†showing the outline of his bratwurst appeared in his Twitter stream. While this is entertaining I felt it necessary to file a formal complaint (to get it on record) with the FBI and the IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) It looks like his claim was bullshit. Lee Stranahan does what he does best and “painted” the picture outlining the reasons why this claim is most likely bullshit. (Here and Here) But again there may be merit to Representative Weiner’s claim. If it is true then we have a serious problem. What information beyond Twitter and Facebook has been obtained by this hacker (or hackers)?

Since the rise of Wikileaks it seems that private information, that is not intended for public release, has seen an exponential growth in the number of incidents. I am confident that Rep. Weiner would not discuss confidential and official business on these networks but it is entire plausible that a) he may have done so with co-workers and/or b) that his private information was compromised beyond the social networks he used.

So as entertaining as this whole incident is a formal complaint still needs to be on file with the FBI. After all, if his account was compromised then how many other elected officials will also be hacked? How much information can these potential hackers obtain? Below is the record of the complaint that I filed Sunday May 29, 2011.

To read the entire text from the summary of the complaint you can view it here

And then the completion. At least now it is officially on record. Rep. Weiner may not want to go through the hassle of filing a formal complaint. And now he may not have to. Hopefully the FBI can check into this claim on their own with minimal interference to Rep. Weiner. And most likely they will be able to tell fairly quickly if his accounts were actually hacked or not. If he was hacked, the FBI should also be able to tell to just how deep the attack goes. Hopefully the hackers did not gain access to any official government communications that may be sensitive or even classified. End Note: The Daily Kos has accused Andrew Breitbart of somehow being the mastermind behind this and calling it an elaborate smear as pointed out by RB late Saturday. Considering the escalation of this incident and the allegations by Representative Weiner I found it proper to put it on the record with the FBI.