Soros’ & Ford Foundation-Heavy Involvement in Education and Policy related Video Games

Part 1 (Soros cronies and fake scientists)

We are all very aware of just how focused leftists are on producing high quality propaganda. (My previous post of the Teachers Unions Cartoons touches on this). And even though  they have their “low rent” thugs they also have their sophisticated agents from Academia. Bear with me, this list is long but informative. And will cross multiple programs, companies, and non-profits

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Fate of the World (FTW)

Set to release on October 26 2010 “Fate of the World is a dramatic global strategy game based on the latest science. You, as head of the Global Environment Organisation (much akin to the World Trade Organisation) must complete a series of missions and make the necessary tactical decisions to call the shots for all mankind”

You can play different themed mission like “Oil Crash America” or “Dr. Apocalypse” where your mission is to raise the Earth’s temperature. The development company, properly named Red Redemption, is staffed with leftists from The Soros Foundation, The Ford Foundation, and The MacArthur Foundation. Their previously released title “Climate Change” can be played here

The Staff

Gobion Rowlands is the director and co-founder of Red Redemption Ltd. prior to this venture Rowlands worked as a consultant to the Soros Foundation as well as other left leaning organizations. His grandfather use to tell him heroic Nordic saga’s “which fueled his early interests in mythology”. So naturally his love for mythology led him over to the Church of Climate Change. Along with helping leftists take over the world he also makes little model figurines (Awwwwww)

Diana Liverman Is an Advisory Board member at Red Redemption. She has an impressive CV and a good knack for pushing the Climate Change propaganda forward. She took a research fellowship awarded through the MacArthur Foundation and currently is on the Advisory Board  for the Ford Foundation at CUNY

Before heading off the Copenhagen she discusses about being more “optimistic” and very “pleased by Obama”. Then she makes a quick comment about an upcoming publication in Nature magazine in which she tells the world to start thinking about a world that is 4 degrees centigrade warmer, which she admits is “mind boggling” but it is needed to “add urgency to cut emissions even more [than current UN recommendation]” I find this incredible-its the first time I’ve heard a scientist say openly that they are making “mind-boggling” claims to help push policy.

Dr. Liverman also sits on the board of Cape Farewell. An organization that focuses on writers, educators,scientists, and youth collaborating to save the world. Complete with lesson plans

Part 2

(Timothy Geithner, Games 4 Change, & more Soros cronies)

IMPORTANT UPDATE 2:47 pm 10/6/09-Asi Bukar has contacted me  and corrections have been made to this section. Corrections listed at end of post

Now we swing over to Games for Change which is not only funded by large liberal charities but guess who makes an appearance here on the Board? Thats right-Fate of The World creator and Red Redemption’s Director Gobion Rowlands along with other members of the Ford Foundation


Games For Change Co-President Asi Burak previously came from Impact Games and had some success with “Play the News” and Peacemaker. However, one the funders at Games For Change is The Fry Foundation which gives money to Rashid Khalidi’s AAAN group-A known anti-Israel group (see below for funders)

Operation Cast Lead (Screen Shot with link) Was a short burst from “Play the News”. An innovative prediction and real life scenario game that revolves around the current news.

Games 4 Change Funders are: (along with some select grantees and donors)

The Fry Foundation: donated $ to Tides Foundation, Woods Fund of Chicago, and the AAAN (Rashid Khalidi’s group) that is allied with CAIR as well as the SEIU

Surdna Foundation: grantees include-Tides Foundation, Planned Parenthood, ACORN

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Which gets $$ from The Tides Foundation

We can keep going but I think you get the picture

Endorsement from Timothy Geithner

Games For Change teamed up with Parsons New School to develop the dumbest game ever made. Of course it got a ringing endorsement from Timothy Geithner:

Its called Budget Ball and it sort of like Rugby without any physical contact and randomly donning pool floaties

Yes we can…Have more Soros creeps

So who is running the show over at PETLab? Check them out

The Director over at PETLab is Colleen Macklin who is supported by funding from The MacArthur Foundation and previously worked on social media projects and other programs for the UN and George Soros’ Open Society Institue

And the Project Director, Karen Sideman, came from Games for Change-discussed above

