Confidential: Department of Justice Phone Spying Guide.

Spying on people through their telephone is serious business. In doing so a federal agency must have rules and procedures in place. Those operating procedures are not often discussed in detail openly. Below you will find Eric Holder’s Department of Justice’s Telephone Spying Guide. This document is labeled as “Confidential” and the details are not supposed to be publicly disclosed. Click the image to bring you to the full document. I have a tie-in investigation that includes this report (and others) so my opinion on this document will be held until a later time.

Night Watch Ep. 3-Declassified CENTCOMM Report clears McChrystal

Tonight on Pat Dollard’s “Night Watch” we discuss the recently declassified CENTCOMM report regarding Gen. Stanley McChrystal and the charges and concerns risen during Rolling Stone’s “investigative” report The Runaway General. It turns out that after more than a year Gen. McChrystal and team were absolved of any wrong-doing. Rolling Stone was wrong? You dont say! We also debunk Rolling Stone’s “Kill Team” article and offer a follow up to the original debunking: “Anti-Government Forces the Real ‘Kill Team’ in Afghanistan”

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Night Watch Ep. 3 (Click to listen)