The DOE’s new tool BITES. Seriously, thats the name

The Department of Energy’s EERE (Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy) Program has released a new online tool called BITES. Im not kidding. BITES is the abbreviation for the “Buildings Industry Transportation Electricity Scenarios” which is currently in its beta version.  The website itself actually looks pretty cool; it actually may not “bite”, at least not upon first impression. By creating certain scenarios people can measure their energy output across various categories. In addition, the BITES tool can help an individual or business get an idea of how to cut back on energy use, what can be saved by switching to alternative fuels, etc. Just about any scenario can be plugged in and the user can get a very colorful and informative output; they can even make a shiny video! I am wondering how much this “tool” cost. Of course there is a section reserved for educators and classroom exercises will be available soon. That may, in fact, totally bite. We shall see.



Obama admin rethinks solar amid depressing results…with more money

Energy Department Launches New Research Program to Advance Solar Technologies

February 23, 2012

As part of the Obama Administration’s blueprint for an American economy built to last, Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced $3 million available this year to support research to significantly lower the cost of solar energy.

How many Department of Energy solar programs have gone belly up in just the past year? Even those who follow the news in alternative energy have probably lost track. How many hundreds of billions of dollars have been lost between loans and grants that can never be returned to the taxpayer? Never fear though, the Obama administration has decided to fix the problems that plague the solar industry. The specifics are too numerous to name so the entire sector needs to reevaluated and overhauled. Surprisingly enough this is going to be tackled successfully with a mere $3 million.

The first question that comes to mind is that if the industry itself could’ve been successfully tweaked with such a small amount of funding then why wasn’t that done before the collapse of the many companies awarded contracts, funding, and loans? The challenges that solar energy has faced to become economical and equitable were no secret, and those problems have plagued that industry and technology for well over a hundred years.

What’s more, since advancing America’s “competitiveness” by “the end of this decade”, is named as one of the objectives how are we defining said term? Solar has been a losing proposition for every country that has bet on it. But there is an obnoxiously backwards philosophy in the clean energy industry. Countries that have been actively “competing” are finding themselves in a rush to the bottom. Whomever gets there first is the winner. So is our goal to manipulate the results of solar just enough to become acceptable in the public sphere so we can actively compete in this rush to the bottom? The recent results and the philosophy that guides the venture seems to answer that for us.

With the recent disastrous results one would think the administration’s solar policy would be put on hold. Or better yet demand that solar companies make the adjustments first to prove the resource is viable and traditionally competitive before awarding any further funding. But that is logical and sensible; something alien to bureaucrats and government types whom believe success can be achieved simply because one wills it.

I was going to do a brief list and explanation of the solar companies that have failed under the administration but why bother? Everyone has a Google.

Greece: Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei added to U.S. Terrorist List

Credit: Associated Press

It is not often that the current administration acts and I can applaud. Of course this wasnt a hard decision to make for the White House and the State Department.

Today the State Department added Greece’s “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei” to its growing list of terrorist groups. [Press Release] With this designation this forbids U.S. citizens from contributing financially or providing any type of material support to the group. So if you live in the US and you helped them out then its time to disappear. Melt your hard drive, steal someone’s identity, and move to my old favorite place to hide; Oaxaca.

Some Background Info:

Violent Extremism Knowledge Base

Athens Court Bombing

Member Arrested after Random check: Hand Grenade, Pistol, and Pen Camera

I’m sure you get the point. But I encourage everyone to read up on these low-life bastards. Nothing will surprise you. Leftists being leftists. If they can not get their demands met they go right to violence. Same shit, different country.



Confidential: Department of Justice Phone Spying Guide.

Spying on people through their telephone is serious business. In doing so a federal agency must have rules and procedures in place. Those operating procedures are not often discussed in detail openly. Below you will find Eric Holder’s Department of Justice’s Telephone Spying Guide. This document is labeled as “Confidential” and the details are not supposed to be publicly disclosed. Click the image to bring you to the full document. I have a tie-in investigation that includes this report (and others) so my opinion on this document will be held until a later time.

Time Traveling? Or is Wikileaks Re-Publishing Cables in attempt to stay relevant

Marty, fuck the Libyans! We need to screw with Wikileaks

In December 2010 we published a criticism on Wikileaks publishing secret and confidential cables regarding the Bulgarian organized crime rackets. It had already been documented that nuclear warheads were being sold to the highest bidder; backed up with video and related news articles. The criticism was that Wikileaks chose not release the most important cables regarding black market nukes. So a comparison was made between the cable Wikileaks released and pieces of publicly available intel from Bulgaria. Now Wikileaks has republished the cable with a release date of 7/20/2011. Odd

Watch this: Here is the original post entitled “Wikileaks is a Lie”. Notice the date? December 7, 2010. In the second section the bold link titled “released tonight” takes you to this cable-which now has a release date of July 20, 2011. They may change the release date back so here is a screen cap with the new publish date in case they do

So what happened? Here are a few possibilities:

1) I traveled forward in time, downloaded the cable, came back to 12/10, hacked into Wikileaks, and made a working link. All so I could create this post today

2) Wikileaks is desperately trying to stay relevant and has nothing of use left to publish

3) They are as incompetent and dishonest as the governments they detest

In WordPress you can go back and make changes and the original publish date will stay the same. (I was also tipped off that this would be their defense). Its a good thing I have people like Greg at Your Daddy’s Politics. We tag-teamed this topic and cross-referenced the posts. For posterity you can see him referencing them much early than the new Wikileaks publish date. First on Feb 13, 2011, and the follow up May 2, 2011

Their is one last thing that needs to be said and I will say it directly to the staff of Wikileaks. In my first post one of the sections is labeled “My other house is in Bulgaria” Odd right? Especially since I made no mention of “owning” a house in Bulgaria. One of your trusted staff knows exactly what this is in reference to. It seems that open information advocates are not entirely open.

You dun goofed

Peace Out


Special thanks to Greg @ Your Daddy’s Politics and Strictly Right host Mr. Simple C. Sense