Egypt: 43 NGO’s found Guilty, Arab Spring’s Final Failure

What? You said you want Dumbocracy. We give!

What? You said you want Dumbocracy. We give!


Today, more than 43 NGO representatives were found guilty of operating illegally in Egypt and the organizations offices will be closed immediately and their assets seized. Among them, 16 are Americans, according to the report from USA Today. The State Department has deemed the trial as “politically motivated” and running counter to their “transition to democracy” in a statement from John Kerry. More proof that our State Dept was, and still is, out of touch, since they believed that Egypt was ever considering transitioning into a democracy.

The problem of NGO’s operating illegally in Egypt goes back to before the Arab Spring and the jumping off of protests in Cairo and Alexandria in 2011. The crackdown on NGO’s started in Egypt a year earlier when youth groups first tried to set-off their revolutionary movement. It was then that the government of Egypt reacted and started gathering information on the groups operating inside of Egypt whose goal it was to depose then President Hosni Mubarak.

In 2009-2010, it was learned that many NGO’s had not been registered, or their registration had expired. The Mubarak government wanted to deport all of the unlicensed groups and their members. But urging from the Clinton State Department, and implied threats of reducing foreign aid if Mubarak did deport them, forced the Egyptian government to find another way to deal with the problem. Of course, Mubarak had no idea that the revolution was planned and executed by the State Department. Time was short, and they (State Dept) only needed to buy a few more months…then the NGO’s would be rallying everyone to gather in protest forcing the leaders out of power.

This is the beginning of what is going to unfold into an interesting and fairly complex story. And it will be interesting to watch how the NGO’s rally their minions. Stay tuned. When the Egypt revolution kicked off I created a multiple part series revealing details that, had they not been confirmed by State Dept officials (including Clinton herself), would’ve been brushed off as crazy conspiracy theory. This decision has the potential to launch and even crazier series of events; especially now that there are massive amounts of high-powered weaponry floating around N. Africa and the Middle East. (i.e Libya’s stolen SAMs, Russia arms going to Syria, Iranian arms going to Syria and Yemen, etc)

I will be updating this post shortly with a bunch of interesting links below. There are many interesting stories of NGO’s and how they are woven into the Arab Spring. Like, the AFL-CIO training the youth protesters and then bringing those people back over and creating a little group called “Occupy Wall Street”. Check back and watch my Twitter.


Vice: Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

Believe it or not you can be a “Bride Kidnapping Expert”. Vice magazine goes to Kyrgyzstan to film this tradition which is also starting to grow in Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood favorite Mohammed Morsi. Except in Egypt, Muslims are targeting Coptic women, kidnapping them, and forcing them to convert to Islam before forcing them to marry. To accompany the video, check out post about the same topic. Well sort of. The country decided to uphold the laws in favor of bride kidnapping. I keep going to google looking for instances of Jewish and Christian bride kidnapping. And obviously the search engine giant is part of a conspiracy to hide all of those instances.

State Department to Meet with Muslim Brotherhood; Egypt’s Future Fundamentalists to get an Audience of Approval

Today officials at the State Department were asked if they would be meeting with the delegates of the Muslim Brotherhood while the are in Washington. And the State Department offered a resounding and telling affirmation to that question. But that was not the original answer; which is odd. Lets take the answer from Victoria Nulland at today’s press conference:

QUESTION:Members of the Freedom and Justice Party, which is the political arm of the Muslim Brothers, and one of them is a member of the parliament, are in town. It’s the first level – this level visit to Washington that will meet different people. Is there any meeting going on – to take place in this building or not?

MS. NULAND: I don’t know whether we’re meeting this delegation at any level in this building. Let me take that one as well. We’ll get back to you.

And here is how they got back to them. A big strong “yes” of course we are going to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood. After all, we put all the tools in place to make this possible…

The final answer from the State Department

Question: Will any State Department officials be meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood delegation that is currently in Washington?

Answer: The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is hosting a conference in Washington titled “Islamists in Power: Views from Within” on April 5. Some of the conference participants will meet with State Department officials while in town. Deputy Secretary Burns will meet with Vice President for Studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Dr. Marwan Muasher and some of the participants in the Carnegie conference on April 4. Some of the Carnegie Endowment conference participants will also meet with Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Robert Hormats and Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman.

