Behind “OUR Walmart”, CRO exposes the shylocks

A literary snob will read that headline and think “Ho ho, another blogger attempts to be an intellectual but falls short. I shall L-O-L for the moment”. What that snob fails to realize is that “OUR Walmart” charges money, and those “lending” their money to the organization will be paid back. The reward they promise to deliver is so great that those paying into the cause are in fact “shylocks” themselves. For a small amount of money they get in return something nearly priceless; the oppurtunity to begin the tearing down of almost unparalleled success. Your money buys an alliance with the CPUSA. From there the project is on cruise-control

My colleague at CRO, Mike Madden, (Twitter: here) has done a fantastic job at exposing this group. Nothing I can say here regarding OUR Walmart, unions, the attempt to destroy Walmart from within (by in effect, socializing it) can do it justice. I must in fact refer you to the post. No matter where your political philosophy falls on the scales, an intelellectually honest person should read this and have questions of their own. If you don’t, reread it. Link to the post below

OUR Walmart: How deep does the Anti-American blood Run?!?

End Note: I actually had a brief conversation on Twitter yesterday with someone who outright said that freedom was a bad thing and would rather have Chinese families not work in factories that make goods for Walmart. I am going to follow up with a detailed post on the difference between the families who have that opportunity and the families that do not. The contrast could not be sharper and the results…well, lets jsut say that anyone that would choose to take that chance away from the family is as cold as toes in Siberia.


Hillary Clinton Admits to State Dept. Funding of Egyptian Opposition Labor Unions

OMG! like Democracy and Stuff is the Answer for Egypt

Put this in your “Whoomp there it is!” folder

Recently the Egypt uprising ties to Labor Unions has been labeled a “Conspiracy Theory”. Well, its hard to call it a “theory” let alone a “conspiracy” when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admits to funding Egyptian Labor Unions in opposition to the Egyptian government.

“We gave grants that the government did not like to support union organizing, to support organizing on behalf of political opposition to the regime.” Read More !

Plus Secretary Clinton gives an uncanny look into Egypt’s future under the Muslim Brotherhood just so long as it is “fair”. I’m not shitting you-Check it out. Just wondering how I am supposed to handle this HB Gary Federal “Non-Scandal” when he keeps hitting me with these bombshells.

UPDATE: The Blaze covered this story and missed Hillary Clinton’s remarks on Egyptian Labor Unions. They cited the Muslim Brotherhood site and asked if Clinton had endorsed the Brotherhood. This was just brought to our attention.