Why was Lane Lipton aka Qritiq Terminated?

Lane Lipton aka Qritiq (Twitter) has been on my radar for a while; I think it was the whole being in touch in real time with Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rahauser during Mike Stack’s court appearance that perked my ears and got me interested.

And then there was the rushing to Ron Brynaert’s defense when Ron has never had a problem bombarding me with tweets in the past. I responded by tweeting her IP address and later copying @twitter. She claimed it was a TOS violation. I was never banned because everyone knows that the internet is serious fucking business and everyone on it is super concerned with Lane Lipton’s feelings.

But more on all of that later.

The real question is…

Why was Lane Lipton terminated earlier this year as the “Supervisor of Adult Education”?

*Glen Cove meeting minutes uploaded to Doc Stoc HERE

*Google Cache HERE

*Original (Opens in new tab) HERE

Its extremely hard to even get demoted let alone terminated in the field of education. And just for good measure, here is an original program from the Glen Cove District showing her over Adult Ed. Cache, and Original

Until next time

Peace out.

PS: In real life most carnival prizes are larger than Brett Kimberlin. Seriously.

Coming up this week: Diamonds are Forever…

Please take a seat, any seat. The view is the same no matter where you are seated...and enjoy the show

Just a heads up for what is coming up this week. A considerable amount of tweeps have started to follow me over the past week so this is for you guys.

1) Part 2 of Barret Brown Living in Denial, More details of my Conversation with him and the hack of his personal phone calls. You can find the back story here, and part 2 will be addressing his hacked phone calls-available here. Contributor Ben Grier posted the link to the post and Brown had mistaken him for me. That coudlve been resolved with Google. But fuck it, Brown doesnt do research unless he is targeting someone or creating the bibliography for his book.

2) [nano] Diamonds are Forever. I called up my good friend Pat Dollard. He was busy doing his regular daily activities; tossing dwarves into a pond, wrestling hyenas, etc. And said, “Hey, remember how much of a flop the new START treaty was? Well I got an internal document. The Russians lied to the IAEA. They slid the head of underground nuclear explosions into the pact and said he was an expert in nano diamonds.” Hmmm. Iran is their ally; they are testing underground. But I’m sure there is nothing to see here. Dollard boxed up a dwarf and Fed Ex’ed it to me. Back story on IAEA and START available here

3) Mystery Project. But I’ll give you a hint. “Ivan Petrov”, Guraba, Anwar al-Awlaki, Farrakhan, and Malcolm X. What does this have to do with the US? Stay tuned. I might have to bring John Brooks in on this. No back story available, so this should be a ton of fun.

4) Crying Wolfe. The deranged and terrible tale of a private individual targeted for total destruction. New developments required the party van to be fueled up…Don’t know the back story? I’ll give you the tl;dr version. Mike Stack retweets Anthony Weiner pic and his life has been hell ever since; including a SWAT’ting. This from the tolerant left

Obama admin rethinks solar amid depressing results…with more money

Energy Department Launches New Research Program to Advance Solar Technologies

February 23, 2012

As part of the Obama Administration’s blueprint for an American economy built to last, Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced $3 million available this year to support research to significantly lower the cost of solar energy.

How many Department of Energy solar programs have gone belly up in just the past year? Even those who follow the news in alternative energy have probably lost track. How many hundreds of billions of dollars have been lost between loans and grants that can never be returned to the taxpayer? Never fear though, the Obama administration has decided to fix the problems that plague the solar industry. The specifics are too numerous to name so the entire sector needs to reevaluated and overhauled. Surprisingly enough this is going to be tackled successfully with a mere $3 million.

The first question that comes to mind is that if the industry itself could’ve been successfully tweaked with such a small amount of funding then why wasn’t that done before the collapse of the many companies awarded contracts, funding, and loans? The challenges that solar energy has faced to become economical and equitable were no secret, and those problems have plagued that industry and technology for well over a hundred years.

What’s more, since advancing America’s “competitiveness” by “the end of this decade”, is named as one of the objectives how are we defining said term? Solar has been a losing proposition for every country that has bet on it. But there is an obnoxiously backwards philosophy in the clean energy industry. Countries that have been actively “competing” are finding themselves in a rush to the bottom. Whomever gets there first is the winner. So is our goal to manipulate the results of solar just enough to become acceptable in the public sphere so we can actively compete in this rush to the bottom? The recent results and the philosophy that guides the venture seems to answer that for us.

With the recent disastrous results one would think the administration’s solar policy would be put on hold. Or better yet demand that solar companies make the adjustments first to prove the resource is viable and traditionally competitive before awarding any further funding. But that is logical and sensible; something alien to bureaucrats and government types whom believe success can be achieved simply because one wills it.

I was going to do a brief list and explanation of the solar companies that have failed under the administration but why bother? Everyone has a Google.

Tutorial: How to expose an “Anonymiss”

DISCLAIMER: This is for research and teaching purposes only. I am not making any claim or accusation that this person is involved in the despicable acts that Kos contributors have partaken in over the past year. This is strictly an example of how to use a personal blog to lift the veil of anonymity.

When someone creates an online persona starting with the intention of remaining anonymity it usually isnt a big deal. However, when they are politically motivated they are usually doing this for the purpose of starting shit and harassing people. So here is a quick tutorial on how to use the smallest clues to unmask some of these losers. Ive chosen someone who calls themselves “Anonymiss”.

