Muslim Brotherhood Egypt: State Dept Funds from 2007

The US State Dept has taken interest in training the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as far back as 2007. This type of training was mostly geared towards how the Muslim Brotherhood can get involved in the Egyptian government and gain ground in local government using democratic principles.

Confidential State Department cables revealed by Wikileaks show how this effort was funded. Through the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) a conference was to be held “on the role of Islamist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, in democratic politics.” (Click pic for cable)

The conference was to include “American academics and policy makers”. So when Hillary Clinton told a group of activists, shortly after Mubarak stepped down, “We gave grants that the government did not like to support union organizing, to support organizing on behalf of political opposition to the regime. That goes back many years” she was absolutely right.

And earlier in the same interview she also said “everyone will have a place at the table”. When asked if this included the Muslim Brotherhood by a youth activist Sec. Clinton’s response was “whoever they are should have the opportunity to compete for Egyptian votes”. Full interview transcript is available at the State Dept Website with video. (in case you didnt trust my first link) Also, if there was any doubt that a political shift wouldnt include the Brotherhood and fellow Islamists then I refer you to the UNDP Egypt report from 2008 (pg.34 box 1.6)

Cheat Sheet

I announced earlier in the week that I would wrap up the investigation into the State Dept and their involvement in uprisings around the world. In case you missed it here is your cheat sheet. As an update the State Dept has responded to the repercussions on the Stealth Internet (carried at Your Daddy’s Politics: Here and Here) and for the first time in history has not allowed the press to use the individuals names. In print they are only referred to #1 and #2; seriously (more on that tomorrow) But for now, your cheat sheet-you’re welcome

State Department Interviews Reveal Potential Egyptian Bombshell – Which was featured on Glenn Beck’s radio show (Video Here) This is what started it all.

Google Egypt: Ghonim not the only tie to protesters. Which was then plagiarized by Glenn Beck which he and his staff made no attempt to correct even after being made aware of it. See this in my part 4 of my Breitbart interview here

Google Egypt 2: Delete Everything – The organizers asked me to delete my articles after the revolution kicked off. I refused, they deleted their own info but not before I screen-capped it

Google Iraq: Breaking Baghdad – Yes, the same revolutionary pencil necks (State Dept, Google, et al) working with the State Dept tried to set Iraq on fire with complete disregard for our troops still in the country.

Clinton Admits funding opposition labor unions in Egyptian uprisings: Shortly after the fall of Mubarak Clinton tells Egyptian activists that they “gave grants to opposition labor unions to support organizing on behalf of the opposition.” She also said the results in Egypt were “what we hoped for is what happened.”

Protesters shot and murdered in Egypt while in custody (VIDEO-Graphic). While Egypt security forces were rounding up protesters they also executed at least one while behind bars. Also secret undergrund torture prison raided, hundreds of electrical torture devices stashed (VIDEO-think Lethal Weapon)

“We are the Muslim Brotherhoods workers” How the fast growth of anti-Mubarak labor unions is helping them develop electoral power (with video)

State Department to Youth Groups discussing the redemptive qualities of Mohammed Atta,how he was effective as a community organizer, and had the same “power with people” as they do. (With video) Amazingly this speech was given just weeks before the Egyptian uprising-which they not only funded, but helped plan.

Plagiarized by Glenn Beck – discussed in the second part of my interview with Andrew Breitbart.

“We are the Muslim Brotherhood’s workers” labor union alliance gains strength in Egypt

“We are the Muslim Brotherhood’s workers” was the statement made by an Egyptian labor union member on May 1, 2011. Ever since the resignation of Hosni Mubarak the focus of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power has only been mentioned in regards to elections. While this is vitally important in understanding where Egypt is heading, the Brotherhood’s other advancements have gone virtually unnoticed. Click picture for VIDEO (Offsite)


After Mubarak’s formal resignation Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told (an Egyptian news site) and the activists participating, that the U.S. had not just encouraged their efforts verbally. Clinton told the activists “We gave grants that the government did not like to support union organizing on behalf of the political opposition to the regime.”

Flashback January 30, 2011:  on the ground, a new labor union was formed in Tahrir Square whose goal was to replace the corrupt state-run labor union. New independent unions joined forces with the “Revolutionary Socialism” group E-Socialists, and naturally, the Muslim Brotherhood. (as seen in the video above).

Secretary Clinton also told the Egyptian activists attending the Q&A session for that in regards to the results in Egypt “what we hoped for is what happened.” So this is the result of their success. Muslim Brotherhood not only gaining control over elections but also rounding out their political influence in labor unions. They are copying the model direct from the Democrat party. No wonder Hillary and Obama had such strong support for their movement.

END NOTE: From the start of the Egyptian revolution we all knew what was coming. Myself, The Labor Union Report, Liberty Chick (Big Government), Michelle Horstman (News Real Blog and Canada Free Press) simultaneously jumped all over this. Along the way our positions were ridiculed for the most part in the mainstream media. And so far we have been 100% correct on all of the claims in our coverage. The digital pamphleteers reign supreme on the intertubes!