Media Malpractice: “Fake dentists” prosecuted. To whom are they considered “fake”

In Bryn Mawr, PA two women have been indicted for running an “after-hours” dentists office that operated unlicensed. The duo offered services to the uninsured for the most difficult to master procedures in the dental profession (i.e. root canals, pulling teeth, etc). Reading the article it is almost defamatory of the two. Calling them “crooked” and “fake” should border on libel. After all, the requirements to be licensed for this work is a fairly new regulation. These are the procedures that use to be performed by barbers. Now, I admit a few parts are humorous (in a darker respect) but…

From the AP:

A grand jury report alleges 45-year-old dental assistant Cheryl Laing and 24-year-old receptionist Jessica Gullickson used the Bryn Mawr dental practice where they worked to provide low-cost services to uninsured patients.

The licensing process is different from the training and the education…naturally. The former is part of a financial racket for state government. The latter, training and education, is important for consumer safety. But being licensed only absolves the consumer of the responsibility of due diligence. Imagine just for a moment that there was no regulation on dentistry. As a consumer, before you let anyone operate on you wouldn’t you start to ask questions? Like where was the person trained or educated, or how long they have been in the practice. Or maybe they came highly recommended from a few people you trust immensely. The choice to vet them and to what degree is your responsibility. Also, the choice to have an unlicensed and possibly total rookie in the field service me should also be my choice. Look at the trouble it causes because we are not free to choose.

Highway tooo the danger zone!

Highway tooo the danger zone!

I pay cash for my dentistry and have for many years. Currently I have a small cavity (my second one in my life) and I have negotiated the price down between two different offices. Most of that cost is administrative and part of their price quote comes from the fact that they really have no idea what to charge for their labor; they only know how much they bill insurance companies. But that is not the correct value of any procedure. It is an inflated cost at best. Tack on all of the measures they had to take (and remain) licensed and meet state regulations and I wind up with a quote for about $150. Now, I would never go to a backroom after-hours dental practice like the one listed above no matter how cheap it was. But I have no right to stop anyone else from obtaining those services. And since barbers use to do this work (and also require licensing) look at how ridiculous this has become. Now, every thing that a barber or hair stylist did in the past requires licensing. Braiding hair? Go ahead and risk it without a license. I look at old school photographs and the mothers who braided their girls hair daily could now generate windfall profit for a state if they clamped down. Maybe I shouldn’t give the state governments any ideas

Sorry ladies, the Left says you have to go back to the kitchen…you’re destroying the family…and the “mixed success” of slavery…welcome to the anti-logic of the Left

Any fans of Glenn Beck’s television show will remember a few weeks back when he played a short clip of the the angry bald communist/journalist, Jed Brandt, advocating the takeover of American business by force. (video below) As shocking as that sounds to some of us that believe in private enterprise, Beck goes on to show how the group, The Brecht Forum, may have been the recipient of stimulus cash via the Tides Foundation.

What I find more shocking is the anti-logic, sexism, racism, and economic illiteracy that is now directly entwined in our public policy via groups like the Brecht Forum.

Dick Wolff in constant state of "butthurt"

I would like to introduce you to one of their members/teachers; Richard Wolff, who has somehow earned a PhD and is a self-proclaimed Marxist economist. You can read his “About Me” here.

What is left out from that page is that he was an adviser to Michael Moore for “Capitalism: A Love Story”. He discusses that in an audio presentation given at The Brecht Forum titled Psychology and Economy. (I advise you to listen to it for yourself and not take my word for it) The first part alone is rife with historical errors, racism, and sexism.

Dr. Wolff states that “Consumerism is an American invention”. The term “consumerism” was coined in America (circa 1940) but if we look at the definition from Merriam Webster consumerism is defined as “the promotion of the consumer’s interests”. If we accept that definition we must partake in the Marxist’s favorite past time; Revising history. Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations was printed in 1776 and to this day is the most thorough study on “consumerism” for its time (and for hundreds of years later as well)


Later around the 14-minute mark the professor makes a false, outlandish, and borderline racist statement. On the supply of laborers in America he states that “Slavery was a very mixed success”

It’s not entirely clear what he means by this but that satement is patently false. In the North where slavery was abolished there was a massive increase in the labor force due to growing enterprise and workers operating freely in their own best interest. The South remained depressed and undeveloped precisely because of the negative impact of forced labor. In the South, workers’ only incentive was to escape, not to produce.  Producing just meant they weren’t subject to torture

Women in the workforce

(aka The destruction of the family)

Stop destroying the family

According to the disturbed professor the destruction of the American family began when women began to enter the workforce. Allow me to quote the moron: “If the mother or wife goes out to work she needs all kinds of expensive things.” The doctor cites that it didn’t work out economically because the extra revenue “Got pissed away” on the added expenses like a car and work clothes. However, according to this “economist” that wasn’t even the major problem. By [sic] “moving the mother out of the home it threatened to disrupt the institution of the family” as “opposed to staying home with the kids all day”. He goes on to say that in the early 80’s the Republicans seized on the opportunity to blame the destruction of the family on Homosexuals.

The Takeover of Enterprise

But wait theres more…Act now and you can learn how to take over private enterprise with the help of “Good” government policy and coercion. For the “New Labor Forum’s” Winter 2010 newsletter Dr. Wolff has an interesting piece entitled The Takeover of Enterprise which advocates and outlines the steps and strategies to be taken to use Government (Department of Labor) to help the workers “take over” a private enterprise. He goes on: “[We need to] replace [the employer-employee relationship] with a communitarian organization”

(Wait, dont we remember Howard Dean talking about moving towards a more “communitarian” society while speaking in Paris?) Isn’t this the goal of current recess appointed Craig Becker?

Under the EFCA, or Card Check, this goal is accomplished. From Discover the Networks:

In effect, the federal government will gain the power to dictate the terms of a contract and to set wages, benefits, hours, and work rules. Because negotiations for new contracts almost always take more than 120 days, this provision will ensure a significant expansion of government into the private sector.

Other Great pieces of Wisdom from the degenerate doctor

“The so-called crisis in Greece”

Greek strikers 02/10

Capitalism Hits the Fan

(ironically the video has a watermark “For Preview Only” across the whole screen because he wants you to buy it and not redistribute his wealth)