Attack! Free Press and Mark Lloyd (FCC) associate physically attacks cameraman

The left is always on edge. While they push for openness in the media their behavior illustrates they do not support any type transparency. In the video below Jeanette Foreman of Free Press physically assaults a camera man for recording a meeting. According to Georgia’s open meeting laws taping this event is totally legal. Foreman doesn’t like that and takes matters into her own hands. Before the attack board members express their contempt for this rule.

At the start of this blog this was one of our early posts. Considering how influential Free Press and similar groups have become since the appointment of Mark Lloyd as the FCC “Diversity Czar”, its time to revisit this unfortunate but typical behavior of the left.

Mark Lloyd came under fire after his remarks about Hugo Chavez’s “incredible” revolution in Venezuela that largely depended on media cooperation. Those remarks were made at the National Conference for Media Reform in 2008. Jeanette Foreman (the attacker) also attended this conference and even took a minute to pose with Lloyd at the event.

Jeanette Foreman (left) with Mark Lloyd (FCC Diversity Czar)

Foreman herself is not only an associate of Free Press but also teamed up with other Free Press associates, Like Betty Yu, to author the “Imagining The (UN)thinkable: Community Media over the next 5 years”. Other co-authors include Alfredo Lopez of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party and Sakura Saunders who is an activist with Corp Watch. That activist group is funded by the Open Society Institute and the Tides Foundation.

Jeannette Foreman with Betty Yu (Free Press)

The Funding Exchange Media Justice Fund

The report cited above “Imagine the (UN)thinkable” was funded through the Media Justice Fund (Funding Exchange) to the tune of $1.5 million dollars. It was “one of the largest single grants by a major foundation in the emerging social movements known as media justice . According to the findings, Alfredo Lopez (Puerto Rican Socialist Party) has identified a major obstacle in achieving media justice. The problem, according to Lopez, is that the “internet is run by white men”.  Mark Lloyd seems to share Lopez’s opinion. After all, he recognizes that there are some really good white people (in audio below). The soundbite that became popular was Lloyd asking who was going to step down so that other people can have power. The part that has alway been left out is the racial slant he included right before the now famous (but edited) soundbite of others “stepping down”.

Free Press and Dismantling Capitalism

As a flashback, lets not forget what Robert McChesney (Free Press founder) said about dismantling capitalism. He wants it taken apart brick by brick. Lloyd has called for enforcing a regulatory structure that would take away what influential people in the media have rightfully earned. Jeanette Foreman, a member of this group of hardcore leftists, will even physically attack someone if she doesnt like what someone is doing; even if the law allows you to do so and even if it promotes transparency and true “media justice” Is the picture of totalitarianism coming into focus yet?

Obama Newest Health Care Appointee-Ties to Radicals

Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin announced today the appointment of Jeffrey Levi Ph.D. to head up a new Advisory Board created under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Dr. Levi comes to us from the “non-partisan” Trust for America’s Health. The Surgeon General says she is “looking forward to the guidance of this non-federal member advisory group.” So its like help from non-partisans in the private sector right?

Dr. Levi answers 5 question on Obama Care in a video courtesy of The Robert Wood Johnson Fund which also teamed up in funding Games for Change. Michelle Horstman, the ultimate authority on the topic, has recently divulged the ties between Games For Change, The Alliance of Youth Movements, and other youth oriented groups that have been instrumental in recent uprisings across the globe.

The video in which Jeffrey Levi appears was done by the Robert Wood Johnson Fund who also teamed up with The Tides Foundation, The Woods Fund Chicago (Bill Ayers), Fry Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, CAIR, and AAAN as revealed here. AAAN is the the foundation allied with Rashid Khalidi (Ex-PLO member an acquaintance of President Obama, CAIR, and the SEIU.

Games for Change designs politically slanted games to help youngsters think correctly. Our post here on the topic generated an instant response from Games for Change CEO Asi Bukar. See post for details

Games For Change hosts a game called “The Curfew”. Partly funded by George Soros’ Human Rights Watch, part of Open Society Institute.

Game Description: In 2027 in an authoritarian security state, British Citizens must abide by government security measures and are placed under curfew at night. The player must navigate this complex political world and engage with the characters they meet along the way to decide who to trust in order to gain freedom.

Open Call to Withdraw

Just like Asi Burak instantly responded to my post I am aware that your group and associated groups will be reading this tomorrow morning Tuesday April 12, 2011. I expect your emails again. However, there is nothing to talk about. Withdraw your influence or I will release sensitive information relating to your funding to the FBI. And I dont just have meeting minutes and transcripts of conference calls. Do you really want to explain al-Qaradawi in Congressional Hearings?