Vice: Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

Believe it or not you can be a “Bride Kidnapping Expert”. Vice magazine goes to Kyrgyzstan to film this tradition which is also starting to grow in Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood favorite Mohammed Morsi. Except in Egypt, Muslims are targeting Coptic women, kidnapping them, and forcing them to convert to Islam before forcing them to marry. To accompany the video, check out post about the same topic. Well sort of. The country decided to uphold the laws in favor of bride kidnapping. I keep going to google looking for instances of Jewish and Christian bride kidnapping. And obviously the search engine giant is part of a conspiracy to hide all of those instances.

Al Qaeda’s New Missiles; Courtesy of Qaddafi. On AIr with Strictly Right Radio

You know the deal. I’ve been tracking stolen SAM’s (Surface to Air Missiles) from Libya by Al Qaeda Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) for 5 months. Strictly Right Radio was the only one to cover this topic as it happened. Now, for the first time, hear Ben Swenson and I talk about it on Strictly Right Radio. Clicking Image will open in new tab to Take That Media

The segment on Al Qaeda’s Libyan missiles starts around 18:00. But its Strictly Right, you should be listening to the whole show! And that’s exactly why I didnt edit it and cut it down 🙂

Behind the Scenes

Originally, a 90 minute podcast on this was supposed to be done on Pat Dollard’s Night Watch. Guess what? An hour before the show we got new intel. We then felt that we should push the show back so we could cover all of the new info we received. But once again we are scooping the mainstream media; months in advance. Stay tuned!!

PS: To Wikileaks-You suck. I’m one guy with a phone and a computer. You are a worldwide organization with hundreds of thousands of (stolen) intelligence docs in your possession. I can do more to make the world a more open and safer place by noon than you have done in your entire history. Your implosion is a shining example of why we don’t let asshats like you obtain intel.

Government Stealth Internet Part 4: Prelude

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Since the start of the revelation of a new government created “stealth internet” the State Dept has gone into damage control. My running series on Your Daddy’s Politics has not only covered the developments but is starting to prove extraordinary claims. First and foremost, the original claim that the government already created a stealth internet. Secondly, it failed so spectacularly that it lead to the arrest, torture, and sometimes murder of innocent dissidents.

The interesting part in all these developments is how the State Department has accidentally proven these claims. In “Government Stealth Internet PT 3” we learned that the uprisings in Tunisia were in fact organized by the State Dept, just like the Egyptian uprising. Part 4 was supposed release those details. However, new developments tonight have taken us in another direction. Tomorrow we will address the theft of Libyan weapons by Al Qaeda Islamic Mehgrab. I tracked these in real time, showing their destinations. But the governments previous “stealth internet” and its security holes lead to the outing of a 20 year operative; losing the missiles. Tonight the State Dept confirmed my claims.

Tomorrow the very strange details will drop concerning the Libyan missiles, my published locations of where they went, and the ST Dept confirmation; one month later. I am doing this post for Pat Dollard and Derised1 in order to bring them up to speed; patriots, friends, and all around good folks. Both a blessing and an asset in any revolution concerning man’s mind and the quest for the naked simple truth.

To get up to speed here are the first three parts:

New Government Stealth Internet-Because the Last One Failed

Stealth Internet Part 2: Who is creating it and how dangerous are they?

State Dept Freaks out-Holds Press Conf with Anonymous Officials

Leaked Saif Gaddafi Video Shows Polar Opposite of Image Projected Through Media

What happened to the soft-spoken son of Muammar al Gaddafi? New leaked video taken by a Gaddafi supporter shows Saif whooping up a crowd, assault rifle in hand, vowing to arm his supporters to take back lost ground.

Calling the protesters “nothing” and referring to them as “bums, brats, and druggies” Saif al Islam vows to return with more weapons so that they can sweep Tripoli clean of protesters. Gaddafi also hints at having them equipped in police gear and entering the protests undercover (very Cass Sunstein of him) Translation available in the description on youtube.

What happened to the respectable Saif al-Islam Gaddafi that was presented to us through the lens of the mainstream media?

Developments on Iraq: “We are all Rizwan Ali”

When the new Islamic Omma Party was announced last Monday an article appeared on their sister site detailing how to achieve a revolution in Iraq similar to Egypt. We brought you the details of that on the day of the announcement; you can find that here

They outlined exactly what was needed in order to secure a strong revolution in Iraq to “sweep the occupation into the dustbin of history” and move towards the new Islamic nation. (i.e. the Caliphate)

1) Youth in the Streets

2) Simple Logos

3) [fast] Media (social networking)

Today they got all three.

Rizwan Ali, a 13 year-old boy, was shot and killed by Kurdish security forces. Just like Egypt Facebook and Twitter exploded. A “We are all Rizwan Ali” Facebook page went up and the youth started to make their logos. The Youth involvement exploded.

Logo for Sulimani (The area of the most violent protests)

Logo for Rizwan Ali

Jared Cohen and Jason Liebman (Founders of the Alliance for Youth Movements) were asked about the concern on the social networking push in Iraq while on their paid State Dept trip in 2009.

They were asked, citing extremists, as well as people just “pissed off because they dont have electricity”, werent they concerned about this being used negatively in poorly developed or still developing democracies. Cohen’s first response is incoherent-so much so that another reporter has to bring it up again. Read Google Iraq: Breaking Baghdad (by the way at the top of the list of the protesters today: Electricity!)

“Even if our protests our peaceful now, they wont be later”-Saad Abdul Razzaq (50, School Teacher). Mind you this was after they burned down the provincial government party headquarters. Remember, they are demanding electricity and water. Google, The Alliance for Youth Movements, and the State Department didn’t think that was a valid concern in the big digital push on Iraq in 2009

Videos and pictures from the Streets

(Caution some images are graphic)

Attacking Party Headquarters before it being set on fire

Rizwan Ali (13 years old-killed)

Outside KDP Headquarters