Justice Dept Obtaining AP Phone Records; Full Text Letter to Holder from AP

Today the Associated Press revealed that the Justice Department illegally obtained two months of phone records from Associated Press reporters and editors across the various agency offices. From the AP story:

The Justice Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press in what the news cooperative’s top executive called a “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into how news organizations gather the news.

During the implementation of the Patriot Act the opponents justified their disapproval for this sweeping government power by citing the future potential of abuse in federal agencies having the ability to obtain information that should remain private; information that the government could still obtain through the proper channels (i.e. warrants, subpoenas, etc.). Since the Patriot Act has been in full swing there has been remarkably little abuse of this power. Or maybe I am just the optimist. I had expected intrusions on a regular basis, especially with news groups attempting to protect confidential sources.

Naturally, the administration that thinks government has the power to take over whole industries would have no problem over-stepping the legal boundaries surrounding the first amendment and the protection it offers everyone. The only part that surprises me is that no matter how friendly you are to this administration they always regard you as a potential enemy. Think of how cooperative the AP has been with this administration. Yet they still regard them as an adversary. Can you imagine having to live like that? You even have to be ready to take down your friends.

AP Letter to Eric Holder

While everyone will write their own report on this story and add in their own two cents (like I did above), most wont publish the letter form the AP to Holder. They would rather just drive traffic to their site and give you the opinion they think you should have. Clicking the image will take you to the full letter via our DocStoc account. Comments are always welcome. (PDF direct download)

AP letter to Holder

Barret Brown Indictment

Barrett Brown Indictment released today. Brown was arrested for what seems to be threatening law enforcement agents. (Allegedly of course) Be careful what you ask for because in Barrett’s case…he got it. By use of his Twitter account he finally lost it and transformed into the ultimate internet tough guy; invited law enforcement to come get him. They did. Viewable online via DocStoc HERE (or by clicking the picture below)

Download pdf


If its your first time here check the Barrett Brown category. I have a unique experience with this jerk from him threatening to turn my life upside down, calling him out for associating with a known loser/wannabe law enforcement, him accusing me of hacking his Skype chats and posting them on Youtube, and more! Barrett didnt get away with threatening me and he shouldve learned his lesson. Instead he became more confident and threatened law enforcement. Enjoy prison.

Note to Barrett: The arrests for the threats were just to get you into custody. Now they will write up the indictments for the more serious charges they really wanted to put on you. Since you were a flight risk they took the opportunity to eliminate that variable in order to ensure full prosecution; convictions or even accepting a plea deal is always easier for the prosecuting attorney when the defendant is in custody.

The North Texas Attorney’s Office has some lulzy bracelets.

Confidential: Department of Justice Phone Spying Guide.

Spying on people through their telephone is serious business. In doing so a federal agency must have rules and procedures in place. Those operating procedures are not often discussed in detail openly. Below you will find Eric Holder’s Department of Justice’s Telephone Spying Guide. This document is labeled as “Confidential” and the details are not supposed to be publicly disclosed. Click the image to bring you to the full document. I have a tie-in investigation that includes this report (and others) so my opinion on this document will be held until a later time.