Wikileaks Attacked: Twitter Account Claims “Presently under attack”

Wikileaks is experiencing some butthurt. According to their Twitter account that have been “Digi-Raped”. Oh well. They tried out for the big leagues and were cocky enough to give themselves the motto “We open Governments”. They do nothing of the kind. Instead they use their State Department cables to control information in the same way that governments do.

During the height of their fame Wikileaks dun goofed a few times. Now it is time for them to go the way of all failed wannabe intel operations. Rather than be a central force in a new world of open information the world is finally starting to see them for what they are. Two bit crooks who know nothing about how to handle intelligence.

The Big League

I just want to welcome Wikileaks to the real world and remind them they did not purchase a ticket for this ride; nor do they meet the height requirement. It wont be long now until they are forced to leave the park. No cotton candy, no souvenirs.

The first big goof came when they republished a cable and claimed it was newly released. Unfortunately we had covered that cable inside and out. Wikileaks lied (as they do frequently). And their staff members who sign a voluntary $12 million pound gag order does not respect them anymore. One of their staff has leaked info to me while shrugging his shoulders and saying “fuck it” in regards to their gag order. For reference, these posts are of importance and will start to tell the story of Wikileaks falling apart.

Wikileaks republishes cables, claims they are new, then lies while changing the publishing date (note the last paragraph-a special note to Wikileaks staff)

Black Market Nukes in Bulgaria (the predecessor to the story above)

Wikileaks leaks names of innocents and endangers them

It is only a matter of time now. Wikileaks will slowly implode and fall apart. They are already at the point where they realize that the remaining cables they have are not as precious as the hype has portrayed them to be. Ciao baby! See you in hell; I have reserved a room next to the ice machine and water fountain. And you may not loiter in front of my room. Enjoy the heat


Over the next few days I will be releasing the intel regarding Surface to Air (SAM) missiles stolen from Libya by Al Qaeda Islamic Meghrab (AQIM). Friends of Wikileaks had leaked the name of a key operative tracking these missiles in real time. I will outline this whole ordeal within 24 hours. Stay tuned…

Wikileaks leaks names-Endagers the Innocent, Changing Dates on Cables…Leaked Intel Site Falling Apart

Wikileaks, best known for its ongoing leak of more than 250,000 State Department cables, is literally falling apart. Der Spiegel has reported that the careless staff has leaked cables without redacting the names of certain individuals therefore putting them in danger. Wikileaks as of late has become increasingly reckless.

From Der Spiegel:

A WikiLeaks file containing the original leaked US State Department cables has inadvertently been released onto the Internet. The documents have not been edited to protect sources, meaning that the lives of informants could be at risk.

However, maybe using the term “reckless” is too forgiving. Wikileaks has turned into a failed intel operation on all levels. Just a few weeks ago they republished a cable as “new”. The problem was that I had already covered the cable almost a year earlier and offered criticism on it. Due to the fact that their staff is nothing more than wannabe intel operatives they didnt think anyone would catch this. You can see my post on the topic here. Public intel alerted the world to the selling of black market nuclear warheads. But does Wikileaks think it is imprtant to publish the cables concerning that? No. Our cables regarding this topic were not published even though Wikileaks has them. So the open information advocates made the choice not to publish this intel. Therefore they are not about “opening governments” at all. They want to control the information just like governments they detest to serve their own agenda.

My Wikileaks Contact and the Infamous Gag Order

In the above linked posted I made a reference to something that only the Wikileaks staff would know. (Hint: It is contained in the last paragraph) I did this intentionally to let them know that their £12 million NDA/Gag Order was not respected by even their own staff. One staff member Daniel Domscheit-Berg has already spoken out against it. But it doesnt end there. Domscheit-Berg is not alone and nor will this be the last we hear from current and former Wikileaks staff. As I have told Wikileaks directly “No one respects your gag order”, and I meant it. This isnt the only time Wikileaks has selectively edited their cables either. See entire category of “Censorship by Wikileaks”. First they were dangerous, then they were dishonest, now they are both.

Now I am just waiting for Wikileaks to hang themselves. The rope was provided and it is slowly falling apart. They will tie the noose themselves and take to the only high tree limb in the wide open and barren wasteland they chose to occupy. Mr Assange will know what it feels like to be a true superstar. His organization will finish out its existence like any rockstar worth their salt. Cobain, Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, and you can throw Amy Winehouse in for good measure. After that glorious day Wikileaks will be no  more and after a week no one will remember them; even less will care that they are gone. Maybe th3j35t3r was right after all by adding them to the list of jihadi recruitment sites and making them a feasible target.  Stay tuned…

Government Stealth Internet Part 4: Prelude

All Links Listed Below: Cheat Sheet

Since the start of the revelation of a new government created “stealth internet” the State Dept has gone into damage control. My running series on Your Daddy’s Politics has not only covered the developments but is starting to prove extraordinary claims. First and foremost, the original claim that the government already created a stealth internet. Secondly, it failed so spectacularly that it lead to the arrest, torture, and sometimes murder of innocent dissidents.

The interesting part in all these developments is how the State Department has accidentally proven these claims. In “Government Stealth Internet PT 3” we learned that the uprisings in Tunisia were in fact organized by the State Dept, just like the Egyptian uprising. Part 4 was supposed release those details. However, new developments tonight have taken us in another direction. Tomorrow we will address the theft of Libyan weapons by Al Qaeda Islamic Mehgrab. I tracked these in real time, showing their destinations. But the governments previous “stealth internet” and its security holes lead to the outing of a 20 year operative; losing the missiles. Tonight the State Dept confirmed my claims.

