[Video] Execution by Syrian Opposition near Saraqeb

A video uploaded to YouTube yesterday purports to show rebels executing Syrian soldiers near the city of Saraqeb. CAUTION: Graphic video below


*Originally I had the wording reversed and had this as the Syrian soldiers executing the rebels. Thanks to twitter user Darth Odie for pointing it out!


Freaky and totally related: Foolish Reporter has a post on his blog. What was written on the mirror in the Benghazi embassy? Totally creepy and now confirmed by Foreign Policy.

FaceBook Hack-not Obvious at all

So in the June Issue of the Hacker News we have the publishers drooling over Anonymous and promoting their own tools/website “Inj3ctor”. I advise you to download or view the document.

Tonight we have Anonymous and their ilk promoting the Facebook hack done with “Inj3ctor”. Pastebin HERE

Notice as they “cover” Defcon and every other popular hack they make no mention of Anonymous nemesis the Jester (twitter: @th3j35t3r) Coincidence much?

Obvious desperate attempt for attention is obvious

UPDATE-That hack may have been from [RON PAUL] last year. Im not sure because I got the info from @sambowne and he tends to be a little whacky. Basically he thought Jester should be prosecuted because he got out of bed, had a cup a coffee, and turned on his computer.