Crying Wolfe Creates an Online Document Dump

I get it all the time, “Where is Mike Stack? Have you talked to him?”. Of course Ive talked to him. The short answer, and the one we have decided to use, is “He’s busy.” Hey, its better than “No Comment”, right? Well, Stack took a hiatus from blogging on his site and then came back slowly. Well…sort of.

Stack has opened a Slideshare page that is going to act like a document dump and wiki for his site and all things related to the continued harassment of him; including those who knowingly are defying court orders with their relentless pursuit.

Crying Wolfe slideshare

Obsess much?

Obsess much?

Whether you have been following his case from the beginning or you are a new comer, just realize that once the organized left targets you they never go away. They never leave you alone. Some are paid operatives. Some are just desperate to have their name known; since they are already morally and philosophically bankrupt they willingly sign up and join the gang in the attack.

I urge all of those whom have had run ins with these offenders to utilize this important source for whatever their needs may be. Whether it is to alert friends or law enforcement to the offenders’ behavior or to just perfectly hone your intellect to a razor sharp edge, this is an invaluable source available for free.

Rep. Mike Waters was just SWATted. (1, 2) Well, who was targeting him and said he wanted him out on his ass? Take a look at Stack’s docs of the chat logs between Barrett Brown and carlito2000 aka Neal Rauhauser.

That’s just a teaser. Like I said, its an invaluable resource available for absolutely free. Everything, and I mean everything, was captured and saved. As long as they keep up the harassment the more they will be documented for all to see. Enjoy!

And Crying Wolfe Blog is back posting updates faster than Barrett Brown can clench his butt cheeks.

Barret Brown Indictment

Barrett Brown Indictment released today. Brown was arrested for what seems to be threatening law enforcement agents. (Allegedly of course) Be careful what you ask for because in Barrett’s case…he got it. By use of his Twitter account he finally lost it and transformed into the ultimate internet tough guy; invited law enforcement to come get him. They did. Viewable online via DocStoc HERE (or by clicking the picture below)

Download pdf

If its your first time here check the Barrett Brown category. I have a unique experience with this jerk from him threatening to turn my life upside down, calling him out for associating with a known loser/wannabe law enforcement, him accusing me of hacking his Skype chats and posting them on Youtube, and more! Barrett didnt get away with threatening me and he shouldve learned his lesson. Instead he became more confident and threatened law enforcement. Enjoy prison.

Note to Barrett: The arrests for the threats were just to get you into custody. Now they will write up the indictments for the more serious charges they really wanted to put on you. Since you were a flight risk they took the opportunity to eliminate that variable in order to ensure full prosecution; convictions or even accepting a plea deal is always easier for the prosecuting attorney when the defendant is in custody.

The North Texas Attorney’s Office has some lulzy bracelets.

US Court Report: Wiretaps increase 82%

A new report from the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AOUSC), published on June 30, 2011, shows a dramatic across the board increase in approved wiretaps and interceptions. The briefing from the AOUSC can be found here.

While the total increase for state and federal shows only a 34% increase, approved wiretaps approved by federal judges in 2010 show an increase of 84% when compared to 2009 cases. (Raw Data Here) As shocking as the 84% increase is, one of the main reasons for this rise is even more troublesome. From the report:

“These increases were due, at least in part, to changes in reporting procedures and to enhanced AOUSC efforts to ensure that federal and state authorities were aware of their reporting responsibilities.”

Common sense rules. Basically, this number of wiretaps increased, in part, because authorities were not reporting them correctly. Most likely, they weren’t reporting them at all or they were misfiling them. Both scenarios are problematic. If these wiretaps, and the details of parties involved, were just misfiled then they may not have been treated as truly sensitive documents. But if they weren’t misfiled than how many of these wiretaps were obtained and conducted without proper permission?

While the vast majority of the country, regardless of political philosophy, has demanded increase in transparency regarding these affairs it offers little assurance for those in favor of privacy. Since this newest report shows such a dramatic up tick in approved wiretaps, and they admit the increase, in part, was due to confusion in reporting and approval procedure, shouldn’t the next step be a Congressional Investigation? In the spirit of transparency the next logical step would be to shine light on all the cases that were handled inappropriately. If they were handled wrong from the beginning it is entirely possible that the rest of the procedure(s) operated outside of the legal precedence afforded to investigators.