If you have noticed the “anonymiss” tag has slimed its way over to Daily Kos some time ago. Now we know the group has more than one member but for all intents and purposes we will focus on just one. Anonymiss in DC seems like a good place to start and that is what we will use for an example. So in a few easy steps I’ll show you how this is done

1) The first thing we see in the side bar is that she is a Daily Kos fan. Great, we’re on the right track. Plus her blog postings include her adventures of going to see the inauguration of Obama and random light slams against those who are not liberals. Moving on…

2) Dont bother starting at the most recent entries. Go to the earliest. This is something that I learned from my homegirl Mandy Nagy (aka Liberty Chick). Start at the beginning and work your way forward. It gives you a great picture of who you are dealing with and the chances of missing an important detail is greatly reduced. So, lets go to the first month of the blogging, December 2008 entitled “Wrong Number, Anyone?”; this is where we learn her identity and is chock full of clues. Ok, see picture below, this is where you should be.

3) In this post she is aggravated because she has received two voice-mails from people that are complaining about the biased news coverage. She makes it a point to stress that she is not in the news business. As she states, “Keep in mind that my work has NOTHING to do with the Middle East. At all. Zip. Zero. Nor am I a reporter.” One person complains about the covering of the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. The second is a larger clue. So lets take her own words again.

“Fortunately, the next message happens to be from a much more rational guy from some newspaper in Pennsylvania who was wondering if I could help him get some more information about an article “I” ran on the Treasury.”

Now we know that there is an article in December 2008 that has a byline (author’s name) on it that is either the exact same name as hers or at least close enough to mistake her for the author. Do you see how easy this is yet? She then confirms that the callers that found their way to her voice mail were actually looking for the Associated Press.

“And then I call the Associated Press, who tells me that they’re really sorry, but people must be misdialing my number, which is similar to the number for the Business Desk.”

And then again she confirms it. She returns the call to one gentleman and tells him:

“I manage to say ‘Hi, I just wanted to let you know that you called and left me a message about an Associated Press article yesterday but you had the wrong number.'”

4) She has given us everything. Finding out her name now couldn’t be easier. At this point you swing over to Google and look for Associated Press articles from December 2008 with a female author. You will find the article on the Palestinian conflict as well as the article on the Treasury. Go ahead and check, I’ll wait. Ok are you back? Got the name? Great, now enter that name into Google and see if there is another person with the same name in Washington D.C. Well I’ll be damned, there are only two people in the country with this name and yes, one is actually in DC while the AP writer just has a DC number.

Great Job! You just unmasked an “Anonymiss” No hacking needed. Now you know her name and where she works. You used information that she freely provided. Bonus: Afterwards you can check out their friends and see what they are saying. Heyyyy, wait a minute, they actually tweeted a picture of her with the caption? “Not so anonymous now are ya?” Yes they did.

(L) Carrie Clark, (R) Anonymiss in DC

PS-if that blog posting goes away it is in the Freeze Page Data Base and can be viewed HERE

END NOTE REGARDING THE REAL ANONYMOUS AND ANONYMISS: I am not targeting any real member of Anon or an of those who are the real Anonymiss. I am targeting the political hacks, the paid political operatives, who were such cowards that they decided to use illegal means to intimidate their political opponents and used YOUR good name to hide behind. I am talking about people like Neal Rauhauser of Progressive PST. New fags were the cancer that was killing /b. Rauhauser is just one example of the poison that is killing ANON. Ask him yourself and he’ll just attempt to Triforce so he can prove that he is a legit. The Anonymiss of the Daily Kos are not legit; Ditto on the other ANONS teamed up with Daily Kos. The sharp anons are picked up on his fake profiles and his lame attempts to co-opt Anon and labeled him as COINTELPRO and called him out. Congrats, you were spot on.

US Court Report: Wiretaps increase 82%

A new report from the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AOUSC), published on June 30, 2011, shows a dramatic across the board increase in approved wiretaps and interceptions. The briefing from the AOUSC can be found here.

While the total increase for state and federal shows only a 34% increase, approved wiretaps approved by federal judges in 2010 show an increase of 84% when compared to 2009 cases. (Raw Data Here) As shocking as the 84% increase is, one of the main reasons for this rise is even more troublesome. From the report:

“These increases were due, at least in part, to changes in reporting procedures and to enhanced AOUSC efforts to ensure that federal and state authorities were aware of their reporting responsibilities.”

Common sense rules. Basically, this number of wiretaps increased, in part, because authorities were not reporting them correctly. Most likely, they weren’t reporting them at all or they were misfiling them. Both scenarios are problematic. If these wiretaps, and the details of parties involved, were just misfiled then they may not have been treated as truly sensitive documents. But if they weren’t misfiled than how many of these wiretaps were obtained and conducted without proper permission?

While the vast majority of the country, regardless of political philosophy, has demanded increase in transparency regarding these affairs it offers little assurance for those in favor of privacy. Since this newest report shows such a dramatic up tick in approved wiretaps, and they admit the increase, in part, was due to confusion in reporting and approval procedure, shouldn’t the next step be a Congressional Investigation? In the spirit of transparency the next logical step would be to shine light on all the cases that were handled inappropriately. If they were handled wrong from the beginning it is entirely possible that the rest of the procedure(s) operated outside of the legal precedence afforded to investigators.