[Video] Execution by Syrian Opposition near Saraqeb

A video uploaded to YouTube yesterday purports to show rebels executing Syrian soldiers near the city of Saraqeb. CAUTION: Graphic video below


*Originally I had the wording reversed and had this as the Syrian soldiers executing the rebels. Thanks to twitter user Darth Odie for pointing it out!


Freaky and totally related: Foolish Reporter has a post on his blog. What was written on the mirror in the Benghazi embassy? Totally creepy and now confirmed by Foreign Policy.

Clinton and Netanyahu: “We cant just negotiate about the negotiations”

Just a quick little note to reaffirm the obvious.

Press Release: BB Netanyahu with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Loews Regency Hotel, New York, NY

Sept 21, 2011

QUESTION: Mr. Prime Minister, why won’t you freeze the settlements if that’s one way to get back to talks?

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU: Well, I did, as you know, and did something that no previous Israeli government did. I actually froze any construction for ten months, waited nine months and one week; the Palestinians finally came and said, well, keep on freezing. So I think wisely – and we concluded with the United States – that what we really have to do is get on with the real issues and get down and negotiate all these issues in order to get peace. We have to negotiate the issues to resolve them. We can’t just negotiate about the negotiations.

Righto! Negotiating about negotiations is a classic tactic employed by those who realize they have not earned their equal status at said “talks”. Once the encroaching party realizes they are at a justifiable disadvantage the next step is to latch on to semantics in hopes that everyone elses attention will turn towards you (the illegitimate party); hopefully favoring your illegitimate stance in regards to bargaining power. Link to the short press release can be found here.

Stay the course B.B. and sway. Picture links to appropriate video. That is all.

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Gaza Flotilla UN (United Nations) Final Report.

Due to the fact that I know exactly what the Gaza Flotilla was hoping to accomplish, I will hold my opinions and my review for a later time. For now you can read the official report from the United Nations. The report is mainly focused on how the UN and other countries can improve (and succumb) to those who set out to violate sovereign borders in hopes of sparking an armed conflict. Click image for Doc Stoc upload

More to come. You know the drill…I will be doing a large document dump into the archives over the next few days. Stay tuned or click image on right hand side bar titled “Document Dump” for the latest. If you cant find it use the direct link here

The Flop: Child Soldiers and WH policy versus State Department

If you have your crack pipe handy hit it now; its the only way this is going to make sense. On May 4, 2011 the UN’s Global Classroom kicked off its annual event. Previously, in 2009, Hillary addressed the group and brought them together on topics they all seem to be fighting for.

Hillary and the crowd were against the militarization of children in armed conflict; or so the video seems to show. (at 2:40) They responded in kind with their applause to Hillary’s condemnation. However, Hillary Clinton was silent just one year later when President Barack Obama waived the restrictions on child soldiers being used in the Sudan. The measure was put in place by George W Bush and was immediately waived by Obama. Have you seen a press release from Clinton yet denouncing this action?

From November 2010 (click pic for story)

Totally against it but silent

Having it both ways

What a mixed message! In one breath the Honorable James Steinberg says about Qadhafi (and his family) that they “must go so that the Libyan people can determine their own future.” Towards the end he says “Qadhafi knows what he needs to do. The violence must end and the threats must stop. His troops must withdraw from the cities they have entered“. That is flimsy at best and offers no clear result oriented goal.

So should Qadhafi first command the decline of the assault and then step down? Just because the defections have been numerous there is no reason to believe the assaults on civilians wont continue in his absence. What are you advocating for sir? If Qadhafi goes there is no guarantee the assaults will stop. However, only if he stays can he actually command the forces to stop striking civilians. You can’t have it both ways. And I humbly beg your pardon my dear sir. TRANSCRIPT HERE (read it if youre lost) and the video is below. Also can we finally agree on a proper spelling of his name?