And the Spooky

Games For Change hosts a game called “The Curfew”. Game Description:

In 2027 in an authoritarian security state, British Citizens must abide by government security measures and are placed under curfew at night. The player must navigate this complex political world and engage with the characters they meet along the way to decide who to trust in order to gain freedom. Here is the trailer for the game

And what organization helped fund it? Human Rights Watch. Part of George Soros Open Society Institute

Correction: Originally I had posted that “Operation Cast Lead” was the predecessor to “Peace Maker”

Correction: Fox News “Duped” link removed due to confusion between the two games listed above

Correction: Games 4 Change Funders are now correct. Originally I had them link or referenced to Impact Games

Irony. Rev Jackson gets Cadillac stripped attending UAW Green Jobs event

Please mount a solar panel on my forehead. Green Jobs FTW!

Before we start, I just want to let Rev. Jackson know that Eric Holder wants his mustache back.

While attending the UAW’s “Jobs, Justice, and Peace” (Green Jobs) event the good Reverend’s Cadillac Escalade was stolen and stripped of its wheels.

Technically the suspect was doing a “job”, went about it in relative “peace”, and must have thought that the ever expanding definition of “justice” justified his actions. I’m quite sure Jesse wont be pressing charges.

The true irony here is captured by the author Henry Payne in the link above. Jesse was in town promoting “Green” jobs. Well, what is more green that being forced to ride home in a more fuel efficient cab instead of your Escalade? Seems like the thief shares the same environmental goals as Jesse as well as the ability to screw people out of what they earn.

Recently Mayor Dave Bing’s Yukon Denali was also stripped of its wheels and found resting on bricks near the West Village of Detroit and not far from the Canadian/American waterline border. This is actually a fairly nice area to live with tons of community oriented activities.

An unnamed teenager is being question about the incident. I hope they didnt profile this teenager based on race. I am sure that Jesse and the Mayor would vehemently oppose that strategy and speak out against it

never leave the crib without it

Cap and Trade with Water Credits comes to Chesapeake Bay, with help from Winnie the Pooh

On May 12, 2009 President Obama issued Executive Order 13508 on Chesapeake Bay Protection and Restoration. One year later to the day the EPA unveiled their broad and incoherent plan in a press release that was sent out using state of the art technology. Earlier that same day the press release and full plan was wrapped up at Kingman Island. In attendance were Lisa Jackson (EPA Administrator), Tom Vilsack (USDA), Ray Mabus (Dept of Navy), Anne Castle (Dept of Interior), Monica Medina (Dept of Commerce)

In the EPA’s press release it states that:

“USDA will also lead a federal initiative to develop a watershed-wide environmental services market that would allow producers to generate tradable water quality credits in return for installing effective conservation practices.”

The Secretary of the USDA, Tom Vilsack said in that same statement “We will help the bay watershed’s farmers and forest owners put new conservation practices on 4 million acres of agricultural lands”

This is Tom Vilsack, seriously. What could go wrong with this guy overseeing cap and trade with the Bay’s water?

Tom Vilsack-Secretary of the USDA

Economic Irony

Under the “Benefiting economies and jobs section” of the EPA’s press release the agency claims:

Many actions will provide economic benefits, including conservation of working farms, expanded oyster aquaculture, support for conservation corps programs and green jobs, and development of an environmental marketplace for selling, buying and trading credits for pollution reductions.

However, just a few days later (March 24, 2010) the EPA’s outline of this plan was peer reviewed by the Science and Technology Advisory Board (aka adult World of Warcraft players) and the EPA responded to their comments and concerns.

In Chapter 2, “Agriculture” (pg 2), one of the comments from the Board states “EPA has not conducted an analysis of the economic impacts the guidance document will have on either categories of agricultural production or the profitability of individual farms”

The EPA’s response?

“The E.O. (Executive Order) does not require EPA to conduct an economic impact analysis for this guidance, and the EPA has not done so.”

Got it? The EPA claims in the first press release that trading pollution/clean water credits, and implying all other conservation strategies, will help create jobs and strengthen the local economy. Then tells the Chesapeake Bay Board that they are not required to prove that claim.

Welcome to the Left. Their promises and claims do not require proof. They will manifest through contradicting rhetoric and sheer will

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