“Hundreds of Thousands” of Floridians Lose Insurance Due to Obamacare Rules

How many more examples of people losing their health insurance are we going to tolerate? I want an answer from everyone who has a knee-jerk defense of Obamacare. I want them to defend a totalitarian government that can take away from you something you have legally purchased. And I want them of record. Not just the pundits and public figures either. I want the regular idiots on the record so that we may prioritize who should be stripped of their property first when the time comes. NBC, in an attempt to cover their ass, says that these folks are actually going to get better coverage as a result. Well, not really. What they are going to get is a new, more expensive policy, courtesy of Obamacare. Essentially, these folks liked their plan and could not keep it. But that does not stop NBC from putting the statist spin on it.

From NBC:

Thousands get health insurance cancellation notices

Health plans are sending hundreds of thousands of cancellation letters to people who buy their own coverage, frustrating some consumers who want to keep what they have and forcing others to buy more costly policies.

The main reason insurers offer is that the policies fall short of what the Affordable Care Act requires starting Jan. 1. Most are ending policies sold after the law passed in March 2010. At least a few are canceling plans sold to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Wait a minute, I thought those evil insurance companies denied everyone with pre-existing conditions. Wasn’t this one fo the major justifications for democrats taking over the health care industry? We were told that they were greedy, evil. That they would either deny folks with pre-existing conditions or just drop them as soon as they made a claim. And the solution was to have government take this over and guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions. This was the only way to right that wrong. Just like the death panels, it was all a huge democrat lie.

Here is the truly sick part…Everyone will be fighting over health care now for the rest of our lives. And who is really going to benefit from this? It won’t be Republicans. And it certainly won’t be regular folks.

ObamaCare: Public Health Workforce Funding Not Adequate

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A new report published today from the American Public Health Association has detailed the failures of Obama Care to properly fund public health issues. The Affordable Care Act had intended that these areas specifically be addressed and now moving forward the funding for such areas of importance are either not being funded or are substantially lower than needed. This is how rationing begins.

From the summary of the report:

[Obama Care] “has thus far failed to adequately invest in the public health workforce, jeopardizing the goals of the sweeping health measure.”

On preventive disease and community health issues overseen by 19 new programs “But to date, only 11 of 19 provisions assessed in the report have received funding.”

And “Those that have received monies have been funded at substantially lower levels than authorized.”

The report also does well in documenting the effects of the “accelerated decline” in the public health sector services in relation to our current economic reality. Nine out of ten state health agencies have cut services between 2008 and 2010. Also in the same time period 19% of the public health workforce has been lost.

So while massive stimulative efforts in spending have stalled the economy it inadvertently has hurt their baby, health care reform. And just like all measures taken by leftists, the people that they claim they are helping are the first to suffer. This report was created because of the devastating reality being created. The first to lose their jobs are middle class and the first to lose health services are the ones who need it the most; the poor.

The three critical challenges the public health sector now face are:

1) Substantial decreases in funding, resources, and staff

2) Inadequate training and

3) Inequitable distribution in areas of the greatest need

So now its back to the emotional class warfare talking points. This report identifies the problem(s) and offers solutions. No where in the report are yacht and private jet owners cited as being part of the problem or involved in any solutions. Government is cited as the problem and wrangling government is the key to their solutions before this gets wildly out of control.

Obama Newest Health Care Appointee-Ties to Radicals

Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin announced today the appointment of Jeffrey Levi Ph.D. to head up a new Advisory Board created under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Dr. Levi comes to us from the “non-partisan” Trust for America’s Health. The Surgeon General says she is “looking forward to the guidance of this non-federal member advisory group.” So its like help from non-partisans in the private sector right?

Dr. Levi answers 5 question on Obama Care in a video courtesy of The Robert Wood Johnson Fund which also teamed up in funding Games for Change. Michelle Horstman, the ultimate authority on the topic, has recently divulged the ties between Games For Change, The Alliance of Youth Movements, and other youth oriented groups that have been instrumental in recent uprisings across the globe.

The video in which Jeffrey Levi appears was done by the Robert Wood Johnson Fund who also teamed up with The Tides Foundation, The Woods Fund Chicago (Bill Ayers), Fry Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, CAIR, and AAAN as revealed here. AAAN is the the foundation allied with Rashid Khalidi (Ex-PLO member an acquaintance of President Obama, CAIR, and the SEIU.

Games for Change designs politically slanted games to help youngsters think correctly. Our post here on the topic generated an instant response from Games for Change CEO Asi Bukar. See post for details

Games For Change hosts a game called “The Curfew”. Partly funded by George Soros’ Human Rights Watch, part of Open Society Institute.

Game Description: In 2027 in an authoritarian security state, British Citizens must abide by government security measures and are placed under curfew at night. The player must navigate this complex political world and engage with the characters they meet along the way to decide who to trust in order to gain freedom.

Open Call to Withdraw

Just like Asi Burak instantly responded to my post I am aware that your group and associated groups will be reading this tomorrow morning Tuesday April 12, 2011. I expect your emails again. However, there is nothing to talk about. Withdraw your influence or I will release sensitive information relating to your funding to the FBI. And I dont just have meeting minutes and transcripts of conference calls. Do you really want to explain al-Qaradawi in Congressional Hearings?