O’Donnell Devours Weiner

Isn’t it beautiful when the left turn on their own? When I see things like this I always wonder why the right is afraid to stand up to the left. While they consistently attack the right, they are never more vicious than this. So Republicans should’ve learned to brave the liberal media storm by now.

And the reason the attacks are so vicious is because someone like Weiner, hurts the liberal brand. Their good name is in jeopardy, which gives them the inspiration to really dig their talons in tight. Republicans are seen like the hyena that walks to closely to the lion cubs; the mother will snap and chase them off. But, when the make lion comes near the cubs, their lives are certainly in danger…and the mother will fight to the death. O’Donnell is protecting his precious cub.

Here it is…14 minutes of unparalleled glory released within 24 hours of the polls opening in the NYC Mayoral race.

Ayers: “I get up every morning and think…today [sic] I’m going to end capitalism”

Via Bunkerville:

Bill Ayes,  ever the optimist says he wakes up each day thinking this  is the day to end Capitalism. Looks like your friend Barack is doing all he can to do just that. Keep the faith Bill, you are getting there. Still we have those who can’t get a grasp of what we have in the WH.

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#OWS “Not Trending” Conspiracy debunked-Hippies cant Algorithm

Thisis actually a dream...youre still asleep

CAUTION: Highly Ironic Situation Below

Anyone on Twitter around the time #OWS first kicked off will remember two very distinct things happening. First, as the protests were in full swing the Occupy Wall Street crowd was upset that their hashtags were not trending on Twitter. Secondly, to add insult to injury the parody hashtag #OWSMovies actually started to trend.

How could this be? Obviously it was a conspiracy to censor the righteous advocates of justice. Well, at least that is what they claimed. After all, they were there, they were dear, and the message wasnt clear. So the #OWS participants stuck with the theory that they were being censored. The proof? A lotof people were saying it.

Oops-Analysis of Twitter Trending Topics Algorithm

Gilad Lotan of Social Flow took on the task of answering the question: “Is Twitter Censoring it’s Trends to exclude #occupywallstreet?” As well as other trending topics.

The simple answer is “NO”. Read Gilad Lotan’s article here But wait, it gets better!!

The best part is that the studies that Lotan cited for proving his own work debunking the claim, came from those right-wing lunatics at studentactivism.net. If you did not catch what I just did there that was called sarcasm.

Lotan needed to look no farther than Angus Johnstons work to debunk the claim that the Occupy Wall Street crowd was being censored on twitter. After all, he handled the same claim concerning Wikileaks. You can find his papers here; (parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) So along with being irrational, unwashed, and deranged they are also incorrect about their paranoia. No one is censoring them-and their own ilk proved it with minimal effort.



Clinton and Netanyahu: “We cant just negotiate about the negotiations”

Just a quick little note to reaffirm the obvious.

Press Release: BB Netanyahu with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Loews Regency Hotel, New York, NY

Sept 21, 2011

QUESTION: Mr. Prime Minister, why won’t you freeze the settlements if that’s one way to get back to talks?

PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU: Well, I did, as you know, and did something that no previous Israeli government did. I actually froze any construction for ten months, waited nine months and one week; the Palestinians finally came and said, well, keep on freezing. So I think wisely – and we concluded with the United States – that what we really have to do is get on with the real issues and get down and negotiate all these issues in order to get peace. We have to negotiate the issues to resolve them. We can’t just negotiate about the negotiations.

Righto! Negotiating about negotiations is a classic tactic employed by those who realize they have not earned their equal status at said “talks”. Once the encroaching party realizes they are at a justifiable disadvantage the next step is to latch on to semantics in hopes that everyone elses attention will turn towards you (the illegitimate party); hopefully favoring your illegitimate stance in regards to bargaining power. Link to the short press release can be found here.

Stay the course B.B. and sway. Picture links to appropriate video. That is all.

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