If you havent been following this blog or my Yahoo News stories on this topic please leave a comment that says “Doug, I am not aware of any of the details of this ongoing story that you broke on nationally syndicated radio and number nationally rated tv shows, please send me the links” and I will. Also I will update this post with the related links for good measure tomorrow morning.



Egypt “Police” force woman to strip naked or be arrested

Now that the revolutionary fervor of the Arab Spring has come down to a simmer most of the news is focusing on elections and the increasing possibility that Muslim Brotherhood candidates could take control of the country. Absent are the reports of human rights violations and one would be hard pressed to find the little bit of news that brings it to light. Those stories, when they do make it to the airwaves, are usually on Arabic only websites. Effectively this cuts off a good amount of the free world from following the stagnant (and most likely regressive) human rights policies in action in post revolutionary Egypt.

Last month on Egypts “90 Minutes” this clip was aired of a woman being confronted by a “police” officer. To date the man has yet to be identified. If he was/is a member of law enforcement than ID’ing him should not be hard. At a certain point the woman is asked by the officer to remove her undergarments. When she refuses the “officer” says he will be taking her away to the ministry of justice. This video has been brushed aside for two reasons. Firstly, since the man can not, and has not yet been identified, critics claim that he must not be a law enforcement officer of any kind. Secondly, towards the end someone appears in front of the camera making a funny face. The conclusion to date is that the video must be inauthentic. But from what we have learned about the human rights violations post-Mubarak this is still quite tame. It makes one wonder if it is really being brushed aside because what we in the west view as a violations of rights is not viewed the same due to the gender of the victim.

The encounter starts about 1:30 mark and continues until around the 4:00 mark. You be the judge.

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You can find the original print story on this encounter via El Bashayer:

تقدم ناشط حقوقي مصري ببلاغ للنائب العام للتحقيق في كليب ظهر منذ فترة على شبكة الإنترنت يظهر ضابط شرطة يأمر فتاة بخلع ملابسها بالكامل

UPDATE: I was cleaning out my files, folders, unnecessary bookmarks, etc and came across this older CNN report here. Even then the women were asking “What happened to the revolution we started in Tahrir Square?”. I can answer that. Activities in Tahrir (Cairo) and Alexandria were sort of like a democracy high school party. When the cops break it up and every one is forced to leave what are you left with? Vomit patches on your mom’s new carpet. The participants of the party swear they can relocate the party and continue on. Yet, have you ever made it to the rendezvous? The fun people went their own way and all that is left is a gathering of lonely followers with no clear direction; you mind as well entertain yourself and puke on the new carpet at the new party location.

Government Stealth Internet Part 4: Prelude

All Links Listed Below: Cheat Sheet

Since the start of the revelation of a new government created “stealth internet” the State Dept has gone into damage control. My running series on Your Daddy’s Politics has not only covered the developments but is starting to prove extraordinary claims. First and foremost, the original claim that the government already created a stealth internet. Secondly, it failed so spectacularly that it lead to the arrest, torture, and sometimes murder of innocent dissidents.

The interesting part in all these developments is how the State Department has accidentally proven these claims. In “Government Stealth Internet PT 3” we learned that the uprisings in Tunisia were in fact organized by the State Dept, just like the Egyptian uprising. Part 4 was supposed release those details. However, new developments tonight have taken us in another direction. Tomorrow we will address the theft of Libyan weapons by Al Qaeda Islamic Mehgrab. I tracked these in real time, showing their destinations. But the governments previous “stealth internet” and its security holes lead to the outing of a 20 year operative; losing the missiles. Tonight the State Dept confirmed my claims.

Tomorrow the very strange details will drop concerning the Libyan missiles, my published locations of where they went, and the ST Dept confirmation; one month later. I am doing this post for Pat Dollard and Derised1 in order to bring them up to speed; patriots, friends, and all around good folks. Both a blessing and an asset in any revolution concerning man’s mind and the quest for the naked simple truth.

To get up to speed here are the first three parts:

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