Uh Oh: TOR’s Mike Perry accused by Anonymous of links to Child Pornography

Bonus Below: Anonymous clears th3j35t3r’s name in accusations related to child pornography

The Anonymous that I knew seemed to come back after major setbacks over the past year or so. They were back in business fighting the good fight against those who provide and protect child pornography online. #OpDarknet was focused on finding, exposing, and shutting down the facilitators behind the child pornography rings. Tremendous success was achieved in the early hours of the operation. But naturally the pedophiles came back and reestablished themselves. As the operation continued details were revealed by Anonymous that pointed towards TOR’s Mike Perry as potentially being involved in helping protect pedophiles and helping them remain online. Seriously. Whoa.

Freedom Hosting Targeted

From the first days of Anonymous’ #OpDarknet one of the main targets was Freedom Hosting. In the PasteBin document entitled To Catch A Predator the group takes credit for successfully targeting “40+ CP [child pornography] sites for over 24 hours”.  This caused the administrator of Lolita City, according to Anonymous,  to come into the IRC chat #anonops and stick around to throw a few threats out. Using the name “pedolover” the site administrator claims that he is “bank-rolled” by the Russian Mob and that he was going to “fuck you up” in regards to those attacking Lolita City. Within two hours Freedom Hosting was back up and running. Furthermore they were able to identify the method of attack being used by Anonymous members and effectively blocked them. Shit. According to Anonymous the link between Lolita City and Freedom Hosting became more clear. Either Lolita City has a special relationship with Freedom Hosting or the site administrator for Lolita City (who came into the IRC chat) was directly linked to Lolita City. But then…

TOR’s Mike Perry and the Freedom Host Connection

Anonymous switched gears and does what they do best; flank the target. Three days ago on October 29 the group released the results of their investigation into Freedom Hosting. The document entitled “Pedo hunt trophies, Bear Rugs for Mike Perry” is nothing short of troubling and severely disturbing even when broken into bullet points if true. According to their release “pedos were able to regroup and rebuild Lolita City and Freedom Hosting within a week.” Acting as veteran tacticians the group allowed certain press outlets run with the story that Lolita City and Freedom Hosting had in fact not been hacked. Then at just the right time they released their “secret treasure”; additional information revealing one potential operator behind the child pornography ring.

This treasure is an amalgamation of social engineering and digital investigative research. It begins with a fake attorney operating a “shell” company and ends up at TOR Foundation’s Mike Perry. At this point my commentary on this topic cannot do justice to the release. The reader now must read the above link to “Pedo hunt trophies, Bear Rugs for Mike Perry” linked above in order to draw their own hypothesis and conclusion. The evidence is quite troubling. From Perry’s association to Freedom Hosting to his own admission of living a “double life”. The profile of the man becomes even more curious when the reader learns that Perry, as active as he is behind the scenes of the internet, refuses to have any social network profiles. As a matter of fact he is adamantly opposed to having those profiles. No FaceBook, no Twitter,  no Myspace, nothing. Mike Perry was a ghost. I should probably stress “was”.

Bonus: th3j35t3r’s Name Gets Cleared by Anonymous

I wont waste too much time on this since everyone knew it was bullshit from the start. Not too long ago the worlds second biggest loser John Tiessen tried to grab onto Anonymous and claimed he had proof that th3j35t3r was a pedophile. As it turned out Tiessen himself was actually the pedophile. Doh! Read the entertaining and wonderfully ironic back story HERE. Plus there has been a new trend of middle-aged losers trying to gain the approval of Anonymous (ehhh hemm Neal Rauhauser)

Now #OpDarknet has also confirmed that th3j35t3r was not involved (duh) in anything related to child pornography and is not involved in their operation in any way, shape, or form. You can read #OpDarknet official release on the matter HERE.

Why dont you take a seat John Tiessen

Update 11/03/11: Mike Perry is fucking pissed


Wikileaks leaks names-Endagers the Innocent, Changing Dates on Cables…Leaked Intel Site Falling Apart

Wikileaks, best known for its ongoing leak of more than 250,000 State Department cables, is literally falling apart. Der Spiegel has reported that the careless staff has leaked cables without redacting the names of certain individuals therefore putting them in danger. Wikileaks as of late has become increasingly reckless.

