Start Treaty Increase in Nukes – Flashback to 2011

Today, a shocked Washington Times reported that Russia had increased their nukes under the START treaty and now has more nukes than the U.S. – But why do they appear shocked. We knew this was coming…

In the early days of this blog I had taken the time to address the new START treaty that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had put together in a desperate attempt to “Reset” relations with Russia. Before news agencies confirmed my allegations that the new START treaty allowed for an increase in Russia nukes I took to the blog to confidently relay the message myself. The details are available here from May 2011

“New START treaty allows for increase in Russian nuclear warheads”

I actually had to delay the post for nearly 48 hours because there was no verification for this claim. Luckily, I learned that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists would be releasing a hasty/emergency report on this situation. When they did, the report was cited to back up the claim.

Its interesting that certain publications are trying very hard to keep the PFC woManning story relevant and active. No one needed him, wikileaks, or any other leaks to draw this conclusion 3 years ago. So why is it mentioned in the Washington Times story. All of the data regarding Russian nukes (SECRET, Classified, U/FOUO, etc) was, and still is, easily accessible if you talk to the right people and read the right reports.

Another interesting tidbit is the “retaliatory” clause, which was cited in the original story, and is conveniently left out of every other story on the topic. This has far reaching implications that those in the intel and diplomacy circles have not ignored or forgot about. That clause nicely covers Iran and was done intentionally to stop any preemptive strike against Iran and their nuclear facilities by us or even Israel. It literally paved the way for Iran’s nuclear program by giving Russia 1) more nukes and 2) an agreement from us that says they can nuke us into dust if we arent nice to them and their allies (i.e. Iran)

WikiLeaks is a LIE

All of the cables seem too convenient. They justify every sceptics assertions to a tee. Think about it; Victor Bout, Lockerbie, Spain and their “Green” Socialist Economy taken verbatim out of a Glenn Beck monologue. But they may have blown their cover on the Bulgaria cables released a few hours ago. I gathered my old school team on a conference call; Tim (private security contractor), and Avery Krause (expert counterfeiter) So much is wrong. Glenn Beck is sort of on this but I’ll show you why this is really fake. All roads lead back to Bulgaria with tonights cables.

There are two possibilities in the error of this cable:

1) It is the most incomplete intelligence briefing ever written or;

2) It was altered or completely fabricated by a non-government affiliate

Wiki Leaks Bulgarian Cables

In the dox on Bulgaria that Wiki Leaks released tonight every piece of information is either wrong or way off. The cable gives an outline on Bulgaria and the extent of their organized crime. However, this is limited to VAT tax fraud and typical New York style mob behavior. So why is this WRONG?

My other House is in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has been well known for its “Ultra-Capitalism”, trust me I know. So much so that organized crime has been known to dabble in weapon sales. And I’m not talking about machine guns. The same construction contractors that once ran the drug business are also known for their Nuclear Material sales (click picture for story) And it gets better-stay tuned

Whoa Baby!!!

But yet the State Department Cables makes no mention of this activity. Shouldnt a profile on the local organized crime targets make mention of this? It doesnt. Originally a French journalist came to Bulgaria and purchased a Nuclear War-Head…Right after September 11, 2001. The authenticity was verified by Fedor Patchenko (Ex Vice Director Soviet Atomic Program) and was sold out of the ammo dump in Sliven. Not to mention an American Journalist, Matthew Brunwasser helped and its all on video. Not only that but local mercenaries got caught in a sting operation selling Uranium.(above picture/link) Don’t you think this would be important in an “official” and “classified” cable that is designed to properly brief intelligence operatives? But it makes no mention of this at all. Instead the organized crime figures of Bulgaria are bookies and currency counterfeiters. Please watch how Osama bin Laden wanted to buy nuclear waste from their closest nuke plant Kozloduy. Since 2001 none of this was even close to being secret-the stories appeared in major media outlets.

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