Crying Wolfe Creates an Online Document Dump

I get it all the time, “Where is Mike Stack? Have you talked to him?”. Of course Ive talked to him. The short answer, and the one we have decided to use, is “He’s busy.” Hey, its better than “No Comment”, right? Well, Stack took a hiatus from blogging on his site and then came back slowly. Well…sort of.

Stack has opened a Slideshare page that is going to act like a document dump and wiki for his site and all things related to the continued harassment of him; including those who knowingly are defying court orders with their relentless pursuit.

Crying Wolfe slideshare

Obsess much?

Obsess much?

Whether you have been following his case from the beginning or you are a new comer, just realize that once the organized left targets you they never go away. They never leave you alone. Some are paid operatives. Some are just desperate to have their name known; since they are already morally and philosophically bankrupt they willingly sign up and join the gang in the attack.

I urge all of those whom have had run ins with these offenders to utilize this important source for whatever their needs may be. Whether it is to alert friends or law enforcement to the offenders’ behavior or to just perfectly hone your intellect to a razor sharp edge, this is an invaluable source available for free.

Rep. Mike Waters was just SWATted. (1, 2) Well, who was targeting him and said he wanted him out on his ass? Take a look at Stack’s docs of the chat logs between Barrett Brown and carlito2000 aka Neal Rauhauser.

That’s just a teaser. Like I said, its an invaluable resource available for absolutely free. Everything, and I mean everything, was captured and saved. As long as they keep up the harassment the more they will be documented for all to see. Enjoy!

And Crying Wolfe Blog is back posting updates faster than Barrett Brown can clench his butt cheeks.

Stack climbs out of the Trenches…

Mike Stack (@CryingWolfeBlog) has had a few new developments in his unplanned life of internet strangeness. For those that do not know Mike has had a falling out with The Trenches lead man Brooks Bayne.

But before that even started Mike came on air with me on my weekly podcast for Conservative Report Online and announced to the audience that Neal Rauhauser had in fact broken the terms of his mediation and had a warrant for his arrest in NJ. You can hear that segment here (approx: 20-25 min mark). Afterwards he posted the details in a blog post entitled “Tell it to the Judge” with a copy of the arrest warrant.

So Mike has a falling out with the Trenches and Brooks Bayne. Even I tried to talk to Brooks about this. We did not see eye to eye and thats ok. We are both big boys and can handle having different opinions and going separate ways. However, between him and Mike it is not as cordial. Stack has found his rhythm in the blogosphere and has no reservations calling people out now. He begins to publish the details of their falling out and an anonymous user posts what appears to be Brooks’ dox.

This is significant because up until recently Brooks had been able to duck and swerve out of the way of any blows levelled at him in the doxing fashion. But more on both of these topics later…

And whats up with Bayne saying he wanted to, or felt like, ripping a cops throat out?

That’s not very nice. Nor is it the type of behaviour a confident, intelligent, and articulate person resorts to in order to address a problem. However, if you lack all of the aforementioned qualities, well…


Barrett Brown Part 1: Trust in Infraguard; Living in Denial

On Wednesday April 18 I finally talked to Barrett Brown on the phone. I had been trying to talk to him for some time ever since he made a lame threat to me over twitter. But he had a different reason for calling me which I will be addressing in the next installment tomorrow. For today we are going to address the reason for my call, the three times he lied to me (and I caught him), and the blind faith he has in someone he admitted to trusting and receiving information from. First, the internet tough guy tweet.

So scared I had to retweet it.

So what caused this? It was a post I did entitled “Tutorial: How to Expose an ‘Anonymiss'”. There are two disclaimers in the post clearly saying the person is most likely not involved in the “Anonymiss” faction of “Anonymous”.I asked Brown at the beginning of the call if he read the post before making the above tweet. He said “yes”. Then later I asked why he would send out a threat like that when I clearly said I wasn’t targeting any real member of Anon. Then I asked him again if he had read the post before making that tweet and he said “no, not really.” His excuse for that was that he said that at the beginning of the call when he thought we were “bullshitting each other”. But I had already answered his questions honestly and I will address that tomorrow. Barrett Brown can’t Google. Seriously.

I am not targeting any real member of Anon or an of those who are the real Anonymiss. I am targeting the political hacks, the paid political operatives, who were such cowards that they decided to use illegal means to intimidate their political opponents and used YOUR good name to hide behind. I am talking about people like Neal Rauhauser…

The sharp anons have picked up on his fake profiles and his lame attempts to co-opt Anon and labeled him as COINTELPRO and called him out. Congrats, you were spot on.

Barrett and I had had two tiffs on twitter; this being one of them. In our prior engagement we ended the conversation agreeing to disagree but I had also warned him that he was surrounding himself with people that may be a problem later on. Like Neal Rauhauser. At the end of the conversation he said “Ok, thanks.” regarding the heads up.

Rauhauser, who spends most of his life creating fake online personas, had claimed to be a member of Infraguard and also working with the FBI. I told this to Brown on the phone. He told me that Rauhauser was never a member of Infraguard nor did he ever claim to be working with the FBI. Brown said that Rauhauser was someone that he “trusted” and ultimately used him to feed him a lot of information.

Since Rauhauser is such a controversial figure in the blogosphere many people follow his every move. They screen cap everything he posts and freezepage it as well.

On April 7 I sent a tweet to Rauhauser. The shortened link was to the Google search for “Delete Everything”, which he was in the process of doing. One of those things might have been his Infraguard resignation later; hard to know because he has made the blog private now.

