Stephanie Cutter: Embassy attack only an issue because Romney & Ryan politicized it

How does anyone interview Stephanie Cutter in a serious capacity? She has proven to be one of the most dishonest political operatives in a town full of liars. (Here, Here, Here, and just google “stephanie cutter lie” to have your mind blown) Today’s Cutter incident isn’t really a lie but a rather disgustingly pitiful statement regarding the fate of Americans who were hunted down inside our embassy in Benghazi. According to Cutter, this is only an important issue because it is a “large part” of Romney and Ryan’s stump speeches. The problem with leftists is that because they could care less about the fate of Americans in service to the country, and because they only use those people as political pawns, it leads them to believe any genuine concern from their opponents is done for political gain as well. The story comes to us courtesy of Washington Free Beacon (click picture for story)


Outstanding right? Last night on Conservative Report Radio we featured the audio from the House Intelligence Committee, specifically from Trey Gowdy. (Today Rush Limbaugh had featured a piece of that audio as well). His impassioned questioning and statements were not the result of Romney and Ryan’s stump speeches. The administration dropped the ball. Libyan officials as well as Embassy staff had warned of the increasing likelihood of some sort of targeted attack. Obama denied, Americans died.

Take a listen to “Blowout in Benghazi” with Conservative Report Radio from last night that focused almost exclusively on this topic.



A New Team Member

Greetings all. I would like to inform you of a change here at Ameristroika. Starting next week a new contributor will be joining us here. I know that youre probably thinking “Hey Doug, do you really need another Right-Wing Nut Job to prove your points?” You’re right, we dont need another Right-Winger. And that is precisely why we have gotten a Left-Wing Nut Job. Issues that demand attention in the public sphere will be addressed with both opinions appearing directly in the same posts. This new contributor is a former military man. We salute him and are grateful for his service; but now its time to slug it out.

For some time now I have tried, unsuccessfully, to add a contributor with opposing views. Unfortunately it was terribly difficult to find a person that was able to have a civil discussion without being combative and/or platitudinous. What started with a few snarky comments back and forth on Twitter evolved into substantive dialect. When that transition happened I knew we had found the right guy. And now its time to knock heads until we bleed. Stay Tuned

Van Jones-New/Old Audio Emerges: George Allen “Old Racist Idiot”, We have the Power to get YOU Eco-Everything!

11-12-2006: Van Jones was still learning how to drop the radical pose and it shows. He refers to “old” George Allen as a “racist idiot” then gives a racist speech on the new environmentalist movement. His remarks on a “pro-democracy movement” sound much like the lofty rhetoric thrown around today in light of the Middle East and North Africa uprisings.

According to Jones not even the Democratic Party deserves credit for their movement. They aren’t far enough to the left. Jones takes the time to slam the Clinton Administration for eliminating “welfare rights” and lets the audience know that this is “the first time many of us that have been on the fringe have a clear pathway into the center.”

Ironically after Jones calls Allen a racist, and denouncing authoritarianism, he launches into a 30 minute race-baiting diatribe while laying out his own authoritarianism. “We can get you Eco-Everything.” Followed by “Thats where we’re trying to go, and thats what we have the power to get you.”

I accidentally sat on this audio for a little over 4 years-sorry. The audio file below is only the first 12:30. I uploaded the full 30 minute audio here.

The Audio and Key Points

Follow Along

1:30 – Mentions they are involved in a “pro-democracy movement”.

2:30 – Rips Clinton Admin; says they “Eliminated Welfare Rights”

3:00 – Building a “pro-democracy movement” to “defeat these authoritarians”

4:00 – Refers to “Old” George Allen as a “Racist Idiot” (Ironically the whole speech he delivers is racist)

4:30 – “For the first time many of us on the fringe (i.e. socialists, communists, and militant environmentalists) have a clear pathway into the center”

6:30 – Praises Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”. Notes that something “that looked very disturbing” emerged and it seemed that “White Polluters & White Environmentalists subconsciously started working together to put all the pollution into the black and brown neighborhoods”

8:50 – Eco-Apartheid. Claims that we call “economic growth” and economy that turns “beautiful living things into dead things”. States we only have until 2050. After that the economy dies along with “all life”

10:00 – If its not “green its immoral”

10:50“We can get you Eco-Everything.” Followed by “Thats where we’re trying to go, and thats what we have the power to get you, and the people in this room have the power to get it for you.” Who were those people? Earlier in the speech Jones had crowd participation when he asked “Who are we taking with us?” The answer: “Everyone.” the next question to the crowd was “Who are we going to leave behind? “No one” was the response.

So this was in fact about defeating “these authoritarians” in place of new authoritarians.

And this is cop killer supporter, and communist, that has a special place in NYC Human Rights Curriculum for our children to learn all about. (Courtesy of Bunkerville)