New START treaty allows for increase in Russian nuclear warheads

Its like a cute little US.

Originally when the New START treaty was drafted critics said it would allow for Russia to increase the amount of nuclear warheads. These critics were labeled as fear-mongers. Now a report from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (May 2011) has confirmed these concerns. The report, authored by old school nuclear pros Hans Kristensen and Robert Norris, draws some interesting conclusions. Kristensen and Norris are such heavy hitters in the nuclear field they should have atomic groupies. But more than likely they own Fleshlights. Click image for report; bullet points below

  • Russia’s total inventory is 11,000 warheads
  • New START does not place any restrictions on stockpile size (stockpile can increase)
  • Only strategically deployed warheads will be withdrawn
  • Reserves the right to use nukes in retaliation according to new doctrine from 2010
  • Retaliatory action can be used if their allies are threatened (Hello Iran)

A reduction of the strategically deployed missiles may be a victory in political circles. But that crowd seems to lack the ability to think beyond their talking points. They (Russia) can increase their “solid state” fueled missiles. Think of the space shuttle; the boosters are solid state fuel. Once that baby is in place and is ignited its gone. Taking some of these off line only pushes back a launch of nukes by an hour or so; to get them in place.

The only saving grace in this whole story has nothing to do with START. The unsuccessful, and slow, development of the new class of submarine deployed nuclear missiles has been the biggest impediment on the arsenal. This is a result of Russia’s poor engineering; not a product of any treaty. As matter of fact we witnessed this failure when President Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize. That crazy light show over Oslo was a failed Russian submarine nuke launch from the Barents Sea. It was the new Bulava class missile fired from the Dmitrii Donskoi.

WikiLeaks is a LIE

All of the cables seem too convenient. They justify every sceptics assertions to a tee. Think about it; Victor Bout, Lockerbie, Spain and their “Green” Socialist Economy taken verbatim out of a Glenn Beck monologue. But they may have blown their cover on the Bulgaria cables released a few hours ago. I gathered my old school team on a conference call; Tim (private security contractor), and Avery Krause (expert counterfeiter) So much is wrong. Glenn Beck is sort of on this but I’ll show you why this is really fake. All roads lead back to Bulgaria with tonights cables.

There are two possibilities in the error of this cable:

1) It is the most incomplete intelligence briefing ever written or;

2) It was altered or completely fabricated by a non-government affiliate

Wiki Leaks Bulgarian Cables

In the dox on Bulgaria that Wiki Leaks released tonight every piece of information is either wrong or way off. The cable gives an outline on Bulgaria and the extent of their organized crime. However, this is limited to VAT tax fraud and typical New York style mob behavior. So why is this WRONG?

My other House is in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has been well known for its “Ultra-Capitalism”, trust me I know. So much so that organized crime has been known to dabble in weapon sales. And I’m not talking about machine guns. The same construction contractors that once ran the drug business are also known for their Nuclear Material sales (click picture for story) And it gets better-stay tuned

Whoa Baby!!!

But yet the State Department Cables makes no mention of this activity. Shouldnt a profile on the local organized crime targets make mention of this? It doesnt. Originally a French journalist came to Bulgaria and purchased a Nuclear War-Head…Right after September 11, 2001. The authenticity was verified by Fedor Patchenko (Ex Vice Director Soviet Atomic Program) and was sold out of the ammo dump in Sliven. Not to mention an American Journalist, Matthew Brunwasser helped and its all on video. Not only that but local mercenaries got caught in a sting operation selling Uranium.(above picture/link) Don’t you think this would be important in an “official” and “classified” cable that is designed to properly brief intelligence operatives? But it makes no mention of this at all. Instead the organized crime figures of Bulgaria are bookies and currency counterfeiters. Please watch how Osama bin Laden wanted to buy nuclear waste from their closest nuke plant Kozloduy. Since 2001 none of this was even close to being secret-the stories appeared in major media outlets.

Click for Video

Sebelius: You’re not smarter than a kindergärtner

Are you smarter than a kindergärtner? HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius thinks there is a chance you may not be. Add this to your “Democrat citizen contempt” folder.

In a press release from HHS today highlighting the Secretary’s address to the United Fresh Produce Association on 9/16/10 she said:

Any kindergarten student can tell you that fruits and vegetable are good for you. But last year, only one third of American adults had fruit or even fruit juice twice a day as recommended.  Only a quarter ate vegetable the recommended three times per day.

She continues her justified war on groceries by stating:

Lots of people want to eat healthy, but they’re not sure what’s good for them and what’s not.

Citing her experiences as a mom she reflects back:

When you have a kid tugging on your arm, you don’t always have time to read the nutrition facts on every box of cereals or snacks.

Cant read the label? blame it on the kids

Well, if you search state by state there is 8.9-14.7% of adults that actually do have the time to read every nutritional label…The Unemployed!

Secretary Sebelius also states that healthy food is more than “1 mile” away from a citizen’s house. She claims it takes “20 minutes” to get to these locations that offer healthier choices and it is totally unacceptable. Are they all walking?

And then it becomes time to state the obvious:

And we’re revamping the federal dietary guidelines to emphasize what everyone in this room already knows, that fruits and vegetables need to be a part of a healthy diet.

Thanks for spending our $$$ to “revamp” a program you admit will address common knowledge.

Let us revisit some of the common problems of Government run everything. During an interview in Cuba last year a local rapper, Panfilo, buts in to tell the camera man “What we need is food (jama-comida), the hunger [in Cuba] is great!” This stunt landed him in prison This sounds similar to Sebelius’ “zero tolerance” threats to health insurers raising premiums due to Health Care Reform mandates

And lets revisit Diane Watson praising Fidel Castro’s system of perfection