Unpaid Internships: White House Hypocrisy Matures, No Longer Just Summer Jobs

The administration has progressed greatly (or come full circle) on unpaid internships. First they were interested in banning them. Then it was ok if they were “summer” only opportunities (when it was revealed they had unpaid interns). To now, having regular, run-of-the-mill positions within the State Department, according to USAJOBS.com recent posting. Normally this shouldn’t garner any attention, but it was President Obama himself who targeted unpaid internships in the private sector. Holding the predictable leftist philosophy that an unpaid internship is just another tool of greedy businesses to obtain free labor, the President’s intentions, and rhetoric, were absolutely clear. MSN Money called his initiative an “all-out war on unpaid internships”. Fox News covered the “crackdown” stating that the administration’s claims were that an unpaid internship is technically illegal unless it met certain educationally structured guidelines.

That was way back in 2010. Obviously, things change. We all know that. And that is precisely why the administration wasn’t sweating in 2012 when it was revealed that they too were now benefiting from the unpaid labor of internships. Undoubtedly, those programs reported by Townhall must’ve been properly structured to give the intern an educationally beneficial experience. But just to be safe, in case it really wasn’t properly structured according to the outlines they set in 2010, they justified the practice by calling them just “summer jobs”.

So then, what are these unpaid internships at the State Department in the middle of winter? Furthermore, the intern will have “Secret” clearance. What if this employee becomes disgruntled? After all, if this is not educationally structured the risk is multiplied that this intern could divulge state secrets.

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Court Rules Obama Recess Appointments Unconstitutional; Landmark Legal Victory

Nationally syndicated talk show host Mark Levin has landed himself and his organization, Landmark Legal Foundation, a huge success today. As the Washington Times reports “The judges ruled that the appointments Mr. Obama made to the National Labor Relations Board are illegal, and the board no longer has a quorum to operate.”

Landmark’s complaint against President Obama was pretty straightforward; he stepped outside of his power when making what he thought were legitimate “recess” appointments. The court siding with Landmark Legal is a blow to the White House on two different fronts…

Not only are these appointments now null and void but they also have to deal with the embarrassment of President Obama’s actions. Since the media has touted his expertise on the Constitution since at least 2007 the voting public now must wonder if the President is either not the expert they claim he is, or if he knowingly acted this way hoping to get away with the appointments. Incompetent or dishonest? Take your pick liberal media!

Download Landmark Legal’s Amicus Brief HERE or…

Read it online HERE

Whos gonns stop me? Mark who?

Who’s gonna stop me? Mark who? Don’t y’all know I’m a king?


We don’t heed to no stinkin’ court!


N. Korean test Rocket pulled out of ocean

Remember North Korea’s latest failed test launch for their soon-to-be armed with nuclear warhead missiles? Well, the missile made it a few hundred feet over the ocean and then, just like all of North Korean society, stopped working. The South has been trolling the ocean looking for the pieces and finally found them and hauled them up to be analyzed.

Check out the post on Conservative Report Online (CRO) regarding this venture and the photos and analysis from Arms Control Wonk Jeffrey Lewis. As Lewis correctly states, the analysis couldnt be complete and/or accurate without seeing the engine the North Koreans were using. The first batch of photos did not include pics of the engine and caused a stir fry of ridiculousness.

Check it out!!



(Video) Voting Machine Changing Votes-In Action!

The video below allegedly shows an electronic voting machine in action changing the choice originally made. Considering the race between Romney and Obama is extremely close these machines need to be carefully watched. Also, notice how their is over 1,000 dislikes to this video!! Its only been up for a few hours. While I have read a few reports of people selecting Romney and the machine choosing Obama this video shows the exact opposite happening. It appears the touch screen grid is not properly mapped to the point of contact.

Iran: UN, Netanyahu Warns World, Spokesman Beaten (NYC), Nuclear Smuggling Ring,

Iran is dominating the news cycle as the United Nations General Assembly meets in NYC. Benjamin Netanyahu gave what might turn out to be the last warning to the world before Iran builds a nuclear bomb. Supporting that sentiment is a story that somehow escaped the mainstream media that I did over at my new gig; Pat Read’s Conservative Report Online (CRO). Back in July the Department of Justice arrested two men involved in a “nuclear smuggling ring” aiding Iran; one is an Iranian national, the other man being from China. (other conspirators exist but have yet to be arrested).

And last but certainly not least an Iranian refugee confronted Ramin Mehmanparast, a spokesman for Ahmadinejad, on the streets of NYC and attacked him with the whole ordeal being caught on video! He is eventually hustled into a police car complete with women screaming as the attack escalates. Kick ass. Since President Obama wont take a stand against the Iranian regime someone on the streets of New York, during the United Nations meeting, felt the need to step up to the plate. And this is a small occurrence that can start a large war…

Netanyahu Warns Iran is Close to Making a [Nuclear] Bomb (NY Times)Drudge Report

Iran & China BUSTED In Nuclear Proliferation Ring: Obama, Media SilentCRO

Iranian Refugee attacking Ahmadinejad spokesman on the streets of NYC. via PJ Tattler

Both Angles available. First is Ground Level right in the middle of the altercation. Second video is an aerial shot

Ground Level – In the middle of altercation

Aerial shot of altercation