From Der Spiegel:

A WikiLeaks file containing the original leaked US State Department cables has inadvertently been released onto the Internet. The documents have not been edited to protect sources, meaning that the lives of informants could be at risk.

However, maybe using the term “reckless” is too forgiving. Wikileaks has turned into a failed intel operation on all levels. Just a few weeks ago they republished a cable as “new”. The problem was that I had already covered the cable almost a year earlier and offered criticism on it. Due to the fact that their staff is nothing more than wannabe intel operatives they didnt think anyone would catch this. You can see my post on the topic here. Public intel alerted the world to the selling of black market nuclear warheads. But does Wikileaks think it is imprtant to publish the cables concerning that? No. Our cables regarding this topic were not published even though Wikileaks has them. So the open information advocates made the choice not to publish this intel. Therefore they are not about “opening governments” at all. They want to control the information just like governments they detest to serve their own agenda.

My Wikileaks Contact and the Infamous Gag Order

In the above linked posted I made a reference to something that only the Wikileaks staff would know. (Hint: It is contained in the last paragraph) I did this intentionally to let them know that their £12 million NDA/Gag Order was not respected by even their own staff. One staff member Daniel Domscheit-Berg has already spoken out against it. But it doesnt end there. Domscheit-Berg is not alone and nor will this be the last we hear from current and former Wikileaks staff. As I have told Wikileaks directly “No one respects your gag order”, and I meant it. This isnt the only time Wikileaks has selectively edited their cables either. See entire category of “Censorship by Wikileaks”. First they were dangerous, then they were dishonest, now they are both.

Now I am just waiting for Wikileaks to hang themselves. The rope was provided and it is slowly falling apart. They will tie the noose themselves and take to the only high tree limb in the wide open and barren wasteland they chose to occupy. Mr Assange will know what it feels like to be a true superstar. His organization will finish out its existence like any rockstar worth their salt. Cobain, Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, and you can throw Amy Winehouse in for good measure. After that glorious day Wikileaks will be no  more and after a week no one will remember them; even less will care that they are gone. Maybe th3j35t3r was right after all by adding them to the list of jihadi recruitment sites and making them a feasible target.  Stay tuned…

Pat Dollard’s “Night Watch” Ep. 1 Jihadis, Bitcoin, and Anonymous/Lulzsec

Pat Dollard debuted his new series “Night Watch” tonight. Structured as a two part educational series Dollard hosts an investigative piece on his site Mondays and then follows up with a radio show the next day expanding on the topic. This week we look at th3j35t3r’s campaign and revelations showing that Anon/LulzSec are not just pranksters but rather lost boys cleverly manipulated by Islamic radicals. Who’da thunk it? Well, The Jester did…the last man standing and the only voice of reason.

I am honored to be the first guest host with Pat Dollard on Night Watch. Our topic was the virtual currency known as Bitcoin and how it is being used by radicals like LulzSec with a clear ideological goal. These radicals are using young and impressionable computer savvy hackers (or script kiddies) to achieve their ideological goals and are using this digital crypto-currency to help fund their operations. The transactions are anonymous and so are the “hackers”. So what happens when you can create your own money and you’re being manipulated by Islamic radicals? Speakers up!

Listen Here! <—Listen NOW!

and find the initial print article HERE

UPDATE! 8/10/11

This podcast was only possible due to the diligence of The Jester (@th3j35t3r). All of the info that I cited in this show came from his research. To back up the claims that Pat and I made you must look at his research. Link here-start with first post and work your way down the page. Pay special attention to the Scribd DOC-this is what ties Anonymous/LulzSec to Islamic radicals (again-his work not mine)

It also seems that the man himself has found the podcast and approves. th3j35t3r endorses Pat Dollards Night Watch I am honored at his approval. I must’ve told his story pretty well. And I hope to be able to continue to tell his story accurately. While the world brushed off Anon/LulzSec as a bunch of goofy kids, Jester was the only one that stood against them, investigated them beyond what law enforcement could, and gave everyone the information we all needed to approach this topic objectively…Something our media could not do.

One Love