Click for original link

Rauhauser Infraguard Resignation Letter

In March of this year Rauhausers blog had a post entitled “Farewell Infraguard” where he posts the emails confirming Infraguard has honored his request and then he gives his reasoning. Screen caps of that post below. So how did Barrett Brown not know this? Or did he know this and is trying to convince himself and others that he wouldn’t let and Infraguard member into his circle? Actually, I’m just taking it as another lie that Brown told me. He cant help it.

Part 2

part 3

part 4


I dislike Barrett Brown. But I dislike Rauhauser even more. And this is not a slam on Rauhauser either. (Thats not even a challenge). But I have friends involved in Anonymous that go back way before Brown ever appeared. And while LulzSec was running around ALL of the old schoolers told me they were staying clear of them and that this was not what Anonymous was about. I’ve even made a point to Rauhauser and his friends who were trying to create an up-swell in Anonymous to go after me. My response to them was [sic] “Ever wonder why you cant get anyone to get behind you and come after me.” Its because every time that happened I was in chats with the old school guys laughing about it.

So much came out of this phone call and this is going to be a multiple part series addressing each…and I promise tomorrow will be just as fun…FBI Stuff 🙂

Oh, one more thing. Remember above (in italics) when I said OWS and Anonymous had already called out Rauhauser as COINTELPRO? That was under the Twitter handle @AnonyOps that he was using. Here is the video that originally appeared addressing this on Occupy Wall Street TV. Your turn Mr. Brown. You can now explain to Anonymous why you not only ignored the warnings I was sending to you but adamantly defended and lied about this persons interactions with Infraguard.

Egypt “Police” force woman to strip naked or be arrested

Now that the revolutionary fervor of the Arab Spring has come down to a simmer most of the news is focusing on elections and the increasing possibility that Muslim Brotherhood candidates could take control of the country. Absent are the reports of human rights violations and one would be hard pressed to find the little bit of news that brings it to light. Those stories, when they do make it to the airwaves, are usually on Arabic only websites. Effectively this cuts off a good amount of the free world from following the stagnant (and most likely regressive) human rights policies in action in post revolutionary Egypt.

Last month on Egypts “90 Minutes” this clip was aired of a woman being confronted by a “police” officer. To date the man has yet to be identified. If he was/is a member of law enforcement than ID’ing him should not be hard. At a certain point the woman is asked by the officer to remove her undergarments. When she refuses the “officer” says he will be taking her away to the ministry of justice. This video has been brushed aside for two reasons. Firstly, since the man can not, and has not yet been identified, critics claim that he must not be a law enforcement officer of any kind. Secondly, towards the end someone appears in front of the camera making a funny face. The conclusion to date is that the video must be inauthentic. But from what we have learned about the human rights violations post-Mubarak this is still quite tame. It makes one wonder if it is really being brushed aside because what we in the west view as a violations of rights is not viewed the same due to the gender of the victim.

The encounter starts about 1:30 mark and continues until around the 4:00 mark. You be the judge.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You can find the original print story on this encounter via El Bashayer:

تقدم ناشط حقوقي مصري ببلاغ للنائب العام للتحقيق في كليب ظهر منذ فترة على شبكة الإنترنت يظهر ضابط شرطة يأمر فتاة بخلع ملابسها بالكامل

UPDATE: I was cleaning out my files, folders, unnecessary bookmarks, etc and came across this older CNN report here. Even then the women were asking “What happened to the revolution we started in Tahrir Square?”. I can answer that. Activities in Tahrir (Cairo) and Alexandria were sort of like a democracy high school party. When the cops break it up and every one is forced to leave what are you left with? Vomit patches on your mom’s new carpet. The participants of the party swear they can relocate the party and continue on. Yet, have you ever made it to the rendezvous? The fun people went their own way and all that is left is a gathering of lonely followers with no clear direction; you mind as well entertain yourself and puke on the new carpet at the new party location.

Cry me a river; Liberals forget Public Information is Public

Social media has done a few things in record-breaking time. First, it took a relatively small world and shrank it. Like minded individuals who would never have met 5 years ago now know each other well enough to either talk about their favorite trending topics; this could be politics, American Idol, or their favorite cuisine. For those who are activists it laid a more solid foundation for protests anywhere on the globe. This free and mostly public exchange also allowed for the monitoring and logging of those individuals activities. Law enforcement couldn’t ask for anything more. Ditto for those groups or corporations whom found themselves to be targets by politically motivated groups and/or individuals.

It was no secret that various leftist groups had targeted the mostly right-leaning Chamber of Commerce. In their own defense the Chamber had hired private contractors to combat the attack. When the left learned of this their response was How dare they defend themselves. This was the premise for concocting a wild conspiracy placing themselves in the role of the victim when they had in fact initiated the attack. When both plans failed they had nothing but their balls in their hand and them had to convince the watching world that they were not playing with themselves. Very few were convinced.

The basis of their tantrum that followed was that a private company had used social media to build profiles on those targeting the Chamber of Commerce. Again, how dare they use public info to counter the attack.

Cry me a river.

From Intel News: Spies increasingly using Facebook, Twitter to gather data with links to research white papers and all sorts of common sense stuff that leftist losers should’ve expected if they weren’t mindless robots

Herp de Derp

PS-Dont middle-aged guys usually buy Corvettes and cruise the bars at last call? Breaking News: Not all of them do. Some of them hang out in front of their computers, make hundreds of fake social media profiles, and use them to torment people all while pretending to be Infraguard, an insider with the FBI and other law enforcement, and dodge lawsuits by remaining homeless. (Some names and faces have been changed to protect the guilty). More to come on that…

I heart fake lawsuits I file against people who call me out for harassing them. Viva la logic!