Tomorrow the very strange details will drop concerning the Libyan missiles, my published locations of where they went, and the ST Dept confirmation; one month later. I am doing this post for Pat Dollard and Derised1 in order to bring them up to speed; patriots, friends, and all around good folks. Both a blessing and an asset in any revolution concerning man’s mind and the quest for the naked simple truth.

To get up to speed here are the first three parts:

New Government Stealth Internet-Because the Last One Failed

Stealth Internet Part 2: Who is creating it and how dangerous are they?

State Dept Freaks out-Holds Press Conf with Anonymous Officials

Stealth Internet-State Dept freaks out

After the publication of the new Government created “stealth internet” the State Dept freaked out and did something that I have never seen before. They held a press conference in which the State Dept officials names were redacted and requested the press refer to them as “State Dept Official Number One” and “State Dept Official Number Two”. Details on this will be coming soon (Hint: they kind of prove everything I said in the links below)

Why is this a problem now? Well, these two recent articles seem to fit in nicely:

New Government Stealth Internet-Because the Last One Failed

and the follow up

Government Stealth Internet-PT2

Details tying this together coming soon along with ST Dept talks. Stay tuned…

State Dept: The Redemptive Qualities of Mohammed Atta

The video you are about to see is unedited and presented in its entirety. This is done so that you may fully understand the context. If you have not been following our State Department’s involvement in the Middle East uprisings links are provided at the bottom of the post.

In the video is Dr. Anne Marie Slaughter, then the Director of Policy Planning for the State Department. This address was made October 2, 2010.(pre-recorded 9/30) By this time the State Department had already been made aware that a revolution was planned for Egypt starting in January 2011; a protest likely to turn the Middle East upside-down. So with a revolution just weeks away, that the State Department was aware of, why would a Director of Policy Planning try to relate to youth groups, by expressing the redemptive qualities of Mohammed Atta as an effective “community organizer”?

The Timeline

12/08 The State Department hosted the Alliance for Youth Movements Conference (info in link below)

12/08 State Department receives cable concerning returning attendee. His confiscated notes show a planned democratic uprising/revolution planned for Egypt in Jan. 2011

10/02/10 This video pep talk comes from the Director of Policy Planning, Dr. Anne Marie Slaughter, in which she tells these community organizers in New Zealand at the US Embassy that they have the same “power with” people as Mohammed Atta (leader of the 9/11 attacks). This begins at 4:30. While she gives the disclaimer that 9/11 was “negative” she still proceeds to tell these youth groups that they are community organizers one in the same as Atta.

In the video Slaughter tries to offer insight into the theory that “power over” people (a dictatorship) is different than the “power with people” that community organizers, like them and Atta, have. Of course it is no different; not even in theory. “Community organizers” use their “power with people” to eventually gain “power over” people. It is just an extra step in the process towards the same ends.

Note on the Video: This is my copy. Too many times this Admin has stripped videos on me. The original video from the State Dept may be found here

Quotes from the address

4:3o If you think about 9/11 they proved that Mohammed Atta was the leader of the 19 terrorists who carried out the attack of 9/11. They found that out because he was the only one who was connected with everyone else. That is the power of leadership. Its the power of mobilizing others. Its who is the most interconnected” Keep listening and you will understand global community organizing.

Atta and the “globalists” (as Dr. Slaughter calls these youth activists) have the same qualities. The “negative” 9/11 disclaimer is bogus at best; it was only made so she could move on. She wanted to illustrate just how much of an impact community organizers can have on the world. Its a pep talk that includes citing one of the worlds greatest tragedies in order to help them fully understand their potential. In weeks she would like like a true seer, or even a prophet, when Egypt exploded. Even though she had already been made aware that the revolution was planned at a State Department sponsored event.

Between the lines-The Unfortunate Reality

Was it telling of Dr. Slaughter’s beliefs that her default comparison was to Mohammed Atta? Was she just trying to find a globally recognized revolutionary character? Or was this address specially catered to fit the upcoming Egyptian revolution with the interest to spark the movement globally? We will never know. What we do know is that Dr. Slaughter had confirmed to me that she had in fact left the State Department. I asked her approximately 30 days ago and verified she has since returned to Princeton. But when I asked her “Lets get down to the gravy, what was up with the Mohammed Atta comment to the New Zealand youth groups” the conversation fell silent. And this is precisely why the issue must be addressed. This borders on sedition. And she is now on my shit list along with Nathan J Brown of the Carnegie Endowment. I hope they are ready. After all, Im just getting started.

The Indispensable Guide to State Dept involvement in the Middle East Uprisings and others around the Globe

State Department Interviews Reveal Potential Egyptian Bombshell – Which was featured on Glenn Beck’s radio show (Video Here) This is what started it all.

Google Egypt: Ghonim not the only tie to protesters. Which was then plagiarized by Glenn Beck which he and his staff made no attempt to correct even after being made aware of it. See this in my part 4 of my Breitbart interview here

Google Egypt 2: Delete Everything – The organizers asked me to delete my articles after the revolution kicked off. I refused, they deleted their own info but not before I screen-capped it

Yahoo News – Google Iraq: Breaking Baghdad – (Archived) Yes, the same revolutionary pencil necks (State Dept, Google, et al) working with the State Dept tried to set Iraq on fire with complete disregard for our troops still in the country.

Clinton Admits funding opposition labor unions in Egyptian uprisings: Shortly after the fall of Mubarak Clinton tells Egyptian activists that they gave grants to opposition labor unions to support organizing on behalf of the opposition. She also said the results in Egypt were “what we hoped for is what happened.”

And now this; another piece in the puzzle.