Attack on Nairobi: Religion of Peace Strikes Again

Well, we can’t seem to go a few hours without the savages taking a few people with them on their mission of martyrdom. If you haven’t heard, shopping malls are considered so offensive to the 7th century-minded losers in Kenya that they decided they must attack the building. Unfortunately, there were people in the building, so naturally, when a 7th century mentality is applied, those folks must be killed as well.

Cryptome has a series of photos taken on the scene during the Nairobi attack. Yet every time I see images like this from any corner of the globe, I think “How much longer will the world tolerate this?” After all, the world only let the Nazi’s go on a worldwide killing spree for just a short time.

UPDATE: DRUEZ.INFO is claiming that 5 of the Jihadist are from the United States. (via

Finally, Ancient Aliens Debunked

I am going to go way off topic here but few things have pissed me off more than Ancient Aliens and the absolutism professed by the guests on the show. Ancient Aliens Debunked is a great new website and documentary taht approaches the evidence rationally, logically, and most importantly, scientifically. The first time I saw the show I said to myself “there is no such thing as an ‘ancient alien (or astronaut) theorist'” and it looks like I was right. Hats off to this gentleman for taking the time to do the scientific community justice and put these lame paranormal propagandist mutual-masturbators in their place. Long live truth and reason! back to documenting the intentional destruction of our republic.

PRELUDE: Muslim Brotherhood training in Egypt!

In January 2010 D. Stewart told me that any agitation in Egypt would be US government sponsored and would favor the Muslim Brotherhood over the Mubarak regime. He has now sent me an email assuring me that he has definitive proof of this claim. But forget that recent email, its time to look at a 2010 email that supports this claim (See below for 2010 email)

stand by for the LULZ

That email was from 1/10. Stewart, has confirmed to me that he now has the evidence to prove this claim that he privately made to me more than a year ago. While the details have not yet arisen I know better than to bet against Stewart. So stand by. Details will be available soon.