Vice: Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

Believe it or not you can be a “Bride Kidnapping Expert”. Vice magazine goes to Kyrgyzstan to film this tradition which is also starting to grow in Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood favorite Mohammed Morsi. Except in Egypt, Muslims are targeting Coptic women, kidnapping them, and forcing them to convert to Islam before forcing them to marry. To accompany the video, check out post about the same topic. Well sort of. The country decided to uphold the laws in favor of bride kidnapping. I keep going to google looking for instances of Jewish and Christian bride kidnapping. And obviously the search engine giant is part of a conspiracy to hide all of those instances.

New Video: Anwar al-Awlaki from the grave, “Martyr of Dawah”

Im pretty dead-lets hope someone kills the websites my propaganda is on

“You have two choices…leave and live among Muslims, or stay behind and follow the example of Nidal Hassan and others.” This is advice given to Muslims in a new previously unreleased video entitled “The Martyr of Dawah”

al-Malahem Media is releasing a video of Anwar al-Awlaki, the American born loser who turned traitor and went to live in Yemen in order to help radicalize other muslims to fight against the west.

Excerpts of the cult’s propaganda video, “Da’Wah Martyr” are being released. The Memri Blog has decided to embrace the West’s evil capitalism and is offering readers the “full report” for paying subscribers here. While they believe that capitalism and the chasing of profits is the root of all evil in the world, they are comfortable partaking in it just to bring the message that capitalism is in fact evil.

Of course if you dont want to give your hard earned money over to Memri you’re in luck. The radicals have a lot of forums scattered around the intertubes and you can get the video for free. But if you want it you better get it fast before th3j35t3r orders Saladin to permanently take it out 🙂 My fingers are crossed.

This forum post contains a dangerous amount of links to hundreds of uploads and probably shouldn’t even be on the internet. But so far this is the only live link that I have found with the Anwar al-Awlaki video in full.

Screen caps of the forum just for posterity. (cropped out Password) Lets hope it doesnt stay active for too long





PRELUDE: Muslim Brotherhood training in Egypt!

In January 2010 D. Stewart told me that any agitation in Egypt would be US government sponsored and would favor the Muslim Brotherhood over the Mubarak regime. He has now sent me an email assuring me that he has definitive proof of this claim. But forget that recent email, its time to look at a 2010 email that supports this claim (See below for 2010 email)

stand by for the LULZ

That email was from 1/10. Stewart, has confirmed to me that he now has the evidence to prove this claim that he privately made to me more than a year ago. While the details have not yet arisen I know better than to bet against Stewart. So stand by. Details will be available soon.