“Stop Snitchin” features Carmelo Anthony, Obama invitee to “NBA Heroes” Fundraiser

**Hat tip to Drudge Report for blasting this out there, ABC Denver (here), and The Weekly Standard

White House events always draw a lot of attention. Most of that attention is focused on the guest list. Fans and supporters of President Obama will fawn over the prestigious guests while his opponents will find and exploit the questionable attendees. While critics slammed  the Obama Administration for inviting Common [Sense] for his comments about George W. Bush (“burn a Bush” and “fuck Bush”) they missed other lyrics that should’ve been equally concerning. However, today they seem to be a little more fitting.

On the DJ Skee and Nu Jersey Devil mixtape “You Know What it is Vol. 3” Common [Sense] does the intro to The Game’s track “Where I’m from”. While shouting out to Chicago he says “Chicago to Compton, gangbanging is the revolution.” that appears to have been recorded over the phone; not uncommon for artists on mixtapes to do. That can be heard here in the preview of the track. (click “preview” button on right)

And now, from the Weekly Standard blog:

This evening in New York City, President Obama will be fundraising with “NBA heroes,” according to his spokesman. Those “heroes” include Michael Jordan (who is also a failed baseball player), Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, and, perhaps most interestingly, Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony helped make the pro-drugs YouTube video called “Stop Snitchin.”

The Controversial Video


End Notes on The White House’s own Gangbanging Revolution

> Smacking down your homie when you feel they are violating (i.e. suing Arizona over SB 1070)

> Running guns like a boss (Fast and Furious)

> Snatching that paper, even from the elderly ($500+ Billion taken from Medicare)

> Have a crew of little weasels that can show up and smash things (OWS)

Shall I keep going?

Egypt Investigation: The Final Wrap-Up

This is it folks. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is expected to be an official functioning party on June 17, and have their executive leaders selected inside of one month. In honor of their official involvement in Egyptian politics I intend to finish my investigation and coverage. What you will see published this week you will not see published anywhere else. Actually, it already started.

“New Government Stealth Internet-Because the last one failed” at Your Daddy’s Politics is the first step in driving the final nails in this deranged public diplomacy coffin. The New York Times ran an article yesterday that missed everything. The previous attempts from the US Government to create this was never mentioned in the article. Great journalism guys. It has also been directly responsible for losing an asset tracking stolen Libyan surface to air missiles, the arrest, torture, and murder of dissidents throughout the Middle East, all while it was being promoted to help dissidents living under oppressive regimes operate safely. Their tool ended up helping the oppressors; and it really took off in Egypt

What is Coming this Week

  • Training the Muslim Brotherhood to be good democrats so that they can slide into a leadership role (confirmed by State Dept)
  • Who is actually creating this Stealth Internet and their new employees who oversaw the Egyptian revolution (and pushed for the same thing in Iraq potentially endangering US troops)
  • The bipartisan progressive disaster of the toppling of an ally. Key organizers recently meeting with George W Bush.
  • The proper and complete dismantling of the learned and accomplished officials whose advocacy in favor of Muslim Brotherhood, made both publicly and privately, was necessary to achieve the toppling of one of our allies.
  • And then…well I’m saving the best for last. With the proper attention, and all facts considered this should result in a Congressional investigation(s).

The Complete Guide

These are the investigative posts and articles in chronological order for the reader who wants to be brought up to speed. After reading the articles on this list you will know more about the US Government’s role in all the recent uprisings than any pundit or academic egghead from any think tank. Along the way we will be taking some of these frauds apart piece by piece. Allies have been toppled, innocents have been arrested, tortured, and murdered. I started this and now I intend to finish it; on my terms.

State Department Interviews Reveal Potential Egyptian Bombshell – Which was featured on Glenn Beck’s radio show (Video Here) This is what started it all.

Google Egypt: Ghonim not the only tie to protesters. Which was then plagiarized by Glenn Beck which he and his staff made no attempt to correct even after being made aware of it. See this in my part 4 of my Breitbart interview here

Google Egypt 2: Delete Everything – The organizers asked me to delete my articles after the revolution kicked off. I refused, they deleted their own info but not before I screen-capped it

Google Iraq: Breaking Baghdad – Yes, the same revolutionary pencil necks (State Dept, Google, et al) working with the State Dept tried to set Iraq on fire with complete disregard for our troops still in the country.

Clinton Admits funding opposition labor unions in Egyptian uprisings: Shortly after the fall of Mubarak Clinton tells Egyptian activists that they “gave grants to opposition labor unions to support organizing on behalf of the opposition.” She also said the results in Egypt were “what we hoped for is what happened.”

Protesters shot and murdered in Egypt while in custody (VIDEO-Graphic). While Egypt security forces were rounding up protesters they also executed at least one while behind bars. Also secret undergrund torture prison raided, hundreds of electrical torture devices stashed (VIDEO-think Lethal Weapon)

“We are the Muslim Brotherhoods workers” How the fast growth of anti-Mubarak labor unions is helping them develop electoral power (with video)

State Department to Youth Groups discussing the redemptive qualities of Mohammed Atta, how he was effective as a community organizer, and had the same “power with people” as they do. (With video) Amazingly this speech was given just weeks before the Egyptian uprising-which they not only funded, but helped plan.

Plagiarized by Glenn Beck – discussed in the second part of my interview with Andrew